Year 2: Chapter 38: The Fundraiser: Part 2: (Lizzie’s POV)

(Hey guys! Sorry the post is so late! There were some real life issues that prevented me from posting on time. Please read and enjoy, like, share and comment! :))


Michael is still a bit on edge after that day at the library with Kendal. Honestly, I can kind of see why he would feel uncomfortable with me sharing it with Kendal (him being my ex and all) and not with him at all. So, I finally decide that I will let Michael read some of my story as well, to even the score. Michael says he doesn’t care, but I decide to do it anyway.

So I spend the next week editing up the story first. If I am being completely honest, Michael’s opinion means the world to me. If he were to hate my story, I would be crushed. I know he says that he would never hate anything I wrote, but I can’t count on that. I’m not taking any chances.


I am shocked when Michael suddenly invites me out to dinner that coming Friday. I am about to ask what brought about this, when I check the calendar and see that it is Valentine’s Day. The weeks were going by too fast. That also happened to be the day of the Delta Sigma/Beta Gamma Kappa donation fundraiser, so I was going to have to make sure that I did not miss it.

That Friday, I can barely focus on my geology exam with all the excitement of that evening. I had finished editing the chapters to show to Michael and I figured Valentine’s Day was the perfect day for it. The scenes were a bit racy though, so I was a bit nervous as to what he would think. Still, I manage to stay focused and finish my exam before class ended. I can only hope I at least did okay. That class was starting to get a bit difficult with all the rock terms.


After class, I go straight to the fundraiser event. Abby is speaking into the campus radio microphone and telling the listeners to swing by and donate. I am impressed. Kimberly really came through with the campus radio thing. I really do think that people will remember the Beta Gamma Kappas after this. Plus, all the funding for the homeless and low income families. Two wins!


I do my part to help by encouraging people to donate. I also had passed flyers out to my writing group and they had all promised to attend, to which they did. Each of them managed to donate something to it, clothes, food and money. Even Carrie made a donation of twenty bucks.


I stayed for a few more hours before realizing I needed to head off if I was going to make it to my date with Michael. We were meeting at the downtown restaurant at six. So I say goodbye to Janice and Abby and then head down the sidewalk.

What I am not expecting, is to run into Kendal.

“Elizabeth,” he says grinning. “Always a pleasure to see you.”

I nod. “Same with you.”

“Where are you off to?”

I clear my throat. “I am actually heading home. I have to get ready for a date.”


“Ah,” Kendal nods. “With Michael I presume?”


“Well, I hope you have a good time.” He then gives me that strange look again. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Elizabeth.”

I smile at him. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” I say, and then I continue along the sidewalk. For a moment, I feel like he is staring after me, but I decide to ignore it.


When I get back to the house, I go straight up to my room and raid my closet for the perfect outfit. This was going to be my first Valentine’s Day as a couple with Michael and I want to look great. I search through my closet for almost thirty minutes before finding the right outfit. Michael is going to love it.


“Wow,” Michael says, when I approach him at the restaurant entrance later that evening. “You look amazing.”

I tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear nervously. “Thank you. You do too.”

“Shall we?” He says gesturing to the door and I take his hand.


Inside the restaurant “Le Amorie,” we take our seats at a table toward the back. The tables were simple, apart from a single petite candle in the center surrounded by rose petals. Very classy.

We both then open our menus and look through them.


When the waiter arrives, I order a dish of Ratatouille and Michael orders chicken alfredo. The waiter then takes our menus allowing us to talk.


“This place is really nice,” I say glancing around. “It has a quiet feel to it.”

“Another reason I thought you would like it. It would give us some privacy. No chance of running into random people here.”

I give him a look. “You mean Kendal?”

“Well no, but now that you mention it…”


“I saw him today actually,” I say glancing down. “On my way back from the fundraiser event.”

“Oh yah, I dropped by. I donated about twenty bucks.”

I smile. “That’s great! I’m sure Abby was thrilled.”

“Yes. But you were saying something about that guy?”

