Year 2: Chapter 34: Back To The Grind (Lizzie & Abby’s POV)

Lizzie’s POV


New Year’s Day goes by so quickly and I can’t help but feel a little disappointed that break is over. However, I am excited to see what my new classes have in store for me.

My alarm goes off at eight and I quickly hop out of bed. I must say, it is nice having my own room. I did enjoy sharing one with both Abby and Janice, but it is nice to have my own space. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to have that “sleepover” with Michael a day ago. Then again, Abby certainly didn’t let having a roommate stop her. But unlike her, Michael and I literally just “slept”. Still, I did not want Kimberly to get annoyed, so I snuck him out without her noticing. Who says just spending the night talking and sleeping in each other’s arms isn’t romantic enough?


After making my bed, I go into the bathroom and take a shower. I really do love my bathroom. It has the same wallpaper as my room and looks amazing. You honestly would not have known that the place used to be old and dusty. The painters and renovators did an excellent job on the house.

I quickly do some last-minute touches on my face and then I am ready for my first day of classes. Oh yes!


So I was unlucky and the only class left for Public Relations was taught by my professor from last quarter. Yay me.

I intentionally get to class twenty minutes early just to avoid any problems. Looks Like I am not the only one with the same idea. One of my classmates arrives just after me. We both greet each other politely and then take our seats.


My professor enters into the classroom twenty minutes later, nine O’ clock sharp.

“Welcome class, my name is professor Farientine.” He then looks over and spots me. He nods his head slightly and then turns back to the class to continue the introduction.


As he goes over the syllabus and expectations for class, I can’t help but feel a little surprised at him. He doesn’t give me any cold looks or criticize me in any way. True, it may be because I showed up early, but still. I have to say, it’s a little weird not having him scrutinize me all the time.


Even weirder, when class ends and I am on my way out, Mr. Farientine nods to me again and says, “Nice to see you again, Miss Drake. I trust your break went well?”

I am so stunned that I almost forget to answer.

“Yes it did. Thank you,” I say and then he smiles and goes back to filing papers on his podium. I just stare at him for a few seconds before continuing out of class. He has seriously had a change of heart.


So, talking to my adviser last year, he noticed that I had not taken any natural science classes. With his suggestion, I decide to sign up for one this quarter. I struggle with my choice for a while, but then decide on Geology. I will take Astronomy next quarter.

The class goes very well and I am surprised that I am actually looking forward to learning about the different types of rocks.

I then head off to my next class, philosophy. By the time I get out, I realize that I am going to have an intense quarter ahead of me.


I am about to head back to the house, when I see Carrie waving me over.

“Hey Elizabeth!” she says, with a smile. “Enjoying your first day of classes?”

I shrug. “As much as one can. You?”

“Oh yes! My Bio Chem and Public Speaking class is going to be amazing! I can’t wait until we get the first assignments. I am so ready to argue a case.”

I am really starting to see why I used to annoy Abby all the time with my “school talk”.


“So, I just wanted to let you know that the first writing club meeting is this Thursday and the first reading for the quarter, is going to be next week.”

I nod. “Okay, sounds good.”

“Will you be showcasing some chapters from your novel again? I really love it and think it has so much potential! Kendal thinks so too!”


I sigh. “Well, I-wait. You showed it to Kendal?”

“I just sent him a few chapters. He really seemed to like it.”

“Oh.” I feel a bit uneasy. “I’m glad to hear it.”

“I thought you’d think so! Well, I am off to Statistics. See you Thursday!” Carrie then gives me a cheerful wave and heads off toward the Math building.


I am still a bit rattled about what she said as I make my way over to the Student Union building. Kendal had read my story?

I mean, it wasn’t as if I didn’t think he would read it eventually, it’s just, I wasn’t completely ready for him to. It was kind of the same reason why I had not let Michael read it. The story I was telling slowly had morphed into…well…mine. And now Kendal had read it. I can only hope he didn’t notice the similarities.

As I walk into the student union building, I nearly bump into the llama mascot doing the chicken strut as he makes his way across the room. I wonder who was in it this year.


I then walk upstairs to the booth where Janice is waiting. Janice was apparently still trying to get the school to give more funding to the physical education programs. A lot of the money was going to the business and medical majors (which are important too, don’t get me wrong), leaving them with barely any. I know the feeling. The communications and writing majors don’t get as much either.

“Hey Liz!” she says waving me over.

“Hey! How are things?” I ask.

“Going good. I’ve gotten quite a few signatures, so I’m happy.”


“I’m sure you’ll get more as the day goes on,” I say, with a smile.

“God willing. How was your first day of classes?”


“And how was dear Mr. Farientine?”

