Year 2: Chapter 47: Broken Off (Lizzie & Abby’s POV)

Lizzie’s POV

Screenshot-5601 (2)

I still haven’t heard back from Kendal or Michael. I completely understand why Michael won’t speak to me, but why is Kendal not answering? With all the weirdness that had been going on with Michael and me, I would have thought he would jump at the chance to talk things over. Now he was avoiding me, just like last year. I can’t help but resent him slightly for this. All I had wanted to do was figure things out and he won’t even give me that.

With Michael, I keep finding myself going to all the places that we always frequented, even when I’m not trying. I first find myself at the comic store flipping through books while scanning the store for him. Of course, he isn’t there.

Screenshot-5587 (2)

I also head to the downtown theater when I hear they are showing a new festival film. I am hoping that Michael couldn’t resist catching a showing of the movie on premiere night, but I am unlucky. Michael is nowhere to be found, as I sit in the theater alone. I try to still enjoy myself, but I can’t. There was just something special about Michael and I seeing movies there together. Without him, it felt off.

Screenshot-4003 (2)

Staying focused in class, is also no picnic. With everything happening with Michael and Kendal and also the Beta Gamma Kappas, I feel like I have no room to think. Maybe doing the sorority was a bad idea. With Abby’s idea of us competing in the Greek Olympics, everyone at the sorority house was furious with her. They all felt betrayed as if Abby had let them all down. I didn’t feel that way, but there was nothing I could do to convince them.

After class on Friday in Mid-May, I finally give my professor my answer, agreeing to do the internship.

“I’m sorry it took so long to answer,” I tell him. “There has been a lot going on.”

“Yes, I heard about the situation with the fire.”

Geez, even teachers knew about it?

“Yes, it was most unfortunate that someone would play such a prank on us.”

Screenshot-3998 (2)

“Well, I hope things work out for you,” he says, while packing up his things. “I really do think your sorority has a lot of potential. Especially with a girl like you among the members.”

I smile. “Thank you, professor,” I say, and then make my exit.

Screenshot-4995 (2)

I arrive home fifteen minutes later feeling exhausted. It feels like it has been a long week. I am totally ready for school to be over and for me to be on summer break. For the first time, I am really looking forward to it.

As I walk in through the door I pause to listen. The house is totally still, which is unusual. There is normally always some noise in the house.

“Anyone home?” I call.

“In here,” says a voice from the dining room.

Screenshot-3957 (2)

Tatyana is reading at the table. She gets up when she seems me come in. “I was just doing a bit of studying-oh it’s you.”

I frown. “Who did you think it was? Abby?”

Tatyana looks uncomfortable. “Maybe.”

I sigh. “You still giving her the cold shoulder?”

Tatyana shrugs. “I don’t mean to, but she did kind of put us all in a tight spot. I mean she didn’t even talk to us first before making that bet.”

Screenshot-3959 (2)

I nod. “I know, but I think she was just thinking on her feet. I think Ashley put her on the spot and she just panicked and came up with something quick. Granted it may have not been the best idea, but she was just trying to help.”

Tatyana looks down. “I suppose.”

I look at her curiously. “Are you sure this is just about the bet?”

Screenshot-3960 (2)

Tatyana lifts up her hands. “I guess not. I’ve been a little unsure about this whole sorority thing since the Greek party. People have been saying a lot of things.”

“Hey, people are going to say a lot of things about us. So what? They aren’t us. They don’t know anything about us. We know we didn’t start that fire and soon everyone will too. But right now, isn’t the time for us to be dividing. We need to stick together and work through this.”

Tatyana picks up her backpack and lifts her shoulders. “I just don’t know anymore. I’ll see you around Liz.” She then turns and makes her way out of the room and out through the front door.

Screenshot-5286 (2)

After she leaves for what I suspect is class, I decide to take a trip to the library. With finals, only in three weeks, I want to get a head start on my studying. I had already finished my Public Relations project, so that was one thing less to worry about.

Screenshot-5345 (2)

I spend the next couple of hours reviewing my notes and doing Astronomy sample quizzes. I am thrilled that the information is sticking in my head with everything. I was struggling a bit with the past two chapters, so this study session is proving to be very beneficial.

After I finish, I decide to continue editing my story. I am on the last few chapters and should be done by June. The story is turning out great, although I am having a lot of difficulty editing the relationship dynamic between Selena, George and Paul. It just feels so close to home.

Not being able to take it anymore, I decide to take a break. Right now, any type of romance fills me with agony.

