Year 2: Chapter 4: Back To The Grind (Abby & Lizzie’s POV)

Abby’s POV


I surprise myself by actually waking up on time. Not bad for the start of a new year. Lizzie’s class starts a little later than mine, so I decide not to wake her on my way out.

I get to class ten minutes early and pause for a moment to enjoy the warm autumn breeze. I have to say, I really do love being at Aberdale U.


My first class is psychology, which surprisingly goes very well. Although I have never been very interested in it, I feel that I might actually grow to like it. Besides, my professor is super bubbly, so how could you not?

After class, I head over to the math building for probability and statistics. Now that is something I will never grow to like. Math and I do not get along.

I am thrilled when class I finally over, but a little annoyed about all the homework we are going to be getting. Maybe I’ll team up with Lizzie for a study session. She is way better at math than me, and that is saying something since math isn’t her favorite subject either.


Afterwards, I head over to the art building. They were remodeling it last year (and technically still are) so all my art classes were in a different building. This year however, they have opened some of the classrooms up for art classes to be taught. I of course, was not going to miss my chance. I can’t wait to check out the newly designed building.


I am a little disappointed when my professor spends most of the class period lecturing, but I am happy that he gives us at least fifteen minutes toward the end, to paint freely. He then says that he wants us to paint whatever comes to our minds, no matter how crazy it may seem. I have no idea what I am going to draw or what it will look like when I am done, but I am too happy to care.


On my way out, I am not watching where I’m going and nearly knock someone over.

“Sorry,” I say quickly, but then pause when I see who it is. “Kimberly?”

Kimberly looks up and smiles. “Hey Abby! Long time no see! How are you?”

“I’m good, how are you? I haven’t see you since, well, all the craziness with the Tri-Fruhms last year.”

Kimberly sighs. “Yah, I know. I guess I have just been pretty busy. I did an internship at this government office and that kept me occupied all summer. It’s okay though. It will look great on my transcript.”

“Wow, sounds like it.”


“So how was your summer?” Kimberly asks. “I’m sure you and Charls were glued at the hip.”

I laugh. “I actually didn’t see Charls that much. We kind of decided to take things slow. Still, he did come and visit me for a week and that was pretty nice.”

Kimberly nods. “That’s cool.”

“So are you off to class? I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go get some coffee or something.”

Kimberly shakes her head. “Unfortunately, I do have class. I’m taking glass blowing. I’ve always been interested in it and I think it will be a nice break from all my other classes.”

“Glassblowing, huh? Should be fun.” I had never thought about taking that. Maybe I’ll think about it for next quarter.


“I guess I will let you go then,” I say, turning to leave, but Kimberly stops me.

“Wait, I just remembered something I wanted to tell you. I got an e-mail about pledging for Alpha Beta Phi.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Really?”


“So…are you going to do it?”

“I’m definitely thinking about it.” Kimberly then bites her lip. “The first pledge meeting is this Friday, and I was hoping you would…come with me.”


I look at her curiously. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Yes. I want you to pledge with me.”

My eyes widen. “Are you serious?”

Kimberly sighs. “Look, I know how things turned out last year with the Tri-Fruhms and everything, but you shouldn’t count all sororities out. They were just one bad chapter. I’ve heard good things about the Alpha Beta Phi’s.”

I shake my head. “I don’t Kimberly. After everything I went through, I’m not sure if I’m ready to get into that life again.”


“Oh, come on Abby! Just come with me and see if you like it before making any decisions. If you really don’t feel like pledging afterwards, then you don’t have to. Please?”

I stare at Kimberly quiet for a moment, and then let out a sigh. “Oh, all right. Fine.”

Kimberly squeals and gives me a hug. “Oh, this is going to be fun! I can’t wait until we are both Alphas!”

“Hey, I’m not making any promises,” I warn her. “I’m just checking them out.”

Kimberly just smirks at me. “We’ll see,” she says. “I’ll text you all the details before Friday. See you soon!” She then takes off toward the art building.


I turn and watch her leave in silence. I wish that I could match her excitement, but all I feel is dread. I had promised myself over the summer that I would not get into sororities again after everything that had happened last year, especially because of how it almost cost me Lizzie. Now, here I was, agreeing to go to a rush party with Kimberly. What was Lizzie going to think? I know Kimberly said I didn’t have to join, but I can tell she was counting it. And maybe just a party of me was scared that I would want to.


Lizzie’s POV


I wake up the first day of classes feeling refreshed as ever. That may be due to the fact that my classes don’t start until 11. I can see that Abby has already left, so I shower, get dressed, and then head downstairs .


It’s only nine o’ clock, so I decide to get some breakfast from the dining hall before heading out into the warm autumn breeze. I still have two hours before class starts, so I hurry over to the library. It has been a week since I have done some writing, so now would be a good time to do so.


I enter into the library ten minutes later and then take a seat at one of the computers. The library is practically empty which I have to say, I like. Sometimes it can feel a little crowded with everyone inside studying or typing away at their computers. I like going early in the morning, especially on weekends, when barely anyone is here. It gives me time to think, and come up with my best story ideas.


