Year 2: Chapter 52: Welcome To Beta Gamma Kappa!: Part 1 (Lizzie’s POV)

Screenshot-5281 (2)

The last two weeks of Spring quarter go by quickly after the Greek Olympics. Everyone seems to be in a good mood around the house, thrilled about our victory over the Alpha Beta Phis. I still can’t believe that Clare was so desperate enough to cheat, let alone Brad. Abby had filled me in how he had had one of his frat brothers mess with the batteries of our walkie talkies to stop us from communicating with each other. It’s pretty sad how desperate they all were, but we still prevailed.

I am also so thrilled to have cleared the air with Michael. Without it weighing on me, I am able to focus more on my studying for finals and practicing for my final presentation.

Screenshot-5020 (2)

I end up presenting on Monday of finals week. As nervous as I have been, I actually do an excellent job. Well, at least from my point of view. My voice doesn’t waver one bit and I stay completely on point. I even manage to use the white board to explain some of my findings after showing my PowerPoint. By the time I finish, Professor Farientine nods to me with a little smile. The class then applauds and I make my way to my seat.

Screenshot-4006 (2)

Thirty minutes later, he announces that we will resume presentations tomorrow and then excuses us for the day. On my way, out, he personally congratulates me on a job well done, saying that I am exactly what he expects of his apprentices. I nod politely and then leave. I still stand by what I said, he has become so friendly that it is so odd.

Screenshot-5265 (2)

I then head over to the library for a study session with Michael, Charls, and Abby. Sitting at one of the computers, I start going over Astronomy practice quizzes. Michael reads though his programming textbook, stopping to stare at me over the top of it. I feel myself blush slightly. I love when Michael looks at me like that. I glance over at Abby and Charls and see that they are doing the same, although truthfully, I think that they are thinking about “other” things. I happened to hear a lot of movement coming from her room the past couple nights. I don’t think Kimberly knows that Abby has been having Charls as her nightly visitor, but even so after everything they went through, I doubt she would object.

Screenshot-5271 (2)

After a couple hours have passed, Charls stands up from his chair.

“I should head off,” he says. “I’m meeting with someone from the career center.”

Abby grins. “I still can’t believe you’re graduating. It’s so exciting!”

“Yah, it is.” Charls smiles and tucks his book under his arm. “And with luck, I may have a job offer. I went to the job fair this past Saturday and the representatives for Hillman corp. seemed very interested. Would be perfect for me since they have offices everywhere.”

Abby frowns. “What about that other one you mentioned? The one in your hometown?Winsteria Hills?”

Charls shakes his head. “No. I’m not accepting anything from there. It’s too connected to, well…someone I know.” He suddenly looks a bit annoyed and I can’t help but wonder who that “someone” is that he so badly wanted to distance himself from.

I don’t get to ask though, for he then kisses Abby goodbye and leaves.

Screenshot-5275 (2)

I stay for thirty minutes more, before also calling it a night.

“I think I’m all studied up for today,” I say to Abby, and I log off my computer. “I’ll see you back at the house.”

Abby nods to me and after Michael waves farewell, we then walk hand in hand out of the library.

Screenshot-5618 (2)

We both however, don’t head straight home. Instead, we go right to the comic bookstore. We haven’t been there together in so long, so we decide to get some time in before the quarter ends.

Screenshot-5621 (2)

We then play some video games on the TV console in the game room. Michael had been wanting me to do so for a while, but I had never really gotten around to it.

We end up having a complete blast together and I only wish we had done this earlier.

Screenshot-5623 (2)

Throughout the time, Michael and I are chatting about our plans over the summer. He tells me that he is going back to stay with his mother and maybe get a part-time job.

“I’ll probably get something with the diner in town. I know the owner from when I used to hang there in high school.”

“That sounds nice.” I then try a game combo Michael taught me to take down an enemy on the game. “I’m going to try and get my job back at the library. I really do love working there.”

“It is fitting for an aspiring writer.”

I grin and use another combo to defeat the final boss.

“You know, you are unusually good at this. Are you sure you haven’t played this before?”

I set the controller down. “Well, I have played some similar games at home with Judy, but mostly, I think it’s just that I have an amazing teacher.”

“That you do.”

Screenshot-5642 (2)

We decide to play a table game of battlestar galactica before heading out. The table was just put in recently so we both hadn’t gotten a chance to play it.

We end up going at it for another hour, before we decide to head home.

