Chapter 36: Heading Back (Abby’s POV)


A text from Charlotte wakes me up that next morning.

-New Year’s Eve Beach Party in a couple days! Be there or be square! Jk! But seriously, the Tri-Fruhms need all their members to represent. Hope you will be there!


I instantly feel excited. A New Year’s Eve Beach Party, sounded totally awesome. I jump out of bed and quickly get dressed. If I am going to be leaving early, I need to explain things to my mom.


As I pass through the living room, I spot a painting that I have been working on all winter break, a picture of a little squirrel. I think it looks pretty good. I used the watercolors I got at Lizzie’s Christmas party, which I am pretty sure were a gift from her. She knows me too well. Which kind of makes me feel bad for snapping at her like that at the party. But she should know better than to insult Brad. He is my boyfriend and we are in love. I know him better than anyone, so I would know if he is cheating. And he is not.


“Nice work,” my mom says, as she passes by the painting. “Your painting has really improved. Have you been practicing at school?”

“Not really. I guess the new paint I got for Christmas really inspired me.”


My mom then goes into the kitchen to cook breakfast and I head into the dining room to water the house plants. I know that once I leave it will start withering again. I hear some loud hip hop music coming from the family room and I look over to see Tommy rocking out.  I giggle to myself and pour some water into the plant’s pot. I am never going to let him live it down.


I take a deep breath and head into the kitchen.

“Hey honey,” my mom says with a smile. “The eggs will be done in a couple minutes.”

“That’s great mom, but I can’t eat anything. Charlotte just texted me this morning to tell me about an event that the Tri-Fruhms need to attend back on campus.” Technically that wasn’t a lie, Charlotte did need me there.

My mom’s smile fades. “You’re leaving? Before New years?”

“Yes, I really have to be there. I would stay if I could.” I then start thinking about being at the party with Brad. Fantastic.

“Oh, okay. I understand.” My mom sighs. “I was just hoping we could spend some more time together before you left.”

“I know. But Spring Break will be here before you know it.” I turn to the kitchen entrance. “I am going to go make reservations for the bus.”

“Hold it,” my mom says, grabbing my hand. “ I have something for you.”

“Actually, that reminds me.”


I grab a gift hidden from behind the Christmas tree and hand it to her.

“Belated gift.”

My mother opens the gift and gasps. It’s a picture of  me and Brad while we were on our date. “Thought you might like it.”


My mom hugs me tightly. “Thank you sweetie, I love it. You two make a beautiful couple. You hold onto him.”

“Believe me, I will.”

My mom takes my hand. “Okay, now your turn. Go look out the door.”


I am a bit puzzled, but I follow my mom’s directions. When I open the door, I gasp. There sitting in the drive way is a light pink Honda.

“Oh my gosh!” I lift my hands to my cheeks. “No way, no way!”


“Yes way,” my mom says, when I hurry back into the kitchen. “I figure it is about time you had your own car. You are in college, independent and in love. It’s time you start to spread your wings.”

I am in awe. “You are the best mom,” I cry and then squeeze her to death. I then head up the stairs  to my room to pack.


It’s  not long before I have all my things packed up into my fresh new car. The scent even lingers in my nostrils.

“You drive safely!” My mom calls to me from the front door, and I wave.


When she shuts the door, I turn to the road and take a deep breath. “Okay Abby,” I say to myself. “You are now starting a new corner or a new chapter as Lizzie would say.” I then try and wipe the thoughts of Lizzie from my head.

“Here we go!” I then start my engine which purrs like a kitten, and take off down the road.


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