Year 2: Chapter 53: Welcome to Beta Gamma Kappa!: Part 2: (Abby’s POV)

Screenshot-4535 (2)

I barely notice how fast the last two weeks of school go by. I am just so happy. I had been so worried about my relationship with Charls that I hadn’t really thought about anything else. What a relief it was to have him back, and boy have we been making up for lost time.

I find myself blushing in my final glass blowing class, as my mind wonders over to thinking about our passionate night together. And yes, it was passionate.

Somehow it reflects in my final project and my professor praises my vase saying the shape is very sensual and full of tender feelings. Thank God Janice wasn’t here. She would have spent the rest of class joking about it.

I then turn in my glass vase along with my stain glass bowl and then head out. I have really enjoyed taking the class. Kimberly was right on. I only hope the classes I chose for next year’s Fall quarter (Art and Architecture) will be as interesting.

Screenshot-5207 (2)

As I leave the building, I look up and then heave a long sigh. Brad is standing just some ways in front of me.

“What do you want, Brad?” I say walking past him. I really don’t have time for him right now. I had to meet Janice at the student union for a study session.

Brad clears his throat. “I wanted to talk to you. I don’t like the way we…left things.”

“I think we’ve talked enough.”

“Abby please-”

I grit my teeth. “Please what? Brad, you helped sabotage the final event of the Greek Olympics just so my sorority would lose! What else is there to say?

“I want to say, I’m sorry.”

Screenshot-5210 (2)

“It was a pretty low thing to do,” he continues. “I guess I just got so caught up in myself, that I wasn’t thinking. This thing with you and Charls…it’s hard for me.”

“Well, you really need to let it go.”

“He was my friend, Abby. My best friend, since we were kids. I just never thought that you and him would…” he drifts off staring toward the ground.

My face softens. I am actually surprised that he hasn’t brought this up before.

Screenshot-5209 (2)

I sigh deeply. “I can’t say that I regret getting together Charls because he is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, but I am sorry about the pain that it caused you. Charls and I didn’t get together to hurt you, Brad.…we just fell in love. And not to be rude, but you lost the privilege to have a say in who I date when you cheated on me with Clare.”

Brad scoffs. “Why do you always have to bring that up?”

“Because it’s what happened!” I frown. “You cheated on me with her for months and when I found out about it, it broke my heart. I thought I would never be able to go on.” I smile. “But Charls was there for me. He and Lizzie.”

“He preyed on you,” Brad snaps. “He took advantage of the fact that you were…hurting.”

I roll my eyes. “No, he didn’t, Brad. He was a friend to me. A very good friend. As for us getting together, that happened on its own. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to accept that.”

We both stare at each other in silence.

“I have to go,” I say finally. “I’m meeting up with a friend at the student union. Bye Brad.” I then start to walk away.

“You know, I really did love you,” Brad calls after me. “I-I think I still do.”

I pause for a second and take a deep breath. “I loved you too, Brad,” I say, and then continue down the sidewalk.

Screenshot-5409 (2)

When I reach the top floor of the student union building, Janice is already seated at one of the tables studying from her sports medicine textbook. I quickly join her at the table and pull out my textbooks to study as well.

We study for the next few hours, chatting all the while. I know it is a bit distracting to Janice, but I can’t help it. I am still so excited about everything that has happened with our sorority.

Screenshot-5411 (2)

“So, I’m thinking by next year we should try to recruit five more pledges!”

Janice looks up. “Five?”

“Yes! I want us to build up the members in our chapter. Right now, it is only the six of us.”

“Seven if we count Carrie. Is she still joining?”

I shrug. “I don’t know, I haven’t seen her since the Olympics.” I then perk up. “You know, I was thinking about throwing a party for the end of finals. Our first party as a sorority.”

Screenshot-5412 (2)

Janice nods and then flips a page. “That sounds fun. Just don’t exclude anyone this time.”

“I never excluded-”

“I know, I’m just joking!”

Janice smirks and I roll my eyes. I still don’t know where Kelsy got the idea that she and the Kappa Alpha Omegas were not allowed to attend our Greek formal.

