Chapter 48: Party Night (Abby’s POV)


I ignore Brad’s calls for the next few weeks. I almost run into him a few times on campus, but luckily, I am able to avoid him. I am still so furious with him for standing me up like that. Clare seems strangely happy about it. She seems to take pride in the fact that my love life was going down the tubes. I still don’t understand why she has been so cold to me, but honestly, I have decided to give up. I am so sick of her attitude so I have just decided to let it go. Unfortunately, nowadays it doesn’t seem to be working. She seems to be everywhere and also, Charlotte’s new spoke person. I guess sucking up to your leader will get you far.

That Saturday night I trudge up to my room exhausted. I spent most of the day helping the Tri-Fruhms with their fundraiser event for “Planned Parenthood.”


Just as I get into my room, I get a text from Charls. He and I have been hanging out a lot over the past few weeks. With everything going on with Brad, it has been nice to hang with him at the downtown hangout “The Grotto.”

-Pool Party at the Alpha Annyas tonight! Hope to see you there!


I smile. It sounded like a great distraction. I was starting to miss Brad a lot and it was taking everything in me not to answer his phone calls and texts. After changing into my swimsuit, I head over to the Alpha Annyas frat house.


The party is in full swing by the time I arrive. It doesn’t take long before I am totally into it. With help from Charls, I do another keg stand, beating everyone else at the party. Even Charls himself is impressed.

“I love a girl that can hold down her beer,” he says, and I can’t help but giggle. I don’t know what it is, but he is looking incredibly cute today.


“So when are you going to let me see your drawing?” Charls asks.

I frown. “What drawing?”

“Come on, don’t start. I know you’ve been working on a new one for your art class.”

I smile. “Maybe. I’m still fixing it up. I guess you’ll just have to wait.”

“Fine, I see how it is.”

I laugh. “No, its just that, I want to make sure it’s perfect. I value your opinion and I’d just die if you hated it.”

Charls smiles. “I doubt I would.”


I shiver slightly and rub my hands together. Despite the fact that it is February, there is still a chill in the air (the groundhog did see its shadow after all).

“You cold?” Charls asks.

I nod. “A bit. Whose idea was it to throw a party when it is still winter?”

“Well you know Brad.” Charls chuckles. That catches my attention.


“What do you mean Brad? Is he the one that threw this party?”

Charls nods. “Yup.”

I’m sure the color drains from my face. “So he’s here?”


I quickly start towards the sliding door. “I-I’m sorry, but I-I should go then,” I stutter. “I don’t want to run into him.”

Charls tries to call after me, but I close the door behind me.


I wobble through the kitchen to the living room, in the direction of the front door. I am just about to walk through it when the bedroom door to my right opens and out comes Brad. He looks a little dazed and his hair is slightly ruffled. He jumps a bit when he sees me.


“Abby? What are you doing here?” he asks a little startled.

“W-what do you think I’m d-doing?” I snap trying to play it cool. As cool as a drunk person can be. “I’m attending a party.”

“But how did you get-”

“Charls sent me an invite,” I interrupt. “Although I wouldn’t have come if I had known you were throwing the party.”

Brad looks extremely uncomfortable. His eyes keep darting from me to the door behind him.


“Am I interrupting something?” I ask.

“No, um…I-”

“Oh just forget it!” I snap. “I don’t even care anymore. I’m just so sick of all this, Brad. I’m sick of it! You can do whatever you want. I don’t care!”



“It’s funny, though when I think about how stupid I’ve been. I actually thought that you could be the one. I guess I was wrong.”

Brad’s face softens. “Wait, Abby, don’t say that.”

“Why shouldn’t I? You don’t love me! If you did you wouldn’t treat me like this. Like I am some afterthought. Some burden to you.”


I start to turn away, but Brad stops me.

“Abby, that’s not true. You are not a burden to me. I love you.”

I feel my eyes beginning to water. “It doesn’t feel that way Brad.”

Brad sighs. “I know, and I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy with Frat stuff that I haven’t really been there for you. That’s on me and I really am sorry. I love you Abby. I really do.”

I bite my lip hard trying to hold back my tears. As much as I want to be angry with Brad and curse at him, I can’t. I have missed him so much and having him apologize to me, was slowly mending all the pain.

“I believe you,” I say softly. “But I can’t go on like this Brad. Things have to change between us.”

Brad takes my hands into his and gives me his signature smile. “Things will change Babe, I promise. I want things to be like they were when we first met in that bar and you hustled me for pool.”

I can’t help, but giggle at that. “It was just beginners luck.”

“No, it was luck that I ended up with you.”


I feel my heart melt when he says that. I then think of something. What was Brad doing in that bedroom? Was someone in there? And why had he been all nervous when he came out?

I am just about to ask, when Brad pulls me toward him and presses his lips onto mine. All at once, I forget about everything and all I can think of is Brad. Maybe things would be good once again.



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