Chapter 17: Night’s End (Lizzie & Abby’s POVs)

Lizzie’s POV


I’m not sure how, but somehow I end up back at my dorm. I don’t really know how I got here; the last thing I remember is being at the club with Abby. Now here I am, back in my dorm and wait a minute… My clothes are still missing.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll help you find them,” Janice is saying to me. “Right now, I think you need to rest.”

I think she’s right. My head feels like its spinning. I was really tired the whole drive back. Drive… wait, where is my car? Did I leave it at the club?

“I drove your car. Don’t worry. It’s in the parking lot out back. You can check tomorrow,” says Janice. “Now come on.”


She leads me over to the staircase and I follow her up. My legs feel so weak beneath me that I feel like I am going to collapse every step I take. What is with me today?


“We’re almost to the top,” says Janice, and I keep wobbling after her. Finally, we reach the last stair and I use the railing to walk over to my bedroom door and push it open.


Janice helps me over to my bed and I slip inside.

“Thanks,” I hear myself say to her and she smiles at me.

“No problem. Just get some rest.”

Rest. That is definitely, what I needed. Right now, it feels like the world is spinning and I can’t see straight. Everything will all probably make sense in the morning.

Abby’s POV


I come in from the party really late. Partly because the Tri-Fruhms wanted me to stay back to celebrate, and partly because I wanted to avoid running into Janice, who was probably furious with me.



“I can’t believe you Abby!” she snaps. “You told me that you were going to stop all this! You said you weren’t going to let them do this to her!”

“I wasn’t going to do anything!” I protest, “but then Clare grabbed the bag from me and dumped it into her drink and then Lizzie drank it before I had a chance to st-”

“Are you really going to make excuses now?”

“I’m not! That’s what really happened! It was an accident!”


“Oh yah? Then what about you hiding her clothes? Was that an accident too?”

I open my mouth and then close it. Janice had me there. That part definitely hadn’t been an accident.

“Yah, that’s what I thought.” She shakes her head. “I can’t believe you Abby! You are so brainwashed by those girls that you are willing to throw your best friend other the bus?”


“It’s complicated Janice!”

“No, it’s not. You had a choice Abby, your friend or the Tri-Fruhms. And clearly, you chose them.”

I roll my eyes. I already felt bad about what I did and I really didn’t need Janice rubbing it in.

“Do you even know what it was that they gave her Abby?”

“Clare said it was safe.”

“You are really going to take her word for it?”

“Look, you made your point! I made a mistake!”


“Well your mistake could have put her life at risk! What if Lizzie had tried to drive home? Or what if someone had seen her walking around like that and tried to hurt her? Did you even think about it?”

“I said I made a mistake!”


We both stand for a minute in silence glaring at each other.

Janice then sighs. “You know what? Forget it. She’s your friend, and you’re going to have to deal with what you did. I helped her get home and get into her room. Now I’m going to bed.”

With that, she turns and walks out of our room toward the bathrooms.


After she leaves, I feel the guilt setting in. Janice was right. In the state Lizzie was in, anything could have happened to her. I had really put her in danger.

I make my way over her room and sneak inside. Lizzie is fast asleep in deep slumber. At least she looks okay. As I leave her room, I only hope that she doesn’t remember anything. If she ever finds out about what happened, I don’t think she will ever forgive me. Or her parents. Oh gosh. I hadn’t even thought about that. She and her parents were super close. If they ever found out…

Well, she didn’t see Clare spike her drink and she was too busy doing flips in the pool to see me take her clothes. If she didn’t remember anything, maybe there was a way I could hide what happened. Maybe we could still be friends. What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. Right?


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