Screenshot-5615 (2)

After giving Michael a kiss goodbye, I hurry off down the sidewalk toward home.

Screenshot-5258 (2)

I spend the rest of the week studying and taking finals. I am so relieved when I take my last final on Wednesday afternoon. It is in my Astronomy class which I am freaking out about.

Luckily, from all my studying, I am able to pass through the exam rather quickly. With luck, I might just get an A.

Screenshot-4274 (2)

And sure enough, I do! I am psyched Friday afternoon when I check the mail and see an envelope with my final grades. Scanning it, I see a 4.0 for this quarter! I can’t lie, I never grow tired of seeing it. I have an urge to go upstairs to show Abby, but I have a pretty good feeling that she is not up there alone.

To celebrate, I decide to head down and play some video games. Janice had bought a new action one over the weekend and I was curious to try my skills on it.

Screenshot-4279 (2)

“I see you’re checking out my game,” Janice says just then, taking a seat next to me on the couch.

I laugh. “I couldn’t resist. Michael has really gotten me into playing.”

“I can see that.” Janice smirks. “And you’re not half bad either.”


“Oh, just so you know, Abby is throwing a party tonight. For the end of term.”

“That sounds fun.”

Screenshot-4281 (2)

Janice nods. “It will be our first party as an official sorority.”

I smile and sit back. “That feels so weird to hear you say.”

“Even weirder, we are real sorority girls now. I never thought I would see the day.”

“Neither did I.” I sigh. “We really have come a long way.”

“You can say that again.” Janice then stands up. “I’m going to run to the store. Selena wants to make some of her tarts for the party and she is out of flour.”

Screenshot-4227 (2)

After Janice leaves, I decide to check in on Selena in the kitchen.

As I enter, Selena is mixing away at the counter humming softly as she stirs.

“Need any help?” I ask.

She looks over and smiles. “Sure. You could crack the eggs sitting on that tray.”

I lift up the tray and carry it over to the counter. Then one by one I crack the eggs.

“I can’t believe we are a real sorority now,” Selena exclaims. “Can you imagine what it is going to be like next year? Everything is going to be so different!”

Screenshot-4225 (2)

I look up. “What do you mean?”

“Well, now we have more pull. We can go to the same events, get the same funding and pledge more members! Also, we can have a say on the Greek council!”

“The council? How?”

“Isn’t every council member a part of a Greek Chapter? Now that we are established, one of us can become a part of the council too.”

I purse my lips slightly. “Hmm, that’s a thought, but I doubt it will be that easy. With all the Alpha Beta Phis and the Alpha Annyas did to try and stop us from becoming a sorority, I doubt they would let it be that easy.”

“True. But it doesn’t hurt to try!”

Selena and I then get to work mixing up batches of her tarts and other pastries and later, Janice brings in the flour to help us finish up.

Screenshot-4228 (2)

After we put them all in the oven, I help Selena clean up the kitchen. Abby comes down a little later to get some coffee and help us.

“Did you sleep well,” Selena remarks, and when Abby says yes, she and I burst out laughing.

Abby looks confused, but then blushes when she realizes what we are talking about. She then tries to hide her face behind her coffee mug as she makes her way back upstairs.

“Those two have been inseparable since they got back together,” says Selena. “I hope someday I find a guy like Charls. Or Michael.”

I smile. Michael was pretty amazing. I wouldn’t give him up for the world.

Screenshot-4265 (2)

Speaking of which, I hadn’t told him about the party. After washing the last of the baking dishes, I dial up his number and leave a message telling him about the party. I then go to my room to get ready.

Screenshot-5023 (2)

By the time, I get ready and head back downstairs, the party has already started. I realize that I didn’t exactly know the time it was starting, but I didn’t realize it was starting so soon. Then again, I did wake up late, so maybe it was later than I thought.

Screenshot-5032 (2)

Soon, the sorority girls of Delta Sigma show up walking with the boys of Eta Phi Nu. I even spot Kelsy from Kappa Alpha Omega and I greet her nicely, hoping it will clear the air from last time.

Screenshot-5036 (2)

Michael shows up an hour later, followed by someone I was not expect to see at all.

Screenshot-5049 (2)

“Kendal,” I say looking a bit taken aback. “What are you doing here?”

Kendal swallows. “I was hoping we could talk.”

I sigh and looking toward the ground. “I really don’t think that there is anything left to talk about.”

“But there is.”