“So how are things with you and Charls?”

I beam. “Wonderful.”

“Oh, I know, it was a rhetorical question. I think the whole house knows how good things are between you two.”

“Janice!” My face turns bright red.

Janice just laughs and highlights a passage in her textbook with her neon orange highlighter.

Screenshot-5406 (2)

I close my book and then rise from my chair. “I-I’m going to go get something from the vending machines,” I say and then walk over to the nearest machine.

After slipping in two dollars, I punch in the code for a Coca Cola and then retrieve it from the hole underneath. Goodness, I had thought that Charls and I had finally learned to be discreet, but clearly not if the whole house could hear us!

Screenshot-5404 (2)

“You know, I was just teasing,” Janice then says appearing by my side.

I smile. “I know, it’s just a bit awkward.”

Janice laughs. “Hey, truthfully, I can’t really talk. There’s a reason why I always go to Greg’s apartment.” She then winks and walks back to the table.

I stare after her wide eyed. Now that was way more than I wanted to know about her!

Screenshot-5413 (2)

We spend thirty minutes eating our snacks and then resume back to our studying. I don’t think I have ever studied so hard. I really want to get a good score on my Geology exam. Things have gotten a bit more challenging, but I still want to reach my goal of a 3.5 gpa.

Screenshot-5399 (2)

After the fourth hour, Janice and I call it quits. We then walk over to one of the nearby tennis tables. Janice then totally owns me at a game of table tennis. I swear, she can hit that ball back and forth at lightning speed! No wonder she beat everyone at the Greek Olympics. All in all, it was a nice release. All that studying had made me pretty cranky.

Screenshot-4950 (2)

That said, it does pay off. When I start my finals that Monday, I am surprised to find the answer to each question coming to me. Even with my Geology class, the answers are just flying into my head unlike all the other times when I was pondering around and eventually had to guess.

I then finish my exam and after checking over my answers, I turn it in and leave class twenty-five minutes early. I only hope that I did as well as I thought I did.

Screenshot-3826 (2)

“Stop worrying,” Charls says to me as we cuddle together that Thursday night. Classes have finally ended for the summer and I will know my final grades by tomorrow.

“I can’t,” I say, resting my head upon his shoulder. “I’m determined to lift my gpa this quarter.”

“And you will. You’ve been studying like crazy. I’m sure you’re going to pass all your classes.”

“True.” I smile. “I’ll bet you’re happy you don’t have to deal with all this anymore.”

Charls laughs. “I can’t lie, I am. Although I will miss seeing you.”

Screenshot-3839 (2)

“You still taking that job at Hillman corp?” Charls had told me that he had received two job offers from two big businesses. The one at Hillman corp seemed to be the one he was leaning more towards.

Charls smiles. “I’m definitely thinking about it. Like I said, I can work from anywhere. They actually have an office downtown.”

I look up. “Really?”

“Yah. So if I take it, I’ll be working from right here.”

I bite my lip. “Not trying to sway, but it would be nice to still see you often.”

“Well, you just might be in luck.”

I grin. “I’m so happy for your graduation. Whose all coming?”

Screenshot-3838 (2)

Charls seems to become a bit distant when I ask. He then shrugs. “Well, I know my brother, Ben is coming with his wife, Eliza, but I don’t know about my parents or my sister, Clarissa.”

I frown and sit up. “Really? Your parents aren’t coming? How can they miss your big day?”

“It’s not that big,” Charls protests, but when he sees the look on my face, he sighs. “The truth is, I didn’t really invite them.”

“Really? How come?”

Charls looks away. “It’s complicated.”

I touch his cheek with my hand. “Tell me.”

Charls rubs the back of his neck. “I really don’t like to talk about it, but basically some stuff went down between my dad and me, and that kind of wrecked things between us. I haven’t really spoken to him or my mom since.”

Screenshot-3829 (2)

I move back into Charls’s arms. “It sounds like it was really serious.”