“Kendal,” I say shaking my head. “I told him that I had a date with you, and he wished us a good time.”

Michael scoffs. “I find that hard to believe.”

“I don’t. Michael, we are friends. Friends want their other friends to be happy.”

“Not one that wants you back.”

I sigh. “Michael, Kendal and I used to date. There is bound to be some leftover feelings there even if we aren’t into each other anymore.” I then give him a look. “Are you going to tell me that you didn’t date anyone before me?”


Michael opens his mouth and then closes it. “Point taken. I don’t know, I guess I just get a weird vibe from that guy.”

I feel an urge to tell him about the funny look I have been getting from Kendal, but I figure it was no use poking the bear. Also, I am distracted by Michael’s answer to my question.


The waiter then brings us our dishes and we start to eat. The food is fantastic. I don’t know why I haven’t eaten here before.

We eat for a few minutes in silence before I probe him more about his answer to my last question.

“So, who was she?”

Michael frowns. “Who was who?”

“The girl you dated before me.”

He flinches slightly. “She wasn’t really that important.”

I arch an eyebrow. “Are you sure? You can tell me, you know.”


Michael is quiet for a few seconds and then shrugs. “Well, I met her when I was in high school. I was a freshman and she was a junior.”

“What was her name?”

“Hailey. Hailey Barnes.” Michael seems lost for a seconds and then shakes his head. “Well, these guys’ I was hanging out with, dragged me to this upperclassmen party and that is where I met her. She was sitting by herself on one of the sofas and by accident I spilled some soda on her. I thought she was going to be mad, but she just laughed about it. She said it was the third time that had happened to her that night. I then went with her to the bathroom to help her clean it off and we spent the rest of the night in there talking. She figured it was the only way to not have a repeat.”

I laugh. “Well I guess that is one way to go about it.”


“We started dating two weeks after that and ended up staying together for two years.”

I blink. “Wow.”

“Yeah.” Michael then gets silent making me more curious about what caused their split.

“So, what happened?” I ask.

Michael sighs. “I don’t know. When she became a senior, she just…changed. She wasn’t the girl I knew anymore. At the end of the year, she said she needed something I couldn’t give her, so she ended things with me. I…haven’t been with anyone since.”


“She must have meant a lot to you,” I say slowly. I don’t know why, but I feel a bit of resentment toward her. I can’t think of any reason why someone would want to dump Michael. Also, picturing Michael with someone else, was just painful for me.

“She did,” Michael says, and then he takes a bite of his pasta. “But I guess it wasn’t mutual.”

“So, was she the only girl you were ever …with?”

“Well, yah, besides this girl I dated for a month in eighth grade. I don’t really count her though, because it was more of just a note giving, hand holding in the hallway type of thing.” Michael then pauses. “Wait, what did you mean by “with?” Did you mean dating or…”

I clear my throat. “I-I meant d-dating,” I stammer, but then become curious. “But since you mention it, were you…with her?”


Michael coughs slightly and then takes a sip from his water glass. “Um, well, with Hailey…yes.”

“Oh.” I swallow sharply and then take a sip from my glass as well.

Michael glances up at me. “Does that bother-”

“No,” I say, then feel a bit awkward for saying it so quickly. “I mean, that was before we met, so no.”

“Are you sure?”

I nod. “Yes, I am.”

We both then finish up our dishes and afterwards, Michael pays the bill and leaves a tip. We then leave the restaurant and head to the downtown film festival theater. They are showing some Rom-Com films in honor of Valentine’s Day and thankfully Michael doesn’t mind taking me to one.


Lucky for him this one seems to be an action film. The main character in the film is an ex-special op on the run from the police from another country. He was apparently falsely accused of killing someone and was being framed. Along the way, he falls in love with a beautiful girl who decides to help him and I have to say, their love was very, very touching.


Even Michael is pretty intrigued. He leans over and asks me where I think the movie is going and I tell him that I think the main guy is going to get caught.

I am totally proven right ten minutes later, when the guy finds himself being lugged back to his home country by some undercover men, likely working for the real killer.


