Year 2: Chapter 43: Beta Gamma Kappa Formal!: Part 2 (Lizzie’s POV)

(Hey everyone! Sorry that I missed a chapter in Tuesday. Things have been kind of crazy for me this week so I didn’t have enough time to put any chapters up. Please enjoy part 2 of the Beta Gamma Kappa formal! Like, Share, and comment! 🙂 )

Lizzie’s POV

Screenshot-3857 (2)

I try my best to avoid Kendal after that night by the lake. I still can’t believe the way my body reacted. “I am with Michael now,” I tell myself. “You love Michael.”

The truth is, I really do love him. So what was with that weird feeling I got when Kendal hugged me? What was wrong with me?


When Saturday arrives, I try to wipe the thoughts from my mind. I don’t want to go to the Beta Gamma Kappa formal still thinking about it.

I spend the morning typing up a paper for my public relations class, not wanting to work on my story. With everything going on, romance is the last thing I want on my mind.

Screenshot-4338 (2)

I then decide to take a bit of a break and grab something to eat. Janice is in the dining room eating a bowl of oatmeal.

“You look stressed,” she says, as I take a seat with one of Selena’s cinnamon buns.

“I was just typing up a paper for public relations.”


“You can say that again.”

We then eat for a bit in silence before Abby appears. She tells us she is off to class and then leaves.

“She better not miss her own Formal,” Janice jokes. “Kimberly will have a cow.”

I laugh. “This is Abby we are talking about. She will definitely make sure she is there.”

Screenshot-4874 (2).jpg

After eating, I then go back up to my room to continue typing. I end up finishing the paper around four, a couple hours before the Gala beings. Good timing. I figure I should get dressed for the dance before going down to help set up, so I head into my closet to find an outfit.

Screenshot-4875 (2)

I have to say, it is pretty awesome having a walk-in closet. The rooms designed in this house are very nice and spacious. I am very surprised about how reasonable the price is for renting here. Then again, this place didn’t look very promising at first. Now it felt like a palace to us.

Screenshot-4879 (2)

When I get downstairs, the place is already almost in order. Selena is finishing up her appetizers, which smell amazing, and Kimberly is configuring the music selection. I help Tatyana put up a disco ball that apparently Selena and Kimberly purchased earlier during the week.

By time we are all finished, it is almost seven ‘o clock. Selena comes into the family room and looks at everything.

“Wow, this all looks great! Tonight, is going to be amazing!”

“I agree,” I say with a smile.

Screenshot-5382 (2)

Twenty minutes later, the party is in full swing. Everyone is moving about and having a good time. I spot Abby floating about and taking pictures with everyone. She even catches me as I am making my way over to the door. I’m sure it’s to put on the tack board in the dining room. Abby has put up a sorority collage pin board for us to document our growing sorority. It’s a good idea, one I can see she is taking very seriously.

Screenshot-4767 (2)

Michael arrives a couple minutes later and we head straight to the dance floor to dance. I have to say, I am having the time of my life. Those weird thoughts of Kendal have officially left my brain. I am now prepared to dance the night away with my boyfriend and the girls of Beta Gamma Kappa.

Screenshot-4826 (2)

Janice seems to be having a good time as well, dancing with one of her friends from her kickboxing class. She keeps glancing toward the door entrance and I know she is desperately waiting for Greg to arrive.

Screenshot-4766 (2)

I am proven right when forty minutes later, Greg arrives with the other Eta Phi Nu members. Janice goes over to him and is glued to him for the rest of the night.

Screenshot-4821 (2)

When I go to get a drink from the dining room, I see Carrie staring out the window. Instantly I feel bad. I have been so busy with Michael that I didn’t even see her come in.

“Hey Carrie,” I say walking over to her. “Enjoying the party?”

Screenshot-4828 (2)

Carrie jumps slightly. “Yes, I am.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t really been around. I’ve kind of been with Michael.”

Carrie shakes her head. “No problem. I was talking to a friend from class. She keeps trying to push me to talk to this guy.”

I frown. “What guy?”

“His name is Ryder Bell. He is from my political science class.”

“Ryder Bell? Are you talking about Selena Bell’s brother?  From Eta Phi Nu?”

