Chapter 3: Leaving Home


I stare at my room deep in thought. I can’t believe the time has come for Abby and I to leave. I can’t explain this feeling I’m having. It’s a mixture between fear, excitement, and sadness. I don’t know what to expect from Aberdale University (AU), but I’m still happy to be going. That said, I’m still sad to leave home and especially my sister, Judy, behind. While we are quite a few years apart, we still are super close. It will be sad not being able to see her every day. Oh well. I guess we can still talk on the phone, and write. Mom’s going to be getting her a cell phone for her twelve birthday, so soon we can text each other. Well, at least I will have Abby by my side.


I do a last minute check to make sure I have everything before finally locking my suitcases. Clothes, check, books, pens, pencils, supplies, etcetera, check. Soon, everything is packed, sealed and ready to go.


I load all my suitcases into my white Audi (my mom bought it for my high school graduation and my college acceptance!) and then come back to my room one last time. I take a deep breath and close my eyes.

“Goodbye room,” I whisper, “see you in a few months.” I then smile and exit through my door.


As I head down the staircase, it really hits me. I am leaving home. It’s a little sad, but I try to wipe the thoughts from my mind.


As I walk out the front door, I can see Abby waiting by my car.“Hurry up Liz!” she calls to me. “I thought you said, “it is unprofessional to show up late.’” She giggles and I give her a little frown.

“Very funny,” I say, and head over to her. Abby’s mother has arrived and is standing not too far away from her.


Abby’s mom sighs deeply and pulls Abby into a tight hug. “You be good and stay out of trouble!” she says.

Abby laughs. “I’ll do my best.”

“You better!”


My dad approaches me from behind. He looks at me quietly for a moment and then suddenly pulls me into a hug. I smile. I know this is hard for him. This will be the first time that we won’t see each other for months.

“You go and have a great experience, and do your best,” my dad says.

I squeeze my dad tighter. “Thanks dad. I love you.”

“I love you too.”


My mom gives me a hug as well. “Have fun, work hard, and be safe.”

“I will, mom, I always am,” I say to her.


I start to turn away until I hear my name being called from the front porch.

“Lizzie, wait!”

Judy runs from the front porch and pulls me into a hug as well. “Promise to call and write?”

“Of course, but don’t worry! I’ll be home in a four months.”

“That feels so far away,” says Judy with a little frown.

I chuckle. “I will come faster than you think,” I say, giving her one last hug, and then walk over to my car.


I look over and see Abby saying goodbye to her brother Tommy. Hopefully he will keep Judy’s mind distracted while I am away. I know that he and Judy don’t always get along, but when they do, they seem to have a good time together.


I check my watch and notice that it is past seven O’ clock. If we want to get to Aberdale University by noon, we have to leave now. After making sure all our bags and suitcases are packed into my backseat and the trunk, I pull my car around and pause by the sidewalk.

“Come on Abby!” I call to her, “We have to get going so we won’t be there too late!”

“Coming!” Abby calls. “She gives her mom and brother a final farewell before getting into the passenger side of my car.


“You ready?” I ask, after Abby is all buckled in.

She smiles. “I was born ready.”

We both laugh and I pull my car from the sidewalk. With a final wave to our parents, we head off down the street.


It feels great to be finally on the road. With my top down, I let the wind whip through my hair roughly. Abby leans over and turns the radio dial up, blasting Katy Perry’s song “Last Friday Night.” I glance over and smile, seeing her rocking out as she sings along.


The early morning sky bores down on us as we drive along. I grin and give my steering wheel a squeeze. In about two hours, we will be arriving at Aberdale U and I can’t wait!


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