Year 2: Chapter 50: The Greek Olympics!: Part 2: (Lizzie’s POV)

Screenshot-4327 (2)

The next few weeks go by rather quickly. I am still so surprised that soon the quarter will be coming to an end. I am ready for summer break. With everything going on, I yearn to be back at home with my family. I especially want to see Judy, for I didn’t get to spend much time with her over spring break. She is growing so fast! Already a seventh grader, she will be starting eight grade in the fall! Only one year until she is in high school! It’s crazy!

During the next few weeks, I spend most of my time studying and practicing my public relations presentation. It is only a couple weeks away, along with finals week. But there is one event that sneaks up on me. The Greek Olympics!

Screenshot-4332 (2)

With everyone off to class in the morning, I enjoy a glazed donut for breakfast. I am not for having unhealthy breakfasts, but I am kind of in a bit of a hurry. I wolf it down and then head on my way.

Screenshot-4004 (2)

With the excitement of the Olympics, I am surprised that I am able to focus during all of my classes. I even am able to take good notes on the final unit of astronomy, the geology of Mars and predictions of the future. Very intriguing indeed.

Screenshot-4053 (2)

I then head home after my last class and have a bit of a study session with Janice and later Kimberly, before Abby arrives home. With my stomach full of knots, we then head to the Greek Olympics.

Screenshot-4350 (2)

The event area looks very nice and I have to applaud the hard work of the people who set everything up. As nervous as I am, I can’t wait for everything to begin.

Screenshot-4367 (2)

And begin it does, starting off with the rock climbing challenge. Janice wins first place, putting us off to a great start. I don’t think the Alpha Beta Phis were expecting this, with the glare on Ashley’s face being any indication.

Screenshot-4372 (2)

There is also a basketball shootout competition, in which Janice and Tatyana rule at as well. I cannot deny that Brad and Charls put up quite a fight. Though Charls did seem a bit distracted by staring at Abby, something which Brad did not take kindly to. It seems that Abby was still in the middle of her love triangle with them.

Screenshot-4377 (2)

Soon, it was time to take my first event, which was the golfing event. I had not really been planning to do it, but Abby convinced me to, claiming I was the only one who had really done golf before.

Well by the end, I do manage to score second place just behind Kelsy. Definitely not too shabby!

Screenshot-4381 (2) 2

There also happens to be a pie eating contest, curtsy of the Eta Phi Nus. I end up being chosen for the contest and surprisingly end up winning! The Beta Gamma Kappas were definitely doing better than I had originally expected!

Screenshot-4384 (2) 2

Afterwards the competition plays along pretty well. Janice wins the table tennis competition and Abby wins her shoot out against Clare. It is actually pretty amusing to see Clare dive to the ground and miss. Janice also rules at the archery competition and I am cheering for us being on a role.

Screenshot-4409 (2)

It is not long before it is my time to represent us again. The mechanical bull event had finally arrived. Janice and Abby all gave me words of encouragement as I slip my leg over the saddle. I am terribly nervous that I am going to do terrible, but I totally surprise myself. I manage to stay on long enough, beating fellow Alpha Annya member, Dean, by five seconds! You can just see the shock in Clare’s eyes. She looks like she wants to explode!

Screenshot-4402 (2)

After that event, our future housemother, (hopefully) Mrs. Krutz, announces that we will reconvene the Greek Olympics again tomorrow at three.

I walk over to the picnic area where Tatyana and Kimberly are each munching on snow cones.

“You did a great job, Lizzie!” Kimberly says, while licking her cone.

“Totally! I thought you were going to fall off any second!” Tatyana says laughing.

I chuckle. “I was! It took everything in me not to let go!”

Kimberly grins. “You want to head over to the dining hall to celebrate?”

I shake my head. “I think I’m going to head back to the house. Big day tomorrow.” And honestly, I just want to rest. I had been spending the whole week studying and I really just need some sleep.

Screenshot-5064 (2)

Of course, when I get home, I am a bit surprised to find people lounging about and hanging out. I even spot Clare lurking in the corner. What were they all doing here?

Whatever the case, I don’t have time for them. I need to get some sleep. A lot of it.

Screenshot-4871 (2)

Truthfully, my mind had begun to wonder to Michael again. I had been able to keep it at bay by focusing on my public relations presentation and studying for finals, but without either to occupy me, I don’t know how I am going to cope. I really do miss talking to Michael. So much!

