Chapter 40: Let The Fun Begin (Lizzie’s POV)


I decide to give myself a bit of a touch up before Janice and I head to the beach. Being a big party and everything, I want to look my best. Also, Michael is going to be there. I don’t know why that should matter. We are just friends after all.


“You ready to go?” Janice asks, as she heads for the door.

I blink and realize I have been staring at the mirror for a while now. “Yes of course,” I say quickly, and then I follow Janice out the door and down the stairs.


I’m a bit surprised when I arrive a bit later. I thought that the beach would have been packed, but it seems that not everyone was willing to leave winter break early for the party. I feel a pang of guilt. Maybe I should have stayed back at home. After all, my dad had wanted us to spend a little more time together. I will definitely have to make up for it over the summer.


That said, Janice and I still have a good time. Getting into the partying mood, Janice goes up to the DJ booth and starts playing some tracks. She is actually not that bad! I wave to her and she starts laying down some beats for everyone to dance.


Spotting Michael, I head over to greet him. “Hey you made it,” I say with a smile.

He dusts some dirt off his jeans and nods. “Yup. How are things going?”

“Good. Janice is playing some tracks on the DJ booth.”

Michael looks surprise. “Seriously?”

“Yes, and she’s pretty good.” We both laugh and then head over to her.


It’s not long before the clock nears to midnight. Finding myself a little famished, I spot and ice cone maker machine and hurry over. I wonder whose idea it was to bring it. Before pouring the syrup over my cone, I inspect each of the bottles. The last thing I need is to become all woozy again like I did at the last party.

When I feel assured that no one had spiked anything, I make a cherry cone and wolf it down. The night sky is dark above me and I watch it for a while as I eat.

After I toss the cone into the trash, I head over to the tables in search of Michael. I then freeze when I spot a certain someone seated there.


Kendal. Kendal is sitting on the bench of a table. I can’t believe my eyes. What is he doing here? Kendal never went to parties! It was the reason why we broke up. He had thought I was some crazy party girl. Yet here he is, just hanging out at a beach party. Granted, it isn’t as crazy as the Tri-Fruhm’s club party was, but still.

I try to leave without him seeing me, but then our eyes meet. Kendal is staring right at me. I try to read his expression; anger, disgust, irritation? I expect him to turn away quickly, but he doesn’t. He keeps staring at me with a look of, dare I say, regret? But why would he regret anything? He didn’t want me. Right?


I am about to walk over, when I hear someone call my name. Michael is motioning me over. It takes everything in me to leave, but I walk back over to him. As I walk along, I can hear someone call out that the countdown will begin soon.

“It’s almost midnight,” Michael says with a little smile when I reach him.

“Yah, it is.” I can’t really think about that right now. My mind keeps dancing back to Kendal. What was he doing here? And why had he been staring at me like that?


I blink to seeing Michael staring at me curiously. “Hmm?”

“You’re mind seems somewhere else.”


“I’m sorry, I guess I just saw someone.” I look up and see Janice has abandoned her post at the DJ booth to find Greg. They stand together cuddling in the moonlight, surely waiting to kiss at midnight.

“Who did you see?” Michael asks.


Michael scoffs. “Kendal is here? Wow, what a hypocrite.”

“Yah.” The countdown is about to begin in a minute. I look back over to the table and see that Kendal is still staring at me. He stands up slowly, still staring in my direction, and then walks toward the other side of the beach. I bite my lip. Did he want me to follow him?

“I’ll be right back,” I say to Michael, but he grabs my hand.

“You’re not seriously going after him are you?” He looks a bit surprised.

“I-I just need to ask him something,” I say, which technically is true. “I’ll be right back.” I then leave Michael and hurry after Kendal.


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