Screenshot-5291 (2)

I walk over to the library sofa and take a seat while reading through my cell phone. My eyes keep scanning my messages to see if Michael has responded. Still no luck.

“Hey, Lizzie.”

I look up and see Abby standing in front of me. She smiles, but I can see in her eyes that she is in crisis. Her eyes are a bit red as she looks down at me.

“Hey you,” I say, and pat the seat next to me. “It’s been a while.”

Screenshot-5295 (2)

Abby takes a seat beside me. “It sure has been.”

I can tell she really wants to talk to me, but doesn’t know where to begin. She has that quiet look on her face.

“Tell me what’s going on,” I say.

Screenshot-5308 (2)

Abby sighs deeply. “What isn’t going on Liz! My life feels like a total wreck!”

I sit up straighter. “Is this about you and Charls?”

“I don’t even think there is a me and Charls. At least not anymore.”

I frown. “Why? What happened?”

“I-I kissed someone else.”

My eyes widen. “You what? Who?”


“Brad! How could you kiss Brad! Isn’t he the one that cheated on you with Clare last year?”

“Don’t remind me.”

Screenshot-5313 (2)

I shake my head. “I can’t believe you kissed Brad.”

“Neither can I! I wish it never happened. Now Charls isn’t speaking to me and Brad won’t stop calling me. Not to mention this whole thing with that bet with Ashley.” Abby lifts up her hands. “Everything is a wreck.”

“I think the girls are just a little frustrated. With all the rumors going around, it didn’t help when you made the bet. I think they are just losing faith.”

“Well that’s just great. So we’re losing pledges?”

Screenshot-5315 (2)

“Not yet, but we will if we don’t assure them that everything is going to be okay. We all seem to be losing faith in each other which is making us fall apart. If we want to keep going, we need to band together. And Abby, you need to grow a backbone. Stand up and show them all that you can lead.”

Abby looks up at me. “Well, that was some tough love.”

Screenshot-5299 (2)

I laugh. “A little, but it’s the truth. The girls need to see that you are their leader and can make the right decisions. If you honestly believe that this bet and starting this sorority was a good idea, you need to show them it was.”

“But, I don’t know if I believe it.”

I grin. “You’re just lacking a little faith. You’ll get it back. As for the Brad situation, I don’t know what to say. I’m kind of in the same boat. I didn’t kiss Kendal, but we might as well have. Michael thinks I’m still into him, so he broke up with me and won’t return any of my calls.”

Screenshot-5309 (2)

Abby nods. “Yah, I did see you two at Janice’s protest. I could tell he really wanted to talk to you, but then he just left.”

“Funny, I sensed that too. But he is hurting. I know it. I can’t blame him for not wanting to talk to me.”

“It would help if you knew who you wanted.”

“Oh, I know who I want,” I say, with a smile. “But what about you? Do you want Charls or Brad?”

“Of course, I want Charls! I don’t even know why I kissed Brad!”

Screenshot-5312 (2)

I stretch. “Maybe because you still have feelings for him.

Abby sighs. “Charls said that.”

“And maybe for a reason. Do you?”

Abby shrugs. “Maybe a little.”

“Then maybe you need to sort out your feelings too.”

“I guess.” Abby looks at the floor. “I just miss Charls so much. I feel lost without him.”

I nod feeling my chest tighten. “I know the feeling.”

Screenshot-5317 (2)

We both then sit in silence for a few minutes. A woman’s voice comes over the intercom and announces that this library will be closing early today for cleaning. Abby and I both rise from the couch.

“We should head back to the house,” she says. “It’s getting late.”

I agree. “I think I’m going to sleep early today.”
Screenshot-5320 (2)

Just as I am about to leave, Abby leans in and gives me a hug. I can tell from it that she is very vulnerable right now. I hug her back, just as tightly.

“Thanks for listening.”

I smile. “That’s what I’m here for. I love you, Abs.”

“I love you too, Liz.”

We both then pull apart and then head for the library entrance together.


Abby’s POV 

Screenshot-4515 (2)

Before talking to Lizzie, I had been a total mess. I could barely get out of bed and I even ended up missing almost three days of class. The whole thing with Charls had really taken a toll on me.

But after speaking with Lizzie in the library, it’s like I had a completely new outlook. Sure, things were still awful, but I felt like I could deal with it now. I start spending a lot of time painting and continue on with the special one I had been working on. Doing so was really helping with my pain and broken heart.