Screenshot-5692 (2)

I pull out my phone and check it again for the zillionth time. Still no messages. I sigh. This was becoming torture. I don’t think I can go like this any longer with no answers. I have to try calling him again.

Turning my phone over, I dial his number. It rings several times and then goes to voicemail.

Screenshot-5696 (2)

I call him five more times before finally caving. I have been resisting leaving voicemails because I don’t want to seem overbearing, but I can’t take it anymore. I have to say something.

“Michael, I know you’re there.” I pause for a moment and then sigh. “Look, this has gone on long enough. I get that you’re mad at me and that we are in a confusing place, but you need to talk to me. We can’t just leave things like this. Yes, it’s true that I had some feelings for Kendal, but it is to be expected. Kendal was the first guy I was ever with, but it’s over. He and I are done and I am with you now. At least, I hope I still am.” I sigh again. “Michael, I love you and only you, and I don’t want to be with anyone else. So please call me so we can figure this all out. I-I miss you…and I know you miss me too. So, call me.”

I then click off my phone and place it on my bedside table.

Screenshot-4510 (2)

I know it is probably a lost cause, but I had to try. Not seeing or speaking to Michael is driving me crazy.

As I crawl into bed, I only hope that I will finally hear from him. I then watch the phone on my bedside table, until I finally drift off to sleep.

Screenshot-3844 (2)

I wake up in that next morning feeling like my phone is ringing. I glance down at it and see that I still have no messages. Maybe Michael hadn’t gotten my message. Or maybe he just didn’t care. I rub my face in frustration. Why did relationships have to be so difficult?

Screenshot-4231 (2)

I decide what I need is some nourishment, so I go downstairs into the kitchen to eat. I spot Abby in the dining room and join her with another one of Selena’s cinnamon buns. She cooked them again last morning and I hadn’t gotten around to eating one. They are amazing.

“Morning,” I say, taking a seat at the table. “You excited for the finals today?”

Abby swallows her bite of a soft pretzel stick. “You bet! With luck, tonight we could be an official sorority.”

“Or we could just be girls renting a house on campus,” I say taking a bite of my cinnamon bun.

Screenshot-4234 (2)

“Hey, no negativity,” Janice says, while walking into the dining room. “That kind of talk isn’t going to get us anywhere.”

“Yah Liz.” Abby swallows her last bite of pretzel. “What gives?”

I look at them both sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I guess I’m just trying to be realistic.”

“Well, I want to focus on the positive,” says Abby. “We are tied with the Alpha Beta Phis, so that means we have a good chance of winning.”

Screenshot-4237 (2)

“That’s true.” I cut into my bun with my fork. “Do we even know what the last challenge is?”

Abby shrugs her head. “Sort of. I think it is some kind of a treasure hunt. Moana was kind of tight-lipped about it. Something about Ashley wanting to keep it secret.”

Janice rolls her eyes. “I wonder why. Anything to give us a lower advantage.”

Screenshot-4246 (2)

“I think it’s a good sign!” Abby says smiling.

I frown. “How so?”

“It means that she’s nervous. You saw the look on her face yesterday. She was absolutely shocked that we tied with them! And if Clare’s threat showed me anything, it’s that they are a bit worried.”

Screenshot-4242 (2)

Janice looks up. “Clare’s threat?”

“Yah. She came to the party yesterday to ask us to drop out. Something about wanting to save us the humiliation of losing today.”

Janice snickers. “More like save them humiliation.”


Screenshot-4244 (2)

I laugh. “I guess if they are that scared, it is a good sign for us. Maybe we just might beat them after all. I wonder what the treasure hunt will entail.”

Abby perks up. “Well, what I do know, is that it is going to be a partner thing again.”

Janice grins. “I think we should chose Lizzie as part of the group. If it’s a scavenger hunt, there will be riddles and I think Lizzie will be most suited to solve them.”

I laugh. “True. I do love riddles.”

“And I think Abby is pretty good at knowing her way around town. You two would be a perfect duo.”

Abby nudges my shoulder. “I can’t argue with that,” she says, and I chuckle.

Screenshot-4248 (2)

Just then, we hear a funky sound like that of a motorcycle engine. Janice picks up her phone sheepishly. “My new texting tone.”

Abby and I try to resist laughing.

“It’s Greg. He’s just wishing me luck for today.”

Abby smirks. “You two sure have been pretty close this whole semester. It’s a big improvement from last year.”

Janice nods. “Yah, he was just going through some hard stuff. I’m glad he was finally able to talk to me about it.” Janice then looks up. “How are you two doing in that department?”

