Chapter 14: As The Day Approaches (Abby’s POV)


Over the next few weeks, I get more and more anxious. It’s getting closer to the day of the party and Charlotte still hasn’t told me what the prank on Lizzie is. She instead, has me running around doing errands for the party, including finding the location. I decide on a nearby club called “R.E.D” and Charlotte loves it.

Now with the party already this Friday, I am really on edge. I can barely concentrate in Math class, which I know will really affect me on next week’s exam.


I pull out my notebook and try my best to focus. I just feel so stressed and guilty about Friday. Lizzie was getting more and more excited about the party, which was making me feel worse and worse. She had no idea what the Tri-Fruhms were planning and honestly, neither did I.


“Note this problem,” my professor, Mrs. Roselind was saying, as she pointed to an equation on the board. “Understanding how to solve this, will make the rest of the unit much easier.”


Nice. Too bad I didn’t understand any of it. I never liked math, and Calculus wasn’t making me feel any better. I sigh staring at the board. How I wished I could be somewhere else…like in Brad’s arms. Since our make out session at the Alpha-Annyas party, we had been doing quite a bit of that on our own time. In fact, we had had a pretty steamy session the other day. If I hadn’t gotten a call from my mom to ask how school was going, I’m pretty sure things would have led to other things…


I don’t know when, but at some point, I drift off to sleep. This would explain why I suddenly see myself off at a beach somewhere, lying in the sand next to Brad. Brad is holding onto me and kissing me gently with his soft lips…


I hear a voice that seems to come out of nowhere. Is someone else on the beach with us?”



I open my eyes and realize I am not on a beach with Brad, but sitting in class. I look around and realize all eyes are on me (except for a few taking notes) and I feel myself blush slightly.


Mrs. Roselind is staring at me with an annoyed expression.

“Abby, you with us?” she asks.


I nod sheepishly.

“All right.” She then turns back to the board.

I cannot wait until class is over. Hopefully, everyone will have forgotten by tomorrow. This is college after all.


Thirty minutes later, my hour of Calculus is finally up.

“The homework assignment for tonight is written in your syllabus as always. We will start the next unit tomorrow.”

A new unit? I hadn’t even understood the last one. I sigh and pick up my shoulder bag from the arm of my chair. Just as I am about to leave, I hear my phone start to ring. Checking the ID, I see it is Clare.


“Hey Clare, what’s up?” I try to make my tone sound cheerful. Things have still been weird between us and I haven’t been comfortable enough to ask her again if everything is okay.

“Charlotte wants you to come over right away.”


“She has decided on the prank and with the party Friday, she wants to fill you in. Be over at my dorm in thirty minutes.”


She then hangs up without even giving me a chance to respond.

“Hello?” I call into the receiver, but the line is dead. Obviously, something is going on with Clare, but I don’t have time to worry about it. I feel my nerves kicking in again. Charlotte had finally decided on the prank and now I was about to find out.


I hurry home and change into a different outfit before heading over to Clare’s dorm, Bradford. I feel my stomach doing somersaults as I walk up the stairs to the front door. The building is actually very nice. It is built fully with bricks, while Arderson is mostly with stone and marble.


“Clare,” I say, and then turn to see her standing behind me.

“Everyone is in the lobby waiting for you. Follow me.”

I open my mouth to say something to Clare, but then clamp it shut. She still has a tense expression and I don’t want to rock the boat.


Clare leads me up to the front door in silence. It is so strange to me since we used to talk non-stop just a few weeks ago. Now, the only time I hear from her is when she wants to give me news about Charlotte or tasks that I as a pledge, am supposed to do. I just wish I knew what was going on with her.


When we get inside, I see Taylor and another Tri-Fruhm member, Kimberly Hawke, waiting in the center of the lobby. I however, don’t see Charlotte anywhere.

“Hey, where is-”

“Charlotte?” Clare turns to me and shrugs. “She couldn’t make it. She had some last minute things to attend to for the party. So I decided to fill in for her.”


“I mean, I will be telling you your final task.”

I bite my lip. This doesn’t sound good. Clare already seemed to be ticked off with me for some reason, so who knows what she would ask me to do.


“My final task? I thought this was about the prank at the party?”

Clare nods. “It is. That is your final task.”

“So, what is it?”


For the first time in weeks, Clare smiles at me. It is even a little disconcerting.

“Well first things first, did you invite you friend Lizzie to the party?”

“Yes. She said she would come.”

“Good. Now here is what you have to do. When Lizzie comes to the party and stops to get a drink,” Clare lifts a small bag of something and hands it to me, “pour this into it. Then make sure she drinks it.”


I look at the little bag she handed to me and frown. “What is this?”

“Don’t worry about, it’s nothing bad.”

“Okay, but-”

“It’s fine Abby.” Clare shrugs. “It’ll just make her loosen up, you know relax.”

I bite my lip. “T-that’s it?”

“Pretty much. Of course, if you’ve never taken it before, you could definitely get a little wild.” She, Taylor and Kimberly, all laugh.

“Remember when Bethany used it last year?” says Taylor still laughing. “She wasn’t able to show her face in class for a week.” They all laugh again, and I feel my stomach tighten.

“W-what happened to her?”

“Nothing she didn’t get over,” says Clare waving her hand. “Besides, you’ll see what it can do when Lizzie takes it on Friday.”


“I don’t know about this,” I say, but Clare rolls her eyes.

“Oh please, don’t start wimping out now.”

“I’m not, but-”

“Being a Tri-Fruhm means being willing to make hard decisions to get what you want. Now, do you want to be a Tri-Fruhm or not?”


I look at Clare and then to Taylor and Kimberly, before taking a deep breath. “Yes, I do.”

“Good. Then it’s settled. This is your final task and if you succeed, you’re pretty much in. You don’t, well, let’s just say you have everything to lose.”

Somehow, I felt like this task had more to with Clare’s sudden irritation with me, than it did about being Tri-Fruhm material. Still, I realized that Charlotte had given her the power, so there wasn’t much I could do.


“I understand,” I say, and then I head out through the front doors.

I feel like my legs are going to crumble from underneath me. How could the Tri-Fruhms want me to do something so horrible? Come to think of it, their sorority was very small. Could this be why? And if so, why did they still exist? Then again, the Tri-Fruhms were well known on campus. Who would dare speak against them?

I bite my lip. Was doing all this really worth becoming a Tri-Fruhm? If Lizzie ever found out about what I was going to do, I don’t know if she will ever forgive me.

I exhale deeply. I know I have a big decision to make. I am at a fork in the road of life and honestly, I don’t know which path I am going to take.


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