Chapter 67: Get Over It (Abby’s POV)


I can’t believe that finals week is already here. It feels like just yesterday I was starting Spring quarter. I am actually very psyched about my finals. With Lizzie’s help, I am doing much better in my classes and I feel like I might pass the quarter with at least B+.

I end up turning in the evidence Lizzie, Janice and I gathered at the club, along with some evidence from Kimberly. Apparently, she had also been watching the Tri-Fruhms on her own. She has stuff on them that is five times worse than what we have. The College Board as she told me, was furious. Seems like they have finally made their third strike. So now, they are out! No seriously! Kimberly told me that Charlotte was reeling because of hearing that their chapter was going to be expelled. According to her, they are out for blood, especially mine. (It also doesn’t help that Janice’s petition beat theirs) I am much too happy to care though. Besides, I have much better things to worry about.


On the first day of finals, I wake up early and quietly tip toe out of my room. Noel doesn’t have her exams until later and I don’t want to disturb her.


I get to my first class fifteen minutes before the exam starts which is new for me. It does give me time to glance over the notes I took with Lizzie and make sure that I have reviewed everything.

When the professor finally comes in, we begin.


I feel pretty confident when I leave class, which feels great. At least I don’t have that sinking feeling in my chest that I always used to feel whenever I used one of the Tri-Fruhms’ cheat sheets. Instead, I feel excited and alive.


As I am about to head back to my dorm, I get a phone call. It’s Kimberly.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Taylor wants to see you.”


“Taylor wants you to come over to the sorority house right away.”

“What’s going on?”

“It’s about you know what. Brace yourself.” Kimberly then hangs up. I roll my eyes. I knew this was coming. While I could ignore them and just go home, I decide it might be better to just go. The last thing I need is them hunting me down.


Its weird being back at the sorority house. It’s been over a months since I even walked by it. Taking a deep breath, I walk up to the front door and ring the bell. I wait outside for a few minutes before the door flies open.


Inside, I see Kimberly standing in silence beside Taylor. Taylor looks furious.

“Hello Abby,” she sneers.

I just nod. “Hey Taylor.”


“So are you proud of yourself?” She snaps.

I scoff. “Taylor-”

“Are you? You totally destroyed us!”


“No I didn’t! You guys destroyed yourself.”

“Keep telling yourself that!” Taylor glares at me. “I know you were spying on us that Friday!”

“Was I?”

“Yes! The College Board said that there was evidence of us going against our suspension and throwing a party. A party that I happened to see you at a couple weeks okay. Am I wrong?”


When I don’t respond, Taylor about explodes.

“You are such a sneaky little bitch!” she yells. Even I’m surprised. “You cost us our chapter with that stunt you pulled! Not to mention your stupid cheating scandal! You’re the reason we got put on suspension in the first place!”

“Look, whether you want to believe it or not, your fellow Tri-Fruhm member Clare, is the one that turned me in. She almost ruined my chances of passing my classes!”

“I don’t care about that!” Taylor snaps. “What I care about, is what you did at the club! You mark my words, you are going to pay for what you did too us! All of you!”


I can’t take it anymore. “Shut the hell up Taylor!” I scream in her face. “You guys brought this on yourselves! You have been terrorizing people on the campus for years and it was only a matter of time before it caught up with you. You are getting exactly what you deserve and I could care less what you say or do! I’m done with you! All or you!”


We both stare at each other in disgust before Taylor finally scoffs loudly. “Get out. Just Get Out!”

“Gladly.” I then turn and after winking at Kimberly, I head out the door of the sorority, away for good.


My mood elevates after the argument with Taylor. When I get home and plop down on my bed, I get a text from Kimberly saying “Nicely done! Taylor and Charlotte are freaking! Also, about Clare, she’s been kicked out! The Tri-Fruhms found out that she was the one that turned you in. Taylor found proof on her phone. They have totally isolated her! What goes around comes around right? Lol, talk to you soon!”

I smile and place my phone back into my purse. It really did feel like things were turning around.


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