I decide to finish up the edits Ms. Rose gave me on my novel during the summer. I have been trying to finish them gradually, and now I have only a few pages of my final chapter left to edit. I have done substantial rewriting and I have to say, I really like how the story sounds now. My two main characters Serena and Paul now feel more like a couple deeply in love. Beforehand, I had had a lot of difficulty tapping into that emotion to write about it. Maybe being with Michael has made me understand. Not that I am in love with him or something. At least, I don’t think…


I shake the thought from my head and continue on, but now and then, it keeps slipping into the back of my mind. After all, that subject had come about last year around the time we kissed. We just had both not discussed it since deciding to take things slow. Besides, all that might have just been said by him in the heat of the moment. Right?

Just as I finish the last page of edits, I glance at my cell phone and see that it is ten minutes to 11. I quickly save my revised story to my flash drive and then pick up my backpack and head out.


I just barely get to class on time, which my communications professor does not find amusing. He gives me a warning, despite the fact that I did happen to enter class at 11. I can tell that things are already not off to a good start. He then goes over the syllabus, stressing greatly on how tardiness will not be tolerated. He wants everyone in their seats before 11, for that is when he will lock the door. Of course, he gives me an icy stare as he says this. Yikes.

After class, I am all too happy to leave and rush to my psych class. I am trying to get all my core classes out of the way, so I can focus more on English classes later.

The rest of my day goes pretty well and both my psych and humanities classes go well. Apart from communications, I think I may just have a nice quarter ahead of me.


Unfortunately, I don’t get out of my humanities class until around six. It is a bit irritating, but at least the class only meets two days a week. The sky is starting to darken overhead, so I decide to head over to the dining hall to get some dinner. Maybe I’ll text Abby to see if she is there.


Just as I turn to go, I nearly run right into someone.

“I’m sor-Michael!”

Michael looks up at me and grins. “Lizzie, running into me like always.”

I laugh. “I guess that’s just the thing with us.”

“Looks like it. Did you just get out of class? It’s pretty late.”

I nod. “I know. By the time I signed up, this was the only class that wasn’t full. At least it only meets a twice a week. Monday’s and Wednesday’s.”

“So then am I to assume that you have Friday afternoon’s free?”

I frown. “Yes, why?”


Michael reaches over and takes my hands into his. “Well, I was wondering if you were free to go out on Friday. The theater is showing another film festival movie and I thought you might like to go.”

I smile feeling my stomach doing somersaults once again. “I would love to. It’s been a while since we have done that.”

“And maybe after, we could talk about, well…us.”

I give his hands a squeeze. “I would really like that.”


I so badly want to kiss him and feel his arms wrapped around me like all those months ago, but I realize people are standing around and might find it a bit awkward. I have never been much of a pda person; my making out with Michael in the hallway of Aderson hall being my only exception. And if you could understand the way that kiss felt, I think anyone would have done it.


Michael smiles. “All right, it’s a date.” He then checks his watch. “Well, I got to head off. They are still trying to figure out the whole situation with my apartment. Call you later?”

I nod. “Yes. And I can’t wait.”


After giving me a quick peck on the cheek making me blush, he turns and heads off down the sidewalk. I watch after him, feeling dazed as I always do when he is near me. I most definitely am falling hard for him.


My cell phone then begins to ring, bringing me back into reality. Checking the screen, I see a number I have not seen before. Although it might be a telemarketer, I decide to answer anyway just to make sure.


“Hello?” I say into the receiver as nicely as I can.

“Hi, is this Elizabeth?”


“Oh, okay. Just making sure. I got this number from Kendal and I wanted to make sure it was right.”

Did she say Kendal? I had not heard from him since his last e-mail months ago. What was going on?

“Kendal gave you my number? Who are you?”

“Oh sorry! I should have introduced myself earlier. I’m Carrie from the writing club. I’m a friend of Kendal’s.”

“Oh okay,” I am still confused. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes, I just needed to talk to you about something.”


When I don’t respond, she continues.

“Kendal was in charge of arranging the writing club meetings and readings, but he took an internship over the summer. I thought it was supposed to get over in August, but it looks like it goes through this quarter. I’m not sure when he will back, but in any case he won’t be able to run the writing club this quarter.”

“Okay, so…”

“So, I wanted to know if you would like to be in charge of the readings.”


“I would ask some of the other senior members, but both Tara and Reed are studying abroad and the other two members graduated just this past June. I only joined last year like you, but I know you spent a lot of time with Kendal. You would know more about how he does things than I would.”


I stand in silence. It feels so weird to have one of Kendal’s friends asking me to be in charge, considering that he and I weren’t together anymore, and from the way that Carrie was talking, I don’t think she knew exactly how close Kendal and I were.

“I don’t know,” I say slowly, but she jumps in.

“Look, you don’t have to be completely in charge. We can do it together. I just need someone to show me the ropes. Would you mind helping me please?”

I pause for a moment to think, and then sigh. I suppose it wasn’t that big of a deal. Besides, I was a bit nervous about what would happen if I didn’t. It might make things awkward.

“All right, I will.”

Carrie sighs with relief. “Oh thank goodness! I had some ideas of how to make things better this year, but I didn’t think I could do it alone. Thank you.”

“No problem. Text me when you want to meet up.”

“Will do. Later!”

I hang up and then slip my phone into my pocket. I then turn and head for the dining hall. What an interesting year this was turning out to be.



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