Screenshot-5056 (2)

“Elizabeth, you were right about what you said. I-I wasn’t the best boyfriend to you or a good friend. I didn’t realize the pressure you felt when we were together and though I didn’t see it at first, I understand now how you must have felt. I’m so sorry.”

I shrug. “It’s okay. It is what it is. You don’t have to be sorry for feeling the way you feel.”

“But I do. I made you feel like you had to be a certain way to be with me, and that is far from the truth. Elizabeth, I like you just as you are.”

Screenshot-5053 (2)

“T-thank you.” It does feel nice to hear him finally say that. “Well, I should get back to the party. Please feel free to stick around if you like.” I start to leave, but Kendal steps in my way.

Screenshot-5054 (2)

“Elizabeth wait,” he says. “I can’t let you just go again.”

I frown. “What?”

“It was a mistake for me to end things the way I did last year with you. I let you walk away and then we lost each other.” Kendal sighs. “I don’t want to make that same mistake again. Elizabeth, I-I love you.”

Screenshot-5052 (2)

I swallow sharply. “Oh no,” I say to myself. This was not the conversation I wanted to be having with Michael only a few feet from me. I could see him watching Kendal and I from down the hall.

“Kendal, that’s really sweet, but you know I can’t. I’m with Michael.”

“Y-yes, I-I know you are, but that doesn’t change the way we feel. You and I have something, Elizabeth. Something I’m not willing to give up.”

“But you have to Kendal.” I exhale deeply. “You and I “had” something. Past tense. But now we don’t. I’m with Michael now and I love him with all my heart. This isn’t just a fling Kendal, it’s the real deal with us.”

Screenshot-5067 (2)

Kendal’s face falls slightly and I can’t help but feel a bit guilty. I can tell that he really cares about me, but at the same time I can’t lie to him. There was no chance for us, and I don’t want to give him false hope.

“I’m really sorry,” I say, giving his hand a squeeze. “I really do hope you find someone else that makes you happy.”

“Kendal nods slowly. “I hope so too, but no one can hold a candle to you, Elizabeth.” He then lifts my hand and kisses it gently, before turning and walking back down the stairs of the porch.

Screenshot-5079 (2)

The night gets calmer afterwards. Toward the end, I catch up with Carrie.

“I saw you with Kendal earlier,” she says. “I hope you let him down easy.”

I smile. “I did. It wasn’t easy though. First loves are hard to get over.”

“No surprise there. Though I do hope mine lasts.”

I look at her curiously. “You and Ryder?”

Carrie nods.

“I think you will. There’s something special about the two of you.”

Carrie blushes. “Thanks.”

“I hope we’ll be seeing you around the house next year,” I say, giving her a sly smile and she laughs.

“Hey, a deal is a deal.”

Screenshot-5354 (2)

After snapping some pictures with Abby and others at the party, I head out into the night with Michael. Being my last day on campus, I figure it would be nice to spend some alone time with him. It was a bit too noisy in the house and I did not know how long the party was going to last.

Michael and I climb into my Audi and together we drive over to his apartment.

Screenshot-5710 (2)

And boy was it the best idea. I am thrilled to be resting in Michael’s arms as we watch TV on his couch.

“So, you’re going to be a senior next fall,” I say with a grin.

Michael laughs. “I know, it’s crazy.”

“You figured out what branch of computer science you want to major in?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. I’m majoring in interactive media design.”

“That sounds good. I definitely think you have a nag for gaming.”

Michael beams. “Why, thank you, miss,” he says, and I chuckle.

Screenshot-5719 (2)

“And how about you? Have you sent out your query yet?”

I nod. “I sent it out to five agents yesterday, but I probably won’t hear from them until the end of the summer.”

“Sounds like long wait.”

“Tell me about it.”

Screenshot-5718 (2)

I turn over to Michael and lean in closer. “I could use a big distraction.”

Michael grins. “Oh yah? How so?”

“If you come and visit me over break.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Screenshot-5714 (2)

Michael then presses his lips upon mine and we are once again lost in each other’s arms. As we kiss, I marvel at what a year this has been. I can’t believe it is already coming to an end and that next fall I will already be a junior. Strange enough, I am actually not afraid. I have been through so much over the past two years that I feel confident to take on anything.

Yes, right now as I sit here kissing the man I love and finishing another year of college, the future was looking bright.


(Hey my readers! Thank you so much for reading my story! One more chapter of Lizzie and Abby and that will be the end their college years! I will then be doing a time skip into the summer of their college graduation. Stay tuned! 🙂 )



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