Chapter 39: Regrets (Abby’s POV)


I really want to meet my new roommate, but after waiting for a few hours, I realize that she may not be coming until after New Years. So instead of sitting around in my room around, I decide to head out into town. I was hoping to meet up with Brad, but when I text him, he says he is busy with frat stuff. He does promise to be at the party tonight. I am a bit nervous about it, but I have hope that he will be there. He wouldn’t stand me up on New Years, right?


Out of boredom, I head down to the student union. Surprisingly enough, there are people hanging around and checking the bulletins. I guess I am not the only one that thought of coming back for the beach party.

Checking the bulletin board, I see different club meetings, including one for art. Hmm. I have been dying to get my art into some kind of critique group. It would be nice to get some feedback on my painting. Still, I don’t know if the Tri-Fruhms would approve. Charolette seems to be a bit paranoid about the Tri-fruhms trying other things, at least that’s what Clare keeps telling me.


I hear a laugh behind and turn. Lizzie is standing not too far from me with some guy. I remember him as the same guy from the party all those months ago, Michael, I think his name was. They looked very happy chatting together.


I feel a twinge of resentment, which I try to push away. How ridiculous. What right did I have to be jealous of them? Wasn’t I the one that pushed Lizzie away? Told her that she was holding me back from life? I grit my teeth. I hate irony.


Not wanting to watch them anymore, I decide to head back to the dorm. Just as I reach the door, I hear my phone ring. It’s Kimberly.

“Hey Kim, what’s up?”


“Hey Abbs, I just wanted to check and see if you are coming to the beach party tonight?”

“Yup, I am actually heading back to my dorm to get ready.”

“Awesome, I just wanted to be sure. Can’t wait to see you there!”

“You too!”


After getting off the phone, I head out into the setting sun. Well, even though I may no longer have Lizzie, at least I think I may have a friend in Kimberly. I guess time will tell.


It’s long before I am all dressed up and on my way to the beach in my new wheels. As I am driving along, I hear a beep from my phone and look down to check. It’s a text from Brad reading:

“See you tonight. Love you babe J”

I grin and feel the tension from my stomach release. Maybe things will be okay after all.



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