Chapter 37: New Starts (Lizzie & Abby POV)

Lizzie’s POV


I arrive back on campus at around eleven am. It’s so weird to be back. I actually kind of missed the campus a bit. Unloading my things, I make my way into the Arderson Hall building and to the front lobby were the RA is located.


To my surprise, I am assigned to the same room as before. The RA says it happens sometimes, but honestly, I don’t really mind. I had gotten accustomed to that room even though my roommate was awful. Hopefully this semester I have someone better.

After I get my key, I lug my suitcases upstairs and back into my room. I then start to unpack my things.


“Hey, hey!” A voice calls behind me.

“Janice?” I say in surprise. She lugs a bunch of suitcases to the other side of the room with a goofy smile on her face. Excitement starts to fill inside me.

“Janice, why are you bringing all your stuff in here?” I say grinning widely.

Janice returns my expression. “Why do you think?”


“Don’t tell me. We’re roommates?”


“Yes!” We slap high fives. “Now this is definitely going to be a good quarter!”

“Agreed! Now let’s unpack and plan for the New Years Eve party. I want to check out that boutique downtown for a new dress.”

I frown. “Since when have you been a fashionista?”

“Since I had Abby as a roommate.”

I laugh and then go back to unpacking my suitcase. Abby. I wonder how she is doing. What will she do when she finds out that I already had left?

Abby’s POV


Unfortunately I didn’t exactly abide by my mother’s no speeding rule. I decide to test out my new wheels and end up hitting 80 a few times on my way back to campus. Oh well. What my mother doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Besides, my new car is amazing!


I end up arriving at noon. I unload my luggages into the Arderson Hall lobby and after getting my key, carry them up to my room.


I am surprised to see that I am in the same room as before. The RA must have been too lazy to move people. I will probably be seeing Janice in here a little later. I’ve kind of missed her. I can’t wait to tell her about my new car and Brad’s brief visit. Maybe she would know what to say.


Within an hour and a half, I have all my things unpacked and looking like they did last quarter. It’s strange, but this dorm room is starting to feel like home.


As I drop my decorative pillows on the floor, I get a text from Charlotte. It reads:

Tri-Fruhms meeting up at the beach for the party.


I text her back “Be there,” and then flop onto my bed.


As I lie on my dorm bed reflecting on everything, I still can’t believe how fast time has flown. I have already survived one quarter of college and am now about to start a new one. I suddenly find myself wishing I could talk to Lizzie, but I know I can’t. At this moment, I have no one but myself and it is starting to become clear, by the look of the bed opposite me, that my roommate was not Janice. Too bad it couldn’t be Lizzie. I almost laugh out loud when I think that. It’s funny now to think that I could have had Lizzie as my roommate from the beginning, but because of my stupidity, I ruined our chance. I then think of something that I never thought before, while Lizzie and I were growing up. Maybe it wasn’t Lizzie that should have been afraid of losing me. Maybe I should have been afraid of losing her.


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