I give her a look. “He was fine, Janice. Actually, he was pretty decent to me. No criticism or anything. He even asked me how my break was.”

Janice grins. “I’m telling you, your professor has got a thing for you Liz.”

“Stop it.”

“Michael better watch out.”

I roll my eyes. “Goodbye Janice,” I say and then start heading off toward the stairs. She is really weirding me out with that whole “your teacher has got the hots for you” thing. It’s creeping me out.


As I reach the bottom steps of the building, I spot Michael coming in through the door.

“Mike!” I say with a grin and pull him close to me. “Save me from Janice. She keeps making jokes about my communications professor!”

“Still?” Michael laughs. “You aren’t even in his class anymore.”

“Actually, I am. He’s the only one teaching Public Relations right now.”


Michael pulls away. “Don’t worry. He’s not going to try anything or he could get fired.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Michael! You don’t actually think she’s right do you?”

He shrugs. “No, but then again…”


“What? I’m just saying!”

“Hey Lizzie!”

I look over and see Abby standing with Charls and waving to me. “We’re heading over to the dining hall. You two want to come?”

I glance at Michael and he shrugs again. “Sure. I haven’t really had anything to eat today.”


A few hours later I am back at home again doing book edits on my computer. With my full course load, with two of my classes being intense courses, I know that I am not going to have as much time to write. So I might as well write to my heart’s content.

Though I am a bit a nervous, I decide to submit some of my chapters to be critiqued. Since Kendal had already seen them, what did I have to lose? Right?

I then take a deep breath and press “submit”. Here goes nothing.


Abby’s POV


I can’t believe the first day of classes is finally here. I wish I had had one more week of break before classes. With all the stress of getting the house in order, I feel like I only really started to relax on Sunday. Charls and I had had a glorious night, that was thankfully not interrupted by Kimberly. I was even able to sneak him out in the morning before she got up. I know that once Selena and Tatyana move in, I won’t be so lucky.

After stretching, I turn off my alarm clock and then head into the bathroom to take a shower. My first class doesn’t start until later, so I have a bit of time to just relax.


I must say, I really do love my little bathroom. Its directly beside my bedroom, so I can have my privacy without having to worry about anyone coming in when I am not finished.

After getting ready, I head downstairs and grab an apple from the fridge. After all, that is all that is really in there. Today I am definitely going to go grocery shopping.


I then set out for my first class, Astronomy.

I need to get my natural science classes out of the way, so I figure I should start now. Besides, I have always loved the stars. It will be nice to learn more about them. I can give my brother a run for his money when naming the constellations and the phases of the moon.


I am pretty surprised when I’m taking my seat in class and see Janice coming in behind me. I had no idea she was taking this class. She grins and waves to me before taking her seat in the back.


The first day of class isn’t too hectic. We go over the class syllabus and class covenant, which we all have to sign and give back to the professor at the end of class. He takes his class very seriously.


After class, I say goodbye to Janice and then head to the art building. Oh yes, I have made it a point to take an art class every quarter if I can. Which makes it a bit tricky at times, like this quarter; I have a very full course load.

I am so happy to be greeted with the shining stain glass windows of the building. I have missed coming here.


I am so excited to be taking Mrs. Krutz again and even more thrilled when she announces that we will be working with oil pastels this quarter. I haven’t been able to do much of that in my other classes, so I am excited to get the chance.

After class, she then pulls me aside and asks how things are going on the sorority front, and I tell her, “Great.” I discuss the situation with the trash dumped on the front lawn and she says that the school is still investigating. As much as I want to point their direction toward the Alpha Beta Phis, I realize that without proof, it will make us look bad. Especially with the whole “Abby got the Tri-Fruhms expelled” thing still circling around. Even though they totally deserved it.


My next class drags along slowly. There is only so much that is exciting about Anthropology. At least to me.

After class, I decide to head to the student union building. Janice had said something yesterday about doing some petition to get more funding for the Physical education classes and I thought it might be nice to check it out. I am also pleased that she is using the Beta Gamma Kappa name to promote it, which will definitely give us some publicity. I still have to make the final arrangements with the Delta Sigmas about the food drive. It was initially supposed to be a blood drive, but it was cancelled due to some contamination with the equipment. So I had an idea to turn it into a food drive. I just need to find the time to drive over to the Delta Sigma sorority house and discuss it with the president of their house. And hopefully soon. The food drive was supposed to be in a month.


As I am thinking this, I glance up and see the Aberdale U Llama mascot making its way toward me.

“Hey! You pumped for the Llama vs Gnomes game next week?”

I am a bit thrown, but I don’t want to look rude. “Yes, it sounds like it is going to be great.”

The girl in the costume nods. “Oh it is! I am so pumped!”