Screenshot-4831 (2)

Carrie nods shyly. “My friend Kylee keeps trying to push me to talk to him. She thinks he might be into me, but I really don’t know for sure.” Carrie rubs the back of her neck. “I just don’t want to say anything unless I know for sure.”

I smile. “Well, you’ll never know for sure unless you talk to him. Believe me, I know how scary it is to take a chance when you like someone, but I think you’ll regret it more if you don’t.”

Carrie sighs. “But what if he doesn’t feel the same way?”

“Then it’s his loss. At least you know you took a chance.”

Screenshot-4830 (2)

Carrie looks at me quietly for a moment and then she smiles. “I suppose you’re right. Maybe I will go talk to him. Oh, and you should talk to Kendal. He’s around here somewhere.”

That catches my attention. “What?”

“Kendal. I told him I was coming and he tagged along with me. Said he wanted to talk to you about something.”

I immediately feel my heart start to beat faster. Kendal was at the party? Why? Had he noticed that I had been avoiding him?

Screenshot-4833 (2)

Carrie must have noticed my reaction.

“I hope it was okay that I brought him,” she says nervously.

I quickly snap out of my fear. “No, it’s fine. I was just surprised that he came. He has never really been into the Greek scene.”

“Yah, I agree. I think he just came to see you.” She then turns in the direction of the hallway. “Well, here goes nothing,” she says, and then she walks out of the room.

Screenshot-4749 (2)

I am all a bunch of nerves. I hurry back into the family room trying to decide what I am going to say to Michael about this, when I run into exactly who I am trying to avoid.

“K-kendal,” I say in surprise.

Kendal looks at me and smiles. “Elizabeth, I have been looking for you.”

I swallow nervously. “Oh? You have?”

Kendal nods. “Yes. I think we need to talk.”

Screenshot-4750 (2)

“About what?” I ask, I know I am totally playing coy, but I have to. I am begging for Michael to be wrong about Kendal.

“Honestly? I feel like you have been avoiding me the past couple days. Is it because of that night by the lake?”

“No, why would you think that?”

“I don’t know. I guess because after I hugged you, you just ran off.”

“Oh.” I shuffle uneasily. “I-I guess you just caught me off guard. We haven’t hugged like that in-”

“A long time,” Kendal finishes. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I guess I just got caught up in the moment.”

Screenshot-4751 (2)

I shake my head. “It’s okay, you didn’t make me uncomfortable. It just surprised me. That’s all. It’s been awhile.”

“Yes, it really has.”

Kendal looks at me in that funny way again. “I-I’ve really missed you, Elizabeth.”

I feel my heart increasing its pace again and my cheeks once again starting to heat up.

“I-I-um…” I have no idea how to respond to that. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but then again, I am not even sure what to think. With all my weird feelings from Thursday night, I don’t even know how I feel anymore.

“I-I don’t know what to say.” I then swallow anxiously.

Screenshot-4752 (2)

Kendal smiles at me and then steps closer. I am paralyzed to my spot, so I don’t even flinch when he again reaches his arms around me and pulls me into another hug. And as much as I want to lie to myself, the hug feels really good. For a second, I remember what it was like to be his girl. What it was like to be with him.

“You don’t have to say anything,” he whispers into my ear and I subconsciously hug him back. The scent of his cologne fills my nostrils and I breathe it in, closing close my eyes.

Screenshot-4770 (2)

When I open them again, I see the shadow of someone familiar walking out of the family room. I can’t help but feel that I know who it is.

“Kendal, I have to go,” I say quickly and I hurry out of the room.

I nearly bump into Greg and Janice, who are making out right by the archway.

“Get a room you two,” I start, but then freeze when I spot someone opening the front door.

Screenshot-4775 (2)

“Michael!” I call down the hall.

He doesn’t even turn around. He just pushes open the front door and then disappears outside.

“Michael! Wait!” I call again and I run right after him.

Screenshot-4785 (2)

I catch up with him on the sidewalk. “Michael, where are you going?” When he doesn’t answer, I grab his arm. “Michael, what is it?”

Michael then turns on me. “Lizzie, don’t even start.”

I frown. “Start what?”

“You know what.”

I swallow sharply. “Michael, I have no idea what you’re-”

“What were you doing with him?”

“With who?”


Screenshot-4787 (2)

“I wasn’t doing anything with him.”

“The hell you weren’t!” Michael looks furious. I have never seen him like that before.

