Chapter 5: New Faces

Lizzie’s Point Of View




I’m still fuming as I head up the stairs to my dorm room. I can’t believe that Abby forget to send in her room agreement and now we can’t be roommates! Worst of all, she’s acting like it’s no big deal! Talking and saying that this was a chance to “meet new people.” What was that all about? Whatever. Maybe she was right. Maybe my new roommate would be good for me. Maybe she would be some sweet girl that was actually responsible. Unfortunately, I won’t know until tomorrow. Before coming upstairs, the dorm advisor woman, informed me that my roommate would not be arriving until tomorrow afternoon. Something about complications with the room…




That makes me feel a little uneasy. Was something wrong with my dorm room? That’s the last thing I need. I am already so annoyed with Lizzie’s mistake. The last thing I need is to have an awful dorm room. I approach my dorm room slowly and sigh. “Whatever will be, will be,” I mutter to myself. I then twist the door handle and push the door open.




I enter inside my room and feel a flush of relief. The room looks perfectly fine. Whatever problem my new roommate has with our room, it has nothing to do with how it looks.




The room is actually pretty nice and spacious. I pause for a moment letting it all sink in. I am now officially a college freshman. It has a nice feel to it.




Afterwards, I lug all my bags and suitcases up the stairs into my room. In a way, I am kind of happy my roommate won’t be here until tomorrow. It gives me time to get used to my room and adjust. It is going to be so weird sharing my room with a complete stranger. Oh well. Abby did say we should meet new people. Maybe this will all work out okay. With this thought in mind, I get to work unpacking my suitcases.




It takes me an hour, but soon all my things are unpacked and stowed away. My side of the room is clean and tidy, just the way I like it. I can only hope that my future roommate will be the same.




I walk over to my window and peer out. I still can’t believe that I am here. “You better believe it,” I tell myself. I then hear some laughing from the other side of my door.

“Hurry! We’ve got to get to orientation!” I hear someone hiss to another.




Orientation! I almost forgot. I had better get going or I am going to be late. I take one last look at my room and then hurry out, closing the door behind me.




As I come down the staircase, I feel myself tense up slightly. Abby is standing and laughing with another girl, whom I assume is her new roommate. I guess she really did mean it when she said meet new people.




I want to say something to her, but she seems so engrossed in her conversation with the girl, that I decided to leave her be. I assume that that the two of them will probably head over to the Student Union building together.




Sure enough, just as I think this, the girl says something to Abby and they both walk toward the front door. Abby then looks over to the staircase and catches my eye. For a moment, I think she is going to wave for me to join them, but instead, she just smiles and nods her head before heading out the door. So much for that. Sighing, I walk through the door after them and over to my car.




It’s a quick drive over to the Student Union building and it gives me a chance to take in the some of the campus. I love the classic designs and the roman church feel of the school. Soon I reach the parking lot and pull my car into an empty space. I then go inside the Student Union building and take a seat in the middle row of the orientation room. People start coming in slowly afterward, and I even spot Abby and her roommate.




The orientation lasts for a couple hours and I am relieved when it finally ends. I really want to check out the info on the school clubs and activities. Unfortunately, the lobby is extremely crowded. I am happy when things finally die down and I can reach a table. I scan the activities list and sigh. There are so many things to do! I pause, noticing a listing for a Writer’s club. It just so happened to be meeting in the library in ten minutes. Perfect. I snag a few freshmen freebies from the desk and then head for the front door.




On my way out, I spot Abby and her roommate chatting with some guy, but I ignore them. If she can assimilate so smoothly into college life, so can I.




Outside, I check the school map given to me during orientation, for the library. Seeing it is not too far off, I decided to leave my car in the Student Union parking lot and head over on foot. I tuck my map into the back of my jeans and then take off down the side in a run.




I get to the library with two minutes to spare. Panting, I slow my pace and walk through the tall mahogany wooden doors.




I gasp, looking around. The library is amazing, books lining the shelves from top to bottom. I smile to myself knowing that I will be spending a lot of time in here in the future. Up ahead, I spot a few people gathered around some computers toward the back of the library. I figure they must be part of the writing club.




As I approach them, I feel my limbs growing stiff. I am actually getting nervous. It might be due to the fact, that one of the club members was a tall and attractive young man. He stood facing the wall away from me, seemingly deep in though. Gathering all the courage I had left, I walk over to him and clear my throat.




“Hi,” I manage to get out.