Screenshot-4250 (2)

I roll my eyes. “Don’t even ask. I’ve called Michael so much that my hands are tired. He just won’t talk to me.”

“Have you tried going to see him?” Janice asks. “That’s what I did with Greg.”

“I don’t know. I don’t want to push him. I want him to come to me when he is ready. I just wish it was sooner.”

Abby smiles at me sadly. “I know what you mean. I still haven’t heard back from Charls either.”

Screenshot-4255 (2)

I pat her shoulder. “I’m sorry. Although I am a little surprised he hasn’t tried to talk to you.”

Janice takes another bite of her bun. “Yah, he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off you yesterday.”

“I know.” Abby sighs. “I feel like he wants to talk to me, but something is holding him back.”

“Or someone,” Janice remarks.

Abby frowns. “You mean Brad?”

“Who else? I mean, you did break things off with him, right?”

Abby nods.

“Then he probably isn’t too happy about it.”

“Maybe not, but I don’t think that’s it.” Abby sits back. “After we talked, Brad said that Charls would never get back with a girl that stepped out on him.”

Screenshot-4252 (2)

I scoff. “I don’t think you should be listening to anything Brad says. He will probably say anything to break you and Charls apart. He still wants you.”

“Yah Abby.” Janice stuffs the last piece of her cinnamon bun into her mouth. “This is between you and Charls, so don’t let Brad keep you from talking to him. Just do it.” She then gives me a look. “That goes for you too, Liz.”

I roll my eyes and then rise from my chair. “Well, I left him a message on his cell, so hopefully he’ll get back to me. If not, maybe I’ll just have to take your advice.”

Screenshot-4259 (2)

Abby follows me into the kitchen where Tatyana is standing nearby the counter.

“Hey, Abby,” she says, walking up to her. “I have something I want to say.”

Abby smiles. “Sure, what’s up?”

“I want to apologize for how I’ve been the past few weeks. I know I’ve kind of been a bit of downer. I realize now that you only did what you did because you were trying to help. I couldn’t have made that easy for you.”

Abby waves her hand. “Hey, I don’t blame you. Or any of you guys, actually. It was pretty extreme for me to make a bet like that. I just wanted so badly for us to get our charter back, that I was desperate. I should have talked to you all first.”

“Yah, but Ashley might have changed her mind. You did what you felt was right. Even if it was a bit over the top.”

They both laugh. “All forgiven?” Tatyana asks, and Abby gives her a hug.

“All forgiven.”

I smile. Now that was some definite sisterhood right there.

Screenshot-4265 (2)

Just as I am about to head back up to my room, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I glance down and see I have missed a call from Michael! Feeling my stomach tingling, I quickly dial him back.

I dial him back almost five times before giving up again. I then check my voicemail, but there are no new messages. I can’t help but feel disappointed. Why hadn’t he left a message? Was it because he was upset that I didn’t pick up? Or was it that he had just been calling to end things? Tell me to leave him alone?

My mind was going miles a minute. Maybe Janet was right. Maybe I just needed to go talk to him.

Screenshot-4431 (2)

After taking a shower and getting dressed, I drive over to Michael’s apartment and knock on the door. I wait there for almost ten minutes before realizing he really isn’t there. Feeling disappointed and extremely frustrated, I make my way back home. I then go into the computer room and log onto one of the computers. I really don’t feel like being in my room right now.

I boot up my manuscript and finish editing my last two chapters. In the end, I have Paul and Serena kissing passionately on the doorstep of his townhouse. If only my love live could end as such.

I then move onto drafting my query letter. After doing some research, I had found four agents that I felt could potential be the right one for me. I am hoping to send the letters off to them before the month of June ends.

Screenshot-4433 (2)

I end up spending the duration of the day typing away at the computer. I finish drafting and editing my query letter and then send a copy to Carrie. I really would like to get a second opinion.

Just then, the door opens and Janice comes walking in.

Screenshot-4436 (2)

“Hey you, it’s time to head out. The final event is starting in twenty minutes.”

I look up. “Wow, it’s that time already?”

“Yup, but I’m not surprised that you don’t know, what with you plugged into your story like that. You finished with the edit yet?”

Screenshot-4435 (2)

“As a matter of fact, yes. I actually just finished drafting up my query letter.” I click save and then log off the computer. “I sent a copy to Carrie to look at before I send it off.”

Janice chuckles. “I swear, Carrie is like your personal agent.”