“Michael, I didn’t do anything!”

“Then what was that in there? Why was he holding you like that?”

“I-it was just a hug! A friendly hug!”

“Was it?” Michael snaps. “Because from what I saw, it looked like a lot more than that.”

Screenshot-4788 (2)

My hands are starting to tingle. Michael was right. He was totally right. But I couldn’t admit it. I just couldn’t.

“Michael, it was just a hug, honest. It didn’t mean anything.”

“I don’t believe that for a second. I’ve known you long enough to tell what you’re thinking, and Lizzie, that hug was not nothing.”

I frown. “What are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying that I know you have feelings for him.”

That totally catches me off guard. “What? Of course not!”

Michael holds his hands up. “I know you do. There’s no use denying it. I saw the look on your face.”

I open my mouth to protest, but I can’t. He’s right. He’s completely right.

Screenshot-4792 (2)

“See?” Michael gives me a look of hurt. “You can’t even deny it.”

I feel my throat becoming parched and my eyes are watering slightly. “Michael, please,” I say reaching toward him, but he backs away.

“Lizzie, don’t. Just don’t.”

Screenshot-4795 (2)

He sighs running a hand through his hair. “I-I’ve got to go. I just-I can’t deal with this right now.” He then turns and heads down the sidewalk.

I want so badly to go after him, but I know I can’t. Michael needed some space from me and honestly, I needed to find out what the heck was going on with me. I had not even thought about Kendal or our relationship for months. So why was it suddenly hitting me now? Had I not really moved on from Kendal before getting with Michael?

Screenshot-5153 (2)

I head back into the house and am surprised to see Carrie and Ryder kissing in the kitchen. I guess she had taken the plunge and gotten good results. I’m glad at least someone is happy.

I look around for Kendal to apologize for running off, but he is nowhere to be found. It’s clear he left.

Just as I am thinking this, I smell smoke coming from the family room. Hurrying over, I am stunned to see that the floor is engulfed in flames!

Screenshot-4910 (2)

Not knowing what to do, I look over and see Janice outside talking with Greg. I pull back the sliding door and call out,

“Janice! Come quick! The house is on fire!”

Screenshot-4837 (2)

That gets her attention and she comes running in.

“What on Earth?” she calls, even cursing under her breath. “What happened?”

“I don’t know! I just saw it right now!”

I then spot Abby come in looking alarmed and then she runs back into the kitchen. I assume she is calling the fire department.

Charls however, springs into action spraying the fire with an extinguisher that he found somewhere upstairs. He finishes most of it by the time the fire department shows up. I am still shocked by all of this.

Screenshot-4844 (2)

Afterwards, people start to clear out of the party. Well, the people that were left after the fire was put out. Janice and I grab some mops and try to sweep up some of the soot.

“You guys are awfully lucky,” one of the firemen says to us. “If this fire wasn’t put out right then, it could have turned into a real disaster.”

I can’t help, but agree.

Screenshot-5359 (2)

After everyone clears out, we get to cleaning everything up. We finish after one in the morning, and are all totally exhausted.

“Some party this turned out to be,” Tatyana says with a sigh. “I can’t believe we almost burned our house down.”

“I can’t believe it either,” I say, “I wonder who at the party was smoking?”

“Funny, I didn’t see anyone smoking and neither did Selena. Selena was in the family room the whole time, where the cigarette that started the fire was found.”

Screenshot-5358 (2)

“I don’t know.” I then stretch. “Well its late. We should get some sleep and see about all of this tomorrow.”

Kimberly scoffs. “Tell me about it. I’ll have to call the insurance and see what they can do about fixing the damages.” She then yawns. “Night all,” she says and heads upstairs. Tatyana and I follow shortly after her.

Screenshot-5388 (2)

I am all too happy to dress for bed and climb inside. I am so stressed out with the fire, not to mention the Michael and Kendal situation. Now Michael was mad at me and honestly, I couldn’t blame him. Yes, it was just a hug between Kendal and me, but it was really more than that. We had had a…well, a moment, and Michael had totally seen it.

I sigh and then roll over. “But you love Michael,” my brain keeps telling me, which was right. So why did I have these weird feelings for Kendal?

Ugh, I really needed to figure this out. Or I could be losing Michael as a boyfriend and maybe even as a friend.



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