Chapter 23: The Day After (Abby’s POV)


I don’t get back home until around six in the morning. I hadn’t even expected to be back that early, but here I am. Lizzie passes me on her way upstairs. I almost call to her, but then I remember everything that has happened between us and realize I can’t. I feel my heart pang with longing. I need someone to talk to, someone who will listen without making jokes or comments. I need Lizzie.


As I head upstairs to my room, I think back to the night I spent with Brad. Everything had seemed so perfect. Then came the morning. I don’t know what happened, but things didn’t seem so perfect anymore.

Screenshot-1246 (2)

When I woke up this next morning, I felt strange. At first I didn’t know where I was, but when I turned over and looked around the room, everything came flooding back. But something felt off. I didn’t know what it was, but I just felt odd. I slipped out the bed and quickly threw my clothes back on. The room was empty and I was confused as to where Brad had gone. It was just so weird to me that he would just leave me up here after the night we had.


When I got downstairs, I saw some of the Tri-Fruhms hanging out in the lobby. What were they doing here?

“Hey Abby,” said Clare as she passed by. “Sleep well?” She then laughed and ducked into the family room. I felt myself turn red. Did everyone know what Brad and I had been doing up there?

Brad then walked into the hall and spotted me.

“Hey,” he said, walking over to me. “You’re up.”

“Yah.” I felt extremely embarrassed. “I was just heading out.”


“You’re leaving? I was just on my way back up.”

I smile. “Yah I should go. I um…had a great time though.”


Brad then leaned forward and kissed me gently. “All right. I’ll see yah.”

I gave him a little nod and then I walked through the front door.


Even as I head into my dorm room now, I can’t shake this weird feeling. Everything had seemed fine last night. What was going on with me?


I spot Janice doing chin ups on her metal bars and walk over to her. I know she is still annoyed with me, but maybe I can convince her to help me.


“Hey Janice.”

Janice glances at me and then goes back to her chip ups. “Hi Abby. How are things with the Tri-Fruhms? Find any new victims to prank?”

I sigh. “Okay, you’ve made your point. What I did was wrong. I get it.”

“I don’t think you do. If you did, you wouldn’t have joined them. But whatever. It’s your choice.”

“Janice, please, I really need to talk to you about something.”


Janice drops from the metal bars and then turns to face me. “And what would that be about?”

“I-it’s about Brad.”

Janice scoffs. “Give me a break.”

“Please Janice! It’s really important! I know you hate me, and I get it, but I really need to talk to someone. Please.”

Janice stares at me for a moment and then shrugs. “Fine, what is it?”


I bite my lip. “Well, last night, Brad and I kinda…well, we took the next step.”

Janice nods. “Okay. So?”

“Well that’s it.”

Janice blinks. “That’s it? That’s what you had to tell me?”

“Well, no, it’s just. I don’t know. I guess I feel weird about it and I don’t know why.”

Janice shrugs. “Well, do you like him?”

“Yes. I actually think I might…love him.”

“Do you think he feels the same way about you?”

“He’s never said it, but I think so.”


Janice shakes her head. “Then I don’t know. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time or something. Or maybe he’s not the right guy.”


“I’m just saying. This is Brad we’re talking about. I’ve heard he kind of gets around.”

“Well he doesn’t. We have been dating for almost two months and it’s gotten pretty serious.”

“Fine. My point is, if you’re feeling weird about it, I’d trust your instincts. Something is probably going on there.”

I consider telling her about the weirdness this morning, but decide against it. “Thanks for listening,” I say with a smile.

“Sure.” Janice picks up her robe and heads for the door. She pauses just before she goes through. “You should try talking to her again.”


“You know who. I think you two miss each other more than you both are willing to admit.” She then turns and leaves the room.


I sigh and slip into my pajamas. Although it’s almost seven in the morning, I could really use some extra sleep. Maybe then, I won’t feel so weird. As I am about to get into bed I hear a beep from by phone. Checking the screen, I see a message from Brad.

“Thinking about you and last night ;)”

I smile and text him back, “Me too. Love you.” I then bite my lip waiting to see if he answers back. It takes five minutes, but then he texts back, “Love you too babe,” instantly filling me with relief. Maybe I had been overreacting. Everything was going to be fine.


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