I laugh. “I can tell.”


The girl then frowns. “Wait, you’re Abby Clawson, right?”

I nod. “Yes, why?”

“I heard that you are starting a new sorority. The Beta Gamma Kappas?” I nod and she smiles. “That’s a lot of hard work. I admire how you’re taking the initiative. Even if some of the other sororities are a bit uneasy about it.”

I frown. “Are you in one of the other sororities?”

“Not yet, but I’m hoping to pledge for the Delta Sigmas or Kappa Alpha Omega.”

I smile. “That’s cool.”

“Thanks. Well, I got to head off, but I hope to see you at the game!”

“Will do.”


As she walks away, someone taps me on the shoulder.

I turn and then smile. “Charls!”

“Hey, did I just see you talking to the mascot girl?”

I shrug. “She just came up and started talking to me. She seemed pretty nice. She said she admired me for starting my own sorority.” I sigh. “I can’t lie, it’s nice to hear.”

“Well, you should be proud. I know I am.”


I lean forward and press my lips upon Charls and he wraps his arms around me. We then stand kissing like that for a few moments until I remember we are standing right in the middle of the lobby where everyone can see us.


I giggle. “I think we’re getting a bit carried away.”

“I’m not complaining.”

I then feel my stomach grumbling. I haven’t really eaten anything since that apple earlier.

“I think I’m ready to head to the dining hall. You?”

Charls nods. “I’m in.”


I then spot Lizzie and Michael talking just a bit away from us. Figuring they would be probably heading there too, I decide to invite them along. I completely forget to visit Janice and don’t remember until we have already left. Oh well.


I feel a whole lot better with food in my stomach. On my way, out of the dining hall, I remember my promise to myself to get groceries. I then say goodbye to Charls and head off for the downtown market. It takes me a couple hours to pick everything up, including some more things Janice texts me that we need. With Selena and Tatyana coming, I want to make sure the fridge is packed.


When I arrive home and enter the dining room, I stop in my tracks. The room looks totally different. The table and chairs we had had for the past few days have been replaced, along with some paintings that have been placed upon the walls. I then look over and see Kimberly smiling at me from the table.

“More furniture Kimberly?” I say smirking.

“Hey, I only provided the paintings!” She protests.

“Then who-”

“I did.”


I glance over and see Janice reading through her astronomy textbook quietly.

I’m shocked. “You bought this?”

“It was a little gift from my sisters. No big deal.”

“Uh, yes it is. Janice, they basically replaced our whole dining room!”

Janice turns a page. “It’s no big deal. It’s just a gift. So enjoy it.”


I want to press her more about it, but I decide to let it go.

“So, did you hear about the Frat party this Friday?” Kimberly asks.

I shake my head. “No, I haven’t.”

“Well, it’s being thrown at the Alpha Annyas house and I think we should go.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Seriously?”

“Yes! Look, I know that the other sororities are still giving us a hard time, but we are never going to get any supporters if we don’t keep mingling. We need support from some of the Greek council members if we want to be able to approach them about getting a probationary charter.”


I think about it for a minute. “I guess that’s true.”

Kimberly nods. “Right now, our best bet at getting support is with the Delta Sigmas and the Eta Phi Nus. We have that fundraiser event with the Deltas and the Eta Phi Nus, who are still a fairly new chapter on campus. We just need to figure out how to approach them.”

Janice shrugs. “I can talk to Greg. He is a member.”


When she says that, we all just turn and stare at her in silence.

“What are you talking about?” I ask.

“Greg is a member of Eta Phi Nu. Why else do you think he always shows up at all the Greek events?”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I’m sorry, I figured you knew. Besides, I didn’t really care too much about it. I wasn’t really into the sorority scene until now, and I figured that since their chapter was not really known, you guys wouldn’t really care. Also, you know how things were with us last quarter.”

That makes us all become quiet. I don’t want to make her remember her painful experience with him last quarter.

Kimberly clasps her hands together. “All right, well that’s a good start. Janice, you talk to him. Abby, make sure you find time to talk to Moana about the food drive idea you were telling me about. She’s the president of the Delta Sigmas and their sorority isn’t too far from here.” She then rises from her chair. “I have an evening marketing class that starts in a bit.”


She then heads out the door. “See you guys later!” she calls.


I stay and chat with Janice for a while before going up to my room. I then practice some painting for a few hours, afterwards calling it a night.

I can’t help but feel a bit nervous at the thought of attending a party at the Alpha Annyas frat house again. That would mean I would see Brad again after the weird way he acted at the New Year’s Eve party. And I just didn’t know if I was ready for that yet.

I decide to let my mind relax and worry about it tomorrow, finally drifting off to sleep.



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