Luckily for him, the girl did not give up and used the skills he taught her to track him down and help him escape. They then went hunting together to find the real killer. Michael wraps his arm around me, midway through the scene and I cuddle up to him.


It later becomes a bit awkward, because the main guy and the girl find a hotel to hide out in and within minutes, start making love to each other. And I mean very, very passionate love. I even start to wonder if this movie is rated R.

Just as I am going to say something to Michael, I look over and meet him in a lip lock. Now I am not the kind of person to do pda in a movie theater, but one kiss from him and I am totally swept away. We spend the remainder of the movie kissing and only pause long enough to see the ending in which the ex-special op’s brother, is revealed to be the killer. He had apparently gone down the wrong path of the law and had wanted to inherit something of his brother’s. Instead, he met his own demise when the bomb he set for his brother blew him up instead.

Well, at least we think. The end credit scene shows someone get up and make their way out of the rubble. Sequel anyone?


Michael leans toward me. “You want to come back with me?”

I blink. “To your place?”


I am a bit flabbergasted, but that doesn’t stop me from answering,

“Yes, I would.”

Michael then takes my hand and we leave the theater together.


It’s a ten-minute drive from the theater to Michael’s place which is nearby. I haven’t really been over to his place before, so this was going to be the first time. I can’t help but feel a bit nervous. I had an idea of what might happen, and honestly, I am not sure if I am completely ready for it.


After we enter, I take a seat on Michael’s sofa and he sits next to me.

“I-I like your place,” I say. “Very cozy.”

Michael nods. “Yah, I thought so. It was the only one left for a single rent, so I took it. I didn’t want to be in a dorm again this quarter.”

“I hear you. Since Abby, Janice and I started renting the sorority house, I can’t ever imagine going back to living in the dorms.”


Michael grins. “So, you are calling it the sorority house then?”

“Well yes. It will be. It’s just a matter of time. Abby is going to be going to the Greek board to petition a probationary charter soon.”

“Wow, you really are on your way. I’m proud of you.”

I feel my cheeks blushing. “Thank you.”

“Now,” Michael smirks, “I believe you were going to read me something?”


I am confused, but then I remember my story. “Oh, I almost forgot!” I then reach into my bag and take out my cell phone. I had saved a copy to it. “You really sure you want to hear it?”

Michael laughs. “Lizzie, just read it.”

“All right.” I clear my throat and then begin.


It is so weird reading my story to Michael and not because he is disinterested. On the contrary, he is very attentive. He seems drawn into every word and finds amusement in my discomfort.

The two chapters I read, happen to be about Serena feeling regret at pushing Paul away from her. It had been months since they had seen each other and Serena was feeling withdrawal from it. She was lashing out at George and sinking into a depression. George tries to make her talk to a therapist, but she has difficulty admitting to him what is going on with her. Finally, when she speaks to the therapist alone, she admits that she feels lost and like a part of her is gone. The therapist tells her she needs to really think about what it is that she truly feels is missing. Serena then leaves the office and goes looking for Paul. He isn’t at his old place, but she tracks him down to his new apartment. There, she breaks down telling him how much she misses him, loves him and needs him. At first, he lashes out at her, saying that she can’t just come back after all she had said to him, but then he grabs her and they start kissing; leading to them making love.


I find myself feeling very anxious as I read him this section, which thanks to the prodding of my critique group and strangely Carrie, I have made very “intimate.” I am a bit relieved as I finish the passage, with my cheeks flushing slightly.

“Serena’s fingers gripped Paul tighter as she let out a soft moan of pleasure. She then relaxed in his arms as he collapsed onto her; his perspiring body shuddering as short breaths escaped from his lips. Serena smiled and kissed his neck gently, leading a trail up to his face. She then whispered, “I love you,” in between short kisses upon his lips, realizing she never wanted to be without him ever again. She was finally where she wanted to be. For the first time in years she was not lost, she finally belonged.”