Screenshot-4520 (2)

Going to class was still hard, but I found it a little easier to concentrate. After all, finals are in three weeks and I want to end the quarter on a good note.

Screenshot-4535 (2)

My glass blowing class was really progressing and I was really liking the different artifacts we were making. Currently, I am making some vases for my mother.

Still, I know that I need to figure out the situation with Brad and Charls, but not as much as the thing with the Beta Gamma Kappas. Lizzie made me realize that I wasn’t ready to let go of our sorority, so that meant that we needed to find a way to band together and win the Greek Olympics.

Screenshot-4531 (2)

So on Saturday afternoon after I get out of my glass blowing class, I call up Lizzie.

“Get everyone to meet up at the beach,” I say to her. “I think it’s about time we all talked.”

“How am I supposed to get everyone over there?” Lizzie asks.

“I don’t know, make up some excuse. It’s super important. Tell them it’s something about the house and us being in trouble.”

“All right, I’ll do my best. See you there.”

Screenshot-5480 (2)

After I get off the phone, I drive right over and wait at one of the picnic tables. Just to ease the tension, I had bought some picnic food from the downtown food mart just around the area.

Thirty minutes later, they all show up. I even spot Carrie walking with Lizzie. They must have been hanging out when I called.

I greet them all and call them over to the table. Janice sees the raw hot dogs in my grocery bag and snags them up. She then grills them on one of the beach grills and brings them back to the table.

Screenshot-5483 (2)

“Everyone dig in!” She says, and she grabs a bun to put her hot dog in.

Selena grabs a hot dog and places it in one of her buns. “So, what’s all this about? Lizzie said it had something to do with the house? Are we losing the rental?”

I shake my head. “No. Actually, I kind of just needed to get you all here to talk.”

Screenshot-5491 (2)

“Figures,” says Tatyana.

I sigh. “I’m sorry to lie to you guys, but it’s important. I want to formally apologize to all of you.”

Selena takes a bite of her hot dog and then coughs slightly. “What?” she squeezes out.

“I want to apologize for agreeing to that bet with Ashley without talking to you all first.” I pause for a moment. “What you have to know is that, I wasn’t trying to be uncaring, I just honestly came up with it on the spot. I was so desperate to get our charter back that I just said what I knew Ashley would fall for. That competition means the world to her and the Alpha Beta Phis. I can tell.”

Screenshot-5490 (2)

“I understand,” Selena says, with a smile. “But what are we going to do now?”

I smile. “The only thing we can do. We have to beat the Alpha Beta Phis at the Greek Olympics.”

Tatyana chokes. “How are we supposed to do that? They are vicious! I heard the three Alpha Beta Phi girls in my drama class talking and they are serious! They have been training for the past month!”

“Well then, we really need to get started.”

Screenshot-5494 (2)

Selena frowns. “But how are we going to be able to get up to their level in just a few weeks?”

I grin as I take a bite of my hot dog. “Well, we do have an amazing physical trainer to train us.”

Janice laughs. “I assume you’re talking about me?”

“Please, Janice, you could put all of those Alpha Beta Phis girls to shame. You just need to show us some of your tricks. We all aren’t really out of shape, we just need some pointers.”

Screenshot-5492 (2)

Janice shrugs. “I don’t mind. It would be fun to train you maggots.”

Kimberly looks at me quietly and then sighs. “I guess I could talk to some people to get an idea of what the events are for this year. That way, we have an idea of what to train for.”

I clasp my hands together. “That’s a good idea! Very good idea!”

Carrie laughs. “Well, I can lend my moral support. Since I’m not a Beta Gamma Kappa yet.”

We all whip our heads around to look at her right after she says this.

Screenshot-5493 (2)

“Yet?” Lizzie looks intrigued. “Carrie, have you decided to pledge Beta Gamma Kappa?”

Carrie laughs. “No promises, but I will consider it. Especially, if you guys win.”

I give her a look. “What?”

“Consider it an incentive. Win the Greek Olympics, and you will get a sorority charter and a new pledge.”

Screenshot-5489 (2)

I laugh. “All right. So, is it a plan? Everyone on board?”

Everyone at the table looks at one another and then to me.


We are definitely on track!

Screenshot-5384 (2)

I am so excited as I climb into bed later that night. Finally, after weeks of despair, things were finally turning around. The Beta Gamma Kappas were on their way up and no one was going to stop us. Well, at least I hoped. Things may not be good anywhere else, but at least I had people to count on. My sisters.



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