Chapter 26: After Finals Party (Abby’s POV)


I am so furious come the day of my finals. I forgot to set my alarm clock the day before, so I end up running late to my psychology final. Not to mention the fact that it is pouring down rain and I have to run two blocks in it.


I get to my class building ten minutes late. I can only hope that my professor hasn’t locked his door. He does that periodically.

Lucky for me, the door is still open, so I hurry in and take a seat in the back. I am surprised to notice that most of the problems on the test are very similar to the sheet Charlotte gave me. I am pretty sure I am going to ace this test.

My math test is harder, but with the help of Charlotte’s notes, every answer comes easy to me. If only I could have had these sheets back in high school.


“I bet you totally aced them,” Kimberly says later that evening. We are hanging at the end of finals party being held at Brad’s house. The Tri-Fruhms were supposed to host, but their sorority house is currently under construction. Next quarter it is going to look amazing! I can’t wait to check it out.

“I hope so. How pathetic would it be if I failed after all that.” Kimberly and I both laugh. Out of all the Tri-Fruhms, Kimberly is the one I feel I can count on the most. All the other girls are catty like Clare and Charlotte, making it hard to get along with them. Kimberly is the right balance of both and believe it or not, she kind of reminds me of Lizzie.


“So how are things with you and Brad?”

“Same old, same old. We haven’t really spent any time together in the past few weeks. We keep missing each other and sometimes it feels like he just doesn’t want to hang.”

“Well, could it be that he is not getting…” She nods her head slowly.

At first I am confused, but then when she smiles and winks, I know what she is talking about. “Oh that, yah…”

“How long has it been?”


“That long, huh?”

“Kimberly!” I give her a little shove. “We just haven’t had the time.”

“Then make time. You don’t want to keep him waiting too long. He’ll go looking for it elsewhere.”

“Brad isn’t like that.”

Kimberly shrugs. “You never know.”


We then turn and see Clare enter the room. She scans the area looking for someone and when she doesn’t spot them, she turns and heads upstairs to the first floor.


“I am so sick of her,” Kimberly says through gritted teeth. “She is such a little skank. Did you know she slept with both Taylor and my ex-boyfriend last year? The girl’s got a thing for sloppy seconds.”

I burst out laughing and Kimberly joins in. “I can tell you two don’t get along.”

“Ugh, I fake it. She has been acting like a little busy body since Charlotte let her in last year. She is such a kiss up.”


Kimberly pulls out a compact mirror and quickly checks her refection.

“Anyways,” she says, snapping it shut, “I think you should go find Brad and give it to him.”


“But we are at a public party!” I whisper to her. “Wouldn’t that be weird?”

“No, people do it all the time. It’s the end the quarter, Abby. Why not have a little fun?” Kimberly then gives me a little wink and walks off.


I decide to take Kimberly’s advice and walk back up to the first floor. I feel a little nervous not knowing how I am going to approach Brad about this. After all, I had been at the party for an hour and I hadn’t seen him.


Just as I think this, I feel a tap on my shoulder.

“Brad!”  I squeal giving him a hug. “How are you?”

“Good, but missing you. When’s the last time we really saw each other?”

“About a three weeks ago.”

“Geez, I’m sorry. Things have gotten kind of crazy around here with all the Greek pledges.”


“It fine. I just missed you.”

“I missed you too.” I then pull Brad to me and we embrace. I can’t help but snap a picture of the two of us with my phone. It is definitely going to be my new wallpaper.


I drop my phone into my purse and then Brad pulls me back into his arms again. All at once, I forget the way I have been feeling for the past few weeks. It’s amazing how he can always do that to me. Anytime Brad kisses me, it feels like my problems have all disappeared and everything is right with the world.


I feel my heart starting to pound in my chest. When Brad finally pulls away from me, I feel deprived and anxious, wanting more. What’s more, it’s almost like Brad reads my mind. He takes me by the hand and leads me out of the family room and into the nearest room, which happens to be the bathroom.


When we get into the bathroom and he locks the door, I practically pounce on him. Our faces are glued to each other and our hands griping each other tightly. Brad leads a trail of kisses up my neck and a soft gasp escapes my lips.

“Brad,” I whisper, but I am not able to say another word. He presses his lips upon mine again and we slowly sink to the floor.


By the time I get back to my door, it’s almost five in the morning. I hadn’t wanted to leave Brad, but one of his frat brothers somehow managed to unlock the door and get a snap shot of us lying naked together on the bathroom floor. Brad was able to get him to delete the photo (after a few threats) but afterwards, I figured it was my cue to leave. I am so over the moon, but not just because Brad and I made love and everything felt perfect, but because of what happened right before I left.


“You’re serious?” I had said, my eyes widening. “You would really come and meet my mom over winter break?”

Brad grins. “Why not. She is important to you and you are important to me.”


I smiled and kissed him again, nearly leading us into making love again. It is of course stopped by Brad’s frat bother’s trying to snap more photos of us. I did happen to see Charls eyeing me strangely on my way out, so I wonder if he had something to do with it…


When I enter back into my dorm room, Janice’s bed is empty. I start to wonder where she could be, but then remember seeing her with her boyfriend Greg Shalom earlier that day. Maybe they were having an overnighter…


Feeling a chill, I change into my pajamas and climb into bed. I only wish Brad was here beside me. The time we had spent together had been perfect, well as perfect as a moment could be when you’re boyfriend’s frat brothers come and ruin it. Maybe Janice had been right. It was all about the right timing.


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