“I know, right?”

I then rise from my chair and follow Janice out.

Screenshot-4349 (2)

Everyone is all gathered by the sidewalk when we arrive. Janice and Abby quickly change into workout clothes, but I decide to stay in my outfit. In five minutes, Mrs. Krutz waves to get our attention.

“All right! Welcome to the final day of the Greek Olympics! The two sororities competing today, are the Alpha Beta Phis and the upcoming sorority Beta Gamma Kappa!” We all cheer and Moana and the Delta Sigmas cheer even louder in support.

“The final event today, is a scavenger hunt. The two remaining sororities will pick two people to represent them and participate in the hunt. The two participants will have to follow clues to find fifteen items that have been scattered throughout the Aberdale U campus and downtown. Each item will have a ribbon corresponding to the sorority’s colors and a new clue leading to the next location. Whichever sorority finds all the items and returns here first, wins the competition and the Greek Olympics!”

I feel my nerves kicking in. So this was going to be a race. I glance over at Abby and she gives me a wink.

Mrs. Krutz then hands Abby and I walkie talkies along with two strips of paper, and does the same for Ashley and Clare.

“These are for you all to communicate with each other along the way,” she says. “Now, happy hunting!”

Screenshot-5500 (2)

Abby and I then nod to each other and take off down the sidewalk. As I hurry down the pavement, I glance down at my first clue written on the strip of paper. It reads:

“Come find me if you crave knowledge, of interstellar work at college.”

I close my eyes thinking for a moment. “The science building!” I then think. However, that can’t be it. “Interstellar work…”

I then open my eyes. It has to be the constellation lookout. I then hurry over to the grounds where a large telescope lies behind a gated fence. Slipping inside, I spot an icon of a miniature rocket, lying on a nearby table with a pink and silver ribbon sticking out of it. Beside it is a replica with a red and white ribbon; the color for the Alpha Beta Phis. Some students nearby working with the telescope wave to me.

As I pick up the icon, a rolled-up piece of paper slips out.

It reads:

“A place to hear an intellectual speech or just kick back and chill with your peeps.”

I can’t help but laugh at that. I can tell it was written by someone from Eta Phi Nu. It totally sounds like something Robbie would write.

Screenshot-5418 (2)

I figure that the clue is talking about the student union building, so I head right over. I also figure I should give Abby an update.

“Found the first item at the science building’s telescope grounds,” I call into the walkie talkie. “I’m onto the second clue now.”

“Got it!” Abby calls. “I found the first item at R.E.D club, but I’m having trouble with the second. It says ‘“A place of food galore, with shelves of food lined to the doors.’”  Are they talking about the downtown supermarket or the dining hall?”

“Hmm, I’d check the supermarket first. They have more shelves of food than the dining hall.”

“All right, check in later!”

I push my walkie talkie into my pocket and start searching the student union building.

I don’t find the icon upstairs, so I start looking in the classrooms downstairs. All of the rooms are locked except for the one which I find my icon in. It is an icon of a mini apple, sitting on one of the tables. After pulling out the clue, I scan it over and figure out the next location, the library.

Screenshot-3906 (2)

I continue along collecting the items until I have collected six. Since Abby and I had split up to cover more ground, I figure with luck, the next item will be my last.

The seventh item I find, is a mini camera icon in the photo booth of the downtown arcade. I am over joyed thinking it is time for me to head back, but then I see a clue fall out of it. Looks like I got the final item. I quickly read it over:

“If you enjoy tales of adventurous battles of villains and heroes, this place will excite you from your head to your toes.”

“I’m on to find the last item,” I call into the walkie talkie. “I’ll be back to the arena in fifteen minutes.” I was definitely getting my daily workout. I wait to hear back from Abby, but there is too much static. So, I decide to just be on my way.

Screenshot-5598 (2)

I arrive in three minutes, since the comic shop is not too far from the arcade. With luck, I can find the item and head back before Clare and Ashley. With the last item I had found, their item had still been there. Meaning, we had a good chance of winning the Greek Olympics!

Screenshot-5098 (2)

I walk in expecting to see my icon sitting on the counter, but I don’t see it anywhere. I then start searching throughout the building. I check all the tables and then head back into the video game room to look. But even with all that, the icon is nowhere in sight.