The guy turns. “Hello, I’m Kendle Duton, leader of the Aberdale University writing club. Are you here to join?” His face is serious, but his tone is warm and filled with kindness.

“Yes I am,” I say, surprised that I did not stutter. “My name is Elizabeth Drake. You can call me Lizzie though.”




“Elizabeth,” he says, not seeming to have heard my last comment, “It’s nice to meet you.” He smiles, and reaches out to shake my hand. His hand feels warm in mine. I feel myself starting to blush, but I try to ignore it.

“I haven’t seen you around campus, are you new?”

I nod. “Yes, I’m a freshman. I just came from orientation actually. I saw this club on the activities list and thought I would check it out. I really do love writing and reading too, of course.”

“Well, then you are in the right place,” Kendle says with a smile and we both laugh.




“So, is this everyone?” I ask looking around. There only seems to be three other people besides Kendle and myself.

Kendle shakes his head. “No, we are missing about five others. The meeting for today actually was cancelled because of freshmen orientation, but I guess not everyone got the memo. I just showed up in case people didn’t, which I now realize was a good idea.”

I shrug. “So, now what?”

“Well, I’ll be rescheduling the meeting for sometime later next week, but a few of us are heading over to a Burger place just up the street. Do you want to join us?”




I think about it for a moment and then nod. “I’d love too.” Abby is not the only one who can have a good time.

Kendle smiles. “Great! Let me just wrap things up here and we’ll all head over.” He flashes me a smile and then heads over to talk to the rest of the group. Have I already mentioned how cute he is? I feel flustered, but I try not to let it show. No reason to scare him off before we even get to know each other.




Since Kendle does not have a car, I offer to give him a ride over. I know it’s a bold move, but he does not seem to mind it. It’s a silent ride over and I can feel my hands becoming clammy. This is the first time I have ever had a guy in my car, ever. Well, apart from my dad, but you know what I mean. I try and play it cool, smiling at him politely whenever we lock eyes. I have never felt this nervous since the time I asked my sixth grade crush Bobby Jenner to the school dance. Of course, that was worse since he turned me down and laughed at me, in front of his friends. I promised myself from that day, I would never ask out a guy again. But now looking at Kendle, I’m not so sure if I can keep that promise…




I pull my car into a nearby parking lot and the two of us get out and head down the sidewalk to the burger restaurant. I feel my stomach doing summersaults, which surprises me. I only just met Kendle and I am feeling so anxious. Although I do have to wonder about him to, from the way he keeps side glancing at me. He is giving me the look that all the guys that used to pin over Abby, gave her. Could it be…? I wipe the thought from my mind and follow Kendle into the restaurant.




I end up actually having a great time. Kendle introduces me to some of the other group members, most of which are sophomores like him and some juniors and seniors. We all order burgers and milkshakes and spend the afternoon chatting away. Kendle and I are among the last ones to leave. By the time we walk out, the sky has darkened. I check my watch and realize it is passed eight in the evening.

“Goodness, I should be getting back to my dorm,” I say to Kendle.

“Yah, it is getting a bit late. Time fly by.”




“Can I give you a ride back to your dorm?” I then realize how weird it must sound to him. Especially since, we just met.

Kendle laughs. “So chivalry is not dead,” he says, with a smile. “That’s kind, but I’ll manage. My apartment is actually only two blocks from here.”

“Okay.” I tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear. “So I’ll see you around? Well I mean, I will be seeing you at the writing club meeting, but if I don’t see you before then…” I drift off feeling embarrassed for jumbling all my words up. I obviously don’t have as much practice talking to boys as Abby does.




Kendle grins, taking my hand into his and then shakes it gently. “I’ll see you around Elizabeth. Before the meeting I hope.” He then lets my hand go and walks off down the sidewalk.




I am still excited about that evening when I get back to my dorm and even considering finding Abby to tell her everything. However, as soon as I walk through the front doors, I spot her standing with some girl I have never seen before chatting away. She sure is extremely chatty today. Not wanting to bother her, (she looks so into her conversation with the girl) I decide to wait and talk to her tomorrow. After all, things did seem somewhat weird between us. Maybe it was best to sleep on it.




After changing into my PJs, I climb onto my bed, pausing for a moment before getting in. What a day this has been. New school, new room, new faces, and now, dare I say it, a new crush? I sigh lying back on my pillows. Things really do change. I only hope they keep changing for the better. 









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