“It-it was.” Charl then shakes his head. “But let’s not worry about that. Right now, I just want to focus on you, my love.”

I giggle and pull him closer. “And I you,” I say back, faking a British accent and we begin to kiss again.

Screenshot-3840 (2)

I don’t know how long we lay kissing like that, but the next thing I know, we are lying beside each other with my eyelids heavy. I just lay staring into Charls beautiful eyes until I finally drift off to sleep.

Screenshot-5179 (2)

When I wake up several hours later, I feel comforted to see Charls lying beside me. He opens his eyes when I stretch.

“Morning,” he says and I laugh.

“Morning.” I then hear the clanging of pots downstairs. I look over at the clock and realize it is almost twelve. Everyone is probably already up. This would be a good time for him to leave before Kimberly notices.

Screenshot-5186 (2)

Charls on the other hand, has other ideas. “You have to go,” I say as he reaches over to start kissing me again.

“Come on Abby,” he says, and my heart lurches with excitement.

“Charls, they’re all downstairs-”

“They won’t hear us.”

“They did last-”

Screenshot-5187 (2)

Charls cuts off my last word with a kiss and soon I let myself surrender to him. We then kiss tenderly as we roll upon my mattress. My strong desire to be close to him takes over, and soon we are repeating the events of last night, over and over again.

Screenshot-5177 (2)

An hour later, Charls dresses back in his clothes from the night before and then kisses me goodbye.

“Don’t forget the party tonight,” I say as he nears the door. “I want to see you there.”

Charls grins. “I wouldn’t miss it.”

Screenshot-4226 (2)

After Charls leaves, I head into the kitchen to get some coffee.

Lizzie and Selena are both in their pajamas cooking together when I enter. After pouring myself a cup of coffee, I decide to help out and clean the counters for them. Lizzie then asks me if I slept well, and it isn’t until she and Selena both start laughing that I realize what she means. Feeling my face flush, I grab my cup of coffee and rush back upstairs. It looks like once again, Charls and I had alerted the whole house!

Screenshot-4805 (2)

Feeling still embarrassed, I take a shower and then get dressed in my walk-in closet. I then head back downstairs to see how things are going.

Screenshot-5081 (2)

Selena is hanging out by the pool getting some fresh air.

“Penny for your thoughts,” I say walking over to her.

Selena looks up at me and then smiles. “Sorry, I was spacing.”

Screenshot-5087 (2)

“No need to apologize. I was just checking in.”

Selena smiles. “You know this land really is beautiful. It’s a perfect place for a sorority.”

I nod. “It sure is. I knew when I first saw it, that it was the one.”

“I can’t believe we’re a sorority now! Amazing how one little deal had such a big impact on us.”

I smirk. “Yah. I’m sure Taylor and Clare are still reeling from anger.”

Screenshot-5089 (2)

We both laugh.

“So what plans do you have for the summer?” Selena asks.

I shrug. “Mostly hanging out with friends and family. You?”

“My parents want us to visit London this summer. We leave in two weeks.”

My eyes widen. “That sounds amazing! You should take lots of pictures. We could use some of them for our sorority blog.”

Selena nods. “Will do.”

Screenshot-5091 (2)

We then chat for another thirty minutes before going back inside. The party will be starting in a few hours.

Screenshot-4798 (2)

With me leaving tomorrow evening, I decide to get my last load of laundry done. It takes me a couple hours, but soon my clothes are all clean and smell like fresh linen. I then fold them neatly and slip them into my suitcase.

When I finish, it is almost time for the party to start. After touching up my face in the mirror, I then head downstairs.

Screenshot-5034 (2)

When I come downstairs, the party has already started. I spot the boys of Eta Phi Nu walking inside and even spot one of Brad’s frat brother’s hanging in the corner, Dean.

Screenshot-5045 (2)

I am really starting to wonder what the hell he is doing here, when I spot him talking to Charls. They both seem deep in conversation and then start to laugh. Strange… Did this mean that they had cleared the air? Did it mean the Alpha Annyas were going to be friendlier? I won’t hold my breath.