I finish and then tuck my phone back into my purse. I can feel my cheeks still blushing furiously.

“So?” I say and look at him nervously.

Michael grins. “You are really talented.”

I laugh. “No really, what do you think?”

“I mean it!” Michael nods. “You are a great writer. You really captured the emotion from all the characters well, especially in that scene.”

“Thank you.”

“You going to let me read the whole story one of these days?”

“Yes, when I feel it’s ready.”

“I’ll hold you to it.” Michael then takes my hand into his again. “Hey, come check this out.”


He leads me over to his bed and we lie back upon it.

“Whoa.” I am a bit surprised at how the mattress seems to mold perfectly to my shape.

“Nice, huh? I got it on sale over the summer. It’s been the best sleep I have ever gotten.”

“I’ll bet.” I pat the mattress gently.


“By the way, that chapter, is that the one you were talking about a few weeks ago?”

“Yes.” I feel my stomach starting to tingle.

“The one I supposedly inspired?” He smirks at me.

I giggle. “Yes, and stop looking at me like that.” I can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.


Michael smiles. “You don’t have to be embarrassed.”

“I’m not,” I lie. “I-I just, well-” I can’t cover my discomfort, so I just look away.

“Lizzie.” I turn and lock eyes with Michael as he moves closer to me.


Minutes later we are wrapped in each other’s arms kissing upon his soft mattress. As we lock lips, I feel his tongue trying to enter my mouth and without a second thought, I let him. It’s funny, I had always thought that doing this would gross me out, but it is totally the opposite. I pull him closer to me and play mine tongue softly against his. My heart is racing in my chest as he gently presses himself upon me and I feel my body start to heat up. My hands move around the center of his back and I feel one of his hands slipping under my blouse. His hand then sinks under the thin fabric of my bra, causing a warm sensation to build within me, but then also a feeling of fear. I don’t know why, but the fear continues to grow and grow until I can’t ignore it anymore. I have to stop.


“Michael, wait,” I say tearing my lips from him. “We have to stop.”

Michael looks down at me concerned. “Are you okay?” he asks.

“Yes, I’m fine. I just-I just can’t.”


Michael slowly rises off me and I feel a wave of guilt and embarrassment wash over me.

“I’m sorry,” I say looking away, but Michael shakes his head.

“Don’t be. I’m sorry if I was moving too fast.”

“You weren’t, it’s just, there is something you should know.” I sigh again. “Michael, I’m a…I’m a virgin. I’ve never, been with anyone before.”


Michael looks at me curiously. “Really? You and Kendal didn’t-”

“No. We never got to that point.”

“Wow. When I first met you I figured you were, but when you and Kendal starting becoming serious last year, I guess I just assumed.”

I sit up slowly. “Well, we didn’t. I guess I just wasn’t there yet. Kind of like now. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry, Lizzie. We’re not in a rush or anything.”

“I know, but you’re well…experienced. I’m not. That must bother you.”


Michael blinks at me and then laughs. “Lizzie, I’m not really that experienced. I’ve been with one person and we were only together twice.” He sighs. “The truth is, Hailey started sleeping with this other guy that was going to the college she was attending. She then told me she wanted to be with an older guy and not some high school boy. That’s why we broke up. I haven’t been with anyone else since and that was four years ago. So, I’m no expert.”

I shake my head. “I’m sorry she did that to you. I can’t think of a single reason why a girl wouldn’t want to be with you.”

Michael shrugs. “She had her reasons.”

“Which were stupid.”

Michael smiles. “Look, I’m just trying to say that you don’t have to be nervous. It doesn’t bother me that you are a virgin and I don’t have any expectations. We can go as slow as you want to go.”


I move myself closer to him. “You really sure you don’t mind?”


I lean over and give him a kiss. “You really are amazing.”

Michael kisses me back and then sighs again. “It won’t be easy, but you’re worth it.”


I giggle and rest my head on his shoulder. “Am I.”

Michael nods. “Yes, you are.”

Right there, my nerves relax and I feel more love towards him than ever before.




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