Chapter 43: I Hate Mondays (Abby’s POV)


I basically sleep through all of Sunday. I have never had a hangover like this. My head is pounding and I feel sick to my stomach. Apart from several trips to the bathroom and downstairs to grab some crackers and water, I pretty much live in my dorm room. Thank god my roommate won’t be coming until much later. She would think I was a basket case.

By the time I wake up on Monday, I am feeling much better. My roommate had probably arrived the night before, but I was too out of it to notice.


I then check my alarm clock and realize that I am totally late for my first class! How does time fly like that!

I jump out of bed and quickly dash for the bathroom. I then take the fastest shower of my life and after throwing on my clothes for the day, I hurry out of my room. “What a great start to a new quarter,” I think to myself.


It’s a quick run to campus, so I decided to go on foot. Besides, I haven’t been out of my dorm in a whole day so I could use the fresh air. It feels nice as the wind blows through my hair. For the first time since Saturday night, I can actually see straight.


I reach my class building ten minutes later and hurry inside. I am about fifteen minutes late, but luckily I am able to slip in through the back. Thank God, some of these classes have two entrances. Lucky for me, it is only the first day, so we aren’t really doing much in English 102, except going over the syllabus.


When class gets out, I wander outside, my mind suddenly thinking about Brad. I hadn’t heard from him since Saturday night. I even was starting to feel like I only imagined that he was at the beach party. But there is no way I could have made it all the way back to my dorm by myself, so it had to have been him that was driving me. But then why didn’t he bother to call me the next morning? He had been so sweet taking me home and even putting me in my bed. So why hadn’t he called?


Feeling curious, I dial up his number and listen as it rings. Straight to voicemail again. What was going on with him?

“Hey Brad, its me,” I say, “I was just calling to check in. I also wanted to thank you for getting me home last night. Please call me when you can. I love you.”

I then click the phone off. I am very tempted to drive over to his frat house and ask him what’s going on, but I figure he probably is busy or is in class. I guess I will just have to play the waiting game. I sigh. Relationships can be so difficult.


Since I have a two hour gap before my next class (Math 107), I decided to head back to my dorm. The clouds darken and It starts raining as I run along and I realize how stupid it was for me not to pack an umbrella.  I had even checked the forecast earlier during last week and known it was going to be pouring today. Oh well. I guess this is just the story of my life.

(Sorry for the short chapter. There will be a longer one next week! :))


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