Chapter 8: Monday Late Nights (Abby’s POV)


After everything this morning with Clare, I really just need to blow off some steam. Lucky for me, Janice seems to not have heard my conversation with Clare, at least I am guessing since she has been acting like how she normally does all of today. I am still not sure what to do. Did Clare really expect me to ditch Janice? And was it really worth it? I just needed to think everything through. Heading down the street, I spot a nearby coffee shop hangout and go inside.


Surprise, surprise, I see Janice hanging out near one of the arcade games. She waves to me as I walk in. I head straight for an empty pool table. Pool. I haven’t played that in years. Grabbing a stick, I rack up the balls and start playing. Janice comes to join me for a bit (kind of ruining my space to think), but she leaves after twenty minutes and heads for our dorm. I stay a little longer and even engage in a game with a cute frat boy named Brad. He was definitely the distraction I needed. Gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes…Okay I know it sounds cliché, but I am serious, he is hott!


“Nice game,” I say after we finish a third round; me winning twice in a row.

“Yah, though I do think you hustled me,” he says with a smile. That smile makes my stomach start to tingle.

“Me? No way. It was just beginner’s luck.”

“Sure it was.”


I giggle. “Well, I think I’m going to head out. See you around…Brad was it?”

He smirks. “Yes, and I believe your name was…”

“Funny.” I take his cell phone from him and enter my name and digits into it. “Later,” I say with a wink and then head downstairs to the front door.

I almost double over in laughter after I leave. It’s the first time I have ever done that. I mean, it’s not like I have never given my number to guys before, but normally they ask me for it. Now here I am basically throwing my number at Brad. I hope it didn’t look as desperate as I felt it did.


I get home a little after nine, and walk up the stairs to my dorm room. I feel so exhausted after such a long day filled with classes that I can’t wait to lie on my bed. Right before I reach my room, I get a text from Clare.

“Talked to Charlotte about everything and she wants to meet you. Text you more details tomorrow.”


Smiling to myself, I tuck my phone into my pocket and head through the door into my room. Janice is sitting on her bed reading a textbook on human anatomy. She looks up as I come in.

“Hey, you’re finally back.”



“So how was the game with Brad,” Janice asks. She stresses the word Brad and I roll my eyes, laying back on my pillow.

“Fine. We played a few games and it was pretty fun.”


“I knew I left you in good hands,” says Janice smirking at me, and then she looks back to her book.

I laugh and sit up. “I totally embarrassed myself though.”

Janice places her book down and looks up. “Do tell.”


“I was trying to play it cool, but I totally made an idiot of myself. I put my number in Brad’s phone and then winked at him! Who does that?”


Janice cracks up and leans back against her pillow. “Someone who has it bad.”

“Oh I do! Brad is so cute!”

Janice shrugs. “He’s all right.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Just all right?”

“I don’t know. He’s not my type.”


“That’s for sure, he is totally mine,” I think and smile.

“He is totally my type,” I say smirking at Janice. “Hopefully I haven’t already ruined my chances. After all, he is a frat boy. He can get any girl he wants.”

“Not every girl,” says Janice laughing. “But don’t count yourself out just yet. After all, you are pledging for Tri- Fruhm, right?”

I look over surprised. “Y-yes. How did you know that?”

“Well I saw you talking with Clare and I know she is a member. Also, I overheard you two talking about it in the kitchen.”

I feel my stomach tighten. Had she heard anything else?


I am about to ask, when Janice stretches and slips off the side of her bed.

“I’m going to take a shower before going to bed. I can’t sleep if I don’t.” She then grabs her robe and a medium sized make up pouch. “See you later,” she says, and I wave after her. I guess I won’t be finding out tonight.


After she leaves, I slip under my covers and bundle up. I guess I should just let it go. Whether Janice heard us or not, I hadn’t said anything bad and neither did Clare. She was just stating the facts. It wasn’t easy to become a Tri-Fruhm, and anything could be used against you. Well, at least for this sorority anyway. If Janice didn’t like what she had heard, she could either tell me about it face to face or just keep it to herself. I don’t mean to be harsh, but I am tired of thinking about it.

Slowly, I feel my eyelids weaken and before I know it, I drift off to sleep.


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