Screenshot-5099 (2)

The area is pretty bare, so there is really no one for me to ask about it. I look around again for the third time before becoming a bit restless. I know the item has to be hear, for the only other place would have been the library which I had already been to. At this point, I have wasted almost fifteen minutes and the icon isn’t turning up anywhere. I try to give Abby a call to let her know what is going on, but my walkie talkie doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I was at a loss for what to do. Where could the icon have gone?

Screenshot-5101 (2)

“Lizzie,” someone then says from behind me.

I turn around and then feel my heart nearly jump out of my chest.


Screenshot-5105 (2)

I swallow hard. It is so strange to be talking to him after all this time. As much as I wanted to, I feel at a loss for words.

“H-how are you?” I ask. It’s such a bland question, but I can’t think of anything else to say. My mind feels like it is racing.

“I’m all right,” he says.

We both then stare at each other in silence for almost a minute. The only sound is the cashier behind us returning to his register.

“I got your message, yesterday,” Michael then says.

I nod. “I-I saw your missed call and I tried to call you back.” I cough slightly, trying to bring back my nerve. “You didn’t pick up, so I-I d-dropped by your place. You weren’t there.”

Screenshot-5108 (2)

Michael nods. “Yah, I’ve been out today. First at the library and then here.”

We are both then quiet again. I can feel my hands tingling fiercely at my sides. All this silence is killing me. I really can’t take all the tension.

I then remember what I was doing here. I needed to find the last icon. I then start to turn away from him.

“Well, I-I have to go. I’m in the middle of the Greek final competition-”

“Lizzie, wait.”

Screenshot-5126 (2)

Before I can even ask why, Michael pulls me to him and kisses me. I nearly lose my balance as I stumble onto him in surprise, and then once again like always, my body begins to heat up and I feel my heart pounding in my chest. His arms then wrap around me gently and I feel that sensation he always gives me when I am in his arms; that feeling of warmth and security, as his soft and gentle lips, move rapidly upon mine. I feel his tongue touch mine tenderly and I pull him closer as the heat between us increases.

I am so weakened by his sudden kiss, that I feel my knees almost buckle beneath me. I didn’t realize how much I have missed him until this moment. It’s like everything around me has vanished and all that exists is Michael and me.

Screenshot-5127 (2)

When he finally moves his lips from mine, I cling onto him feeling dazed. And looking at him, I can tell he feels the same way.

“I’ve missed you so much,” I whisper, even shocking myself.

Michael grins. “And I you.” He then kisses me again.

Screenshot-5125 (2)

“I’m so sorry about everything with Kendal,” I say through his gentle kisses upon my lips.

“Lizzie, I don’t care about Kendal,” he whispers back.

“I know,” I whisper back, “but I need you to know, that there is nothing between him and me. I don’t love Kendal.” I pause as he leads a trail of kisses toward my neck. “I love you, Michael.” I am barely able to say that, for the kisses he is giving me, are sending warm tingles down my spine.

“I love you too,” he says, and he presses his lips against mine once again. We then kiss furiously in full view of everyone standing outside the comic bookshop. And funny, but I don’t seem to care.

Screenshot-5130 (2)

When we finally stop, I don’t even know how long we’ve been standing there. I have completely lost track of time.

“Oh my gosh, I have to go!” I say looking alarmed. “I was supposed to be going back to the Greek arena a while ago.” I then remember my dilemma. “Then again, I don’t know if it matters if I can’t find the last item. I’ve looked all over the comic shop and I can’t find it. We’ve probably already lost.”

Michael frowns. “What item?”

I then explain to him the whole situation with the scavenger hunt and the missing icon.

“You know, earlier I saw some girl come in here and take some action figure looking thing that was sitting on the counter. It had a red and blue ribbon tied around it.”

Screenshot-5118 (2)

My eyes widen. “Yes, that was the one for the Alpha Beta Phis. Did you see one next to it with a pink and silver ribbon?”

“I did, but that girl took it.”

My jaw drops. “What? She took both of them?”

“Yah. I thought it was weird, but I didn’t think much about it. I didn’t really see her face, but I know she was blonde.”

I shake my head. I can’t believe what I am hearing. I’ll bet anything that the girl was probably Ashley or Clare. I wouldn’t put it past them to cheat.

Screenshot-5130 (2)

“Well, that means that I have been wasting my time looking for it,” I say, heaving a sigh. “I might as well just head back.” I was feeling a bit of dread sinking into my chest.

“I’ll walk you.”

I smile. “You don’t have to do that.”

Michael moves closer and gives me a quick peck on my lips. “I want to.”

He then takes my hand into his and we walk out through the store doors together.



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