Screenshot-5046 (2)

The doorbell then rings and I go out to check who it is. Apparently, someone had ordered pizza. As I pay the deliverer, I see Carrie coming up the drive way.

“Hey,” I say, as I tip the delivery boy. “I was hoping you would stop by.”

Carrie grins. “I’m sure you were. Sorry, I’ve been busy with finals.”

Screenshot-5047 (2)

“No problem.” I then smirk. “So fyi, we won the Greek Olympics.”

Carrie looks at me and laughs. “Ah, I see you haven’t forgotten about our deal.”


“Well, in that case, I suppose you now have a new pledge.”

I squeal and give Carrie a hug. “Welcome to Beta Gamma Kappa!”

Screenshot-5048 (2)

Carrie beams. “Thank you. I hope to be a great addition to your sorority.”

“And I’m sure you will.” I then notice Ryder staring at us from the dining room window.

“I think your boyfriend is getting lonely.”

Carrie looks up and giggles. “Oh, I better get going.”

She then disappears inside.

Screenshot-5062 (2)

As I head back inside, I see Kendal and Lizzie chatting by the door. I am about to step in and say something, when I see that Lizzie looks okay. Kendal was the one that looked down. Very. Lizzie must have finally ended things with him for good. Man, I could tell by the look on his face that he really had it bad for her. I even feel a bit sorry for him, but not enough to say anything.

Screenshot-5069 (2)

When I enter back into the dining room, I spot Carrie and Ryder kissing in the corner. It’s so weird because Carrie didn’t strike me as someone who would kiss in public. Then again, neither did Lizzie. Love makes you do crazy things.

Screenshot-5078 (2)

As the night pours on, I walk about watching everyone and snapping photos. I don’t even care that the music is blasting pretty loud. I just want to remember this evening forever.

Screenshot-5559 (2)

Mrs. Krutz herself even stops by, wanting to see her sorority house up close. I am so happy when she approves of our house and formally agrees to be our housemother.

“You have really done an excellent job, Abby,” she says. “Starting a new sorority is no easy thing. I still can’t believe all the work that you did to form it. That takes great determination.”

I blush. “Thank you.”

“Well, keep it up. I want to hear from you during the summer and definitely come see me in the Fall. We need to work on expanding.”

I smile and agree.

“Have a great summer, Abby.”

“You too, Mrs. Krutz.”

Screenshot-5644 (2)

As she walks away, I just stand there watching the party in awe about everything that has happened over the past two years. When I first came to Aberdale last year, never in a million years would I have thought that I would start my own sorority. I thought that at the most, I would become a part of someone else’s and have to listen to someone else tell me what to do. To prank others like I did to Lizzie, or worse, be only allowed to have certain friends or date certain people.

Now, I don’t. I am now a leader, leading a group of girls who are nothing like the Tri-Fruhms or the Alpha Beta Phis. Unlike them, I am not controlling everything. I prefer for our sorority to work together as a team to make our sorority one of the best on campus, and honestly, I had this gut feeling it was going to happen.

I see Lizzie making her way to the door with Michael and call her over to me.

“Picture for the collage?” I ask, and Lizzie smiles.

“Sure. It is our first official sorority house party after all.”

We bother then grin and I flash the photo.

Screenshot-5647 (2) 2

Looking at that photo of the two us, I just know someday down the road I am going to look at it with fondness and remember the magnitude of that moment. I’ll remember that with everything that the two of us have been through for the past two years of college; fights, heartbreak, betrayal, distrust, and forgiveness, the only way to go is up.


(Hey my readers! Thank you so much for reading Year 2 of Lizzie and Abby: The College Diaries! I have enjoyed writing it greatly and I hope you have all been enjoying reading it as well. And fear not! As I stated in my last post, this will not be the end of Lizzie and Abby! I will be continuing their life stories into their adult years, so stay tuned! There is definitely more to come, starting with the summer of their college graduation!

Also, stay tuned, for I will be starting a new Sims 3 adventure/fantasy story! More soon and keep reading, liking and commenting! 🙂 )



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