Chapter 10: Meeting The Tri-Fruhms (Abby’s POV)


I am still furious after Lizzie has left. Why can’t she just accept the way I am now? I want to get out there and experience new things, not hide behind my books and watch the world pass me by. Why can’t she understand that? Still, the look on her face when I called her an outcast, is still tattooed into the back of my mind. Had I gone too far? I have never seen her look at me like that before. Though I hated to admit, I definitely think I crossed a line. Lizzie had always been a sensitive person and I completely stomped all over that. That said, there was nothing I could do now.

From the looks of it, not only had Clare seen the whole scene, but also some of the other Tri-Fruhm members and Janice, who had all just arrived at the café.


“Wow Abby, you really let her have it,” says Charlotte. “I’m impressed.”

I smile nervously. “Yah, well, I guess it has just been building up for awhile.”

“I totally know the feeling. I had the same problems with a girl way back a few years ago. She just did not understand.”

“Yah, but I don’t know. I might’ve went too f-”

“No.” Charlotte holds up a hand. “Do not go back on your words. You said how it was and only spoke the truth. If she can’t take it, that’s her deal. Don’t make her baggage your own. The Tri-Fruhms never go back on their words. In fact,” she pauses seemingly in thought. “I have an idea.”


Charlotte waves for me and another one of her fellow Tri-Fruhm members, Taylor, to follow her.

“So I just thought of the perfect final test for Abby to prove her dedication to Tri-Fruhms,” Charlotte says, when we gather in the corner of a shelf of books.


“Cool beans, Charlotte,” says Taylor smiling. “What were you thinking?”

Charlotte frowns at her. “I told you to stop saying that. You sound ridiculous.” Taylor rolls her eyes and Charlotte turns her attention back to me. “So what I am thinking, is that you show your little friend a good time.”

I furrow my eyebrows. “Friend? You mean Lizzie?”

“Yah. She seems to be lacking the drive of “fun,” so I think you should help her out a little. I’m throwing a party in the next couple of weeks and I want you to attend. Your friend, Lizzie was it?” I nod. “Well, invite her to the party.”


“You’re throwing a party? Awesome!” says Taylor, and she pumps her fist into the air.

I frown. “That’s it? You just want me to invite Lizzie to a party?” Even as I say this, I know it sounds stupid. Of course that wasn’t it. There had to be something else Charlotte had in mind.


“Well of course that’s not it. That is just the surface. But I’ll let you in on the rest later. For now, just focus on getting your friend to come. I’ll tell you everything else in due time.”

“Could you at least give me a hint?” I am a bit nervous about what she has planned for Lizzie.

Charlotte looks at Taylor and then smirks. “Let’s just say I it will be an experience your friend will never forget. She will definitely not be an outcast anymore.” She and Taylor laugh and I join in laughing nervously. I am not so sure how I feel about all this. While it is true that I am still angry with Lizzie, I don’t know if I am angry enough to do something that could embarrass or harm her.


I hear a cough from behind me and turn. Janice is sitting at a table a few feet from us reading a book. I swallow nervously. How much had she heard?

“Well, I should go,” I say to Charlotte. “Just keep me posted on everything.”

“Will do. By the way, the guys of Alpha-Annya are throwing a party tomorrow. You should drop by.”

I smile. “Really?”

“Sure. If things work out, you will be a Tri-Fruhm anyway. Why not get acquainted? I’ll text you the details later.”

“All right, see yah.” I then walk over slowly to Janice’s table. I can’t wipe the big grin off my face. I have just been invited to a Frat party!


“You sure seem happy,” says Janice, when I take a seat at her table. She is dressed in her workout clothes, which I assume, means she just came from the gym.

“I am. I was just invited to the Alpha-Annyas party tomorrow!” I can’t help but let out a little squeal. Janice shakes her head and doesn’t look up from her book.

“Careful or you might drown in that,” I joke, but she doesn’t budge.

“I could say the same about you.”


I frown at her nervously. “What?”

“You get in too deep with them and you won’t be able to get out.”

I swallow sharply. Was it possible that she heard what Charlotte was asking me to do?


“What are you talking ab-?”

“You know what I am talking about Abby,” Janice says, lifting her head to look at me. When I don’t respond, she scoffs. “I know you and the Tri-Fruhms are planning to do something to your friend Lizzie. I heard you guys over there.”

“O-oh,” Is all I can manage to say.

“Are you seriously going to do that to her, Abby?”


“It’s not anything bad,” I protest, “I’m just inviting her to a party. You know, so she can have some fun. She is so stuck in her books and homework that she doesn’t really get out m-”

“I’m not stupid Abby,” Janice snaps, causing me to shut my mouth. “I know how girls like Charlotte work. They fake sweet smiles at you to your face and then stab you in the back. Believe me, I have had my share with them. What I don’t get, is why you would go along with them. Are you really going to let them do something to Lizzie? I thought you said the two of you were best friends?”


“Well, that’s what I thought, but things change. If she can’t accept that I am different now, then I don’t know if we can be.”

Janice slips her book into her backpack and looks at me. “Abby, I don’t think that’s what’s going with you two. To me, it seems like she just misses hanging out with you. You told me that the two of you were best friends, but I have barely seen you guys hang out this week. I can see why she might be upset about it.”


I roll my eyes and get up from my chair. “Well you know what? I have spent most of my life always hanging out with Lizzie. I think I have a right to spend time with other people. If she has a problem with that, then that is her problem.”

“Spoken like a true Tri-Fruhm,” says Janice, and I glare at her.

“You know, I really thought you would understand.”

“Understand why you would ditch your best friend and play a mean prank on her? Yah, I don’t think so.”

“I’m just inviting her to a party.”

“Keep telling yourself that. Maybe eventually you will think its true.”


I raise my hands. “You know what? I’m done with this conversation. I’ll see you back at the room.”

With that, I turn and leave. I can see her staring after me from the corner of my eye, but I ignore her. I have other things to think about, like the party tomorrow and what plans Charlotte and the Tri-Fruhms, had in store for Lizzie and me.



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