Chapter 52: Caught Red-Handed (Abby’s POV)


I spend the next few weeks with Brad. It definitely feels like we are making up for lost time. I have never felt more in love than I have in past few weeks. With lunch dates, club dates, and romantic trysts at the Marmalade Inn, it feels like things are finally going right with us.

With my head so up in the clouds about Brad, I completely forget about finals for winter quarter. Before I know it, they are upon me. I would be freaked out, but luckily, I have something in my back pocket; my cheat sheet from the Tri-Fruhms. This psych final is going to be a piece of cake.

After touching up my make up in front of my mirror, I smile at my reflection. “Go get them girl,” I say to myself and then hurry out my room door.


I am filled with so much confidence as I hurry to my class building. I am so happy with my life right now. Things are going well with Brad, and to me nothing can bring me down. I enter into my classroom with a smile and take my seat for the exam.


My math final goes very well. My notes and the little cram session that I did last night were very helpful. I am quite sure I will be passing with flying colors.

But that is where my luck runs out. And boy does it run out. Everything starts out fine with me. I go into my psych final, take my seat and prepare, and then receive my test. But it is after that that things take a turn for the worst. As I am about to glance at my cheat sheet to answer question five, someone taps me on my shoulder. I look up and all the color drains from my face. My professor Mr. Bell is standing right in front of me. The worst has now begun and I know it.

Mr. Bell confiscates my exam and asks me to leave the room. He also makes sure to tell me that he will be looking into the matter. One thing is certain; I will be receiving an F for this exam. That will only make my gpa tank.


After changing my clothes, I head over to the sorority house. I know that I have to tell Charlotte. The way Mr. Bell was talking, it was as if he already knew where I had gotten the sheet from. It was better to give the Tri-Fruhms a heads up. I was already freaking out. I have never been caught red handed cheating before. Then again, I never used to cheat until I joined the Tri-Fruhms.

“Hey Taylor,” I say when I walk through the door. “We have got to talk.”

“Let me guess. You got caught cheating.”

I am stunned. “How did you-”

“Nothing happens without us finding out about it. Charlotte was called in to see the College Board to discuss it. Apparently they are under the impression that all the Tri-Fruhms have been using cheat sheets.” Taylor gives me an accusatory look.


“Wait, do you think I said something?” I ask Taylor.

“Well I think it is a definite possibility. You get caught cheating and you cry wolf so you won’t get in as much trouble. Make it seem like it was all our idea.”

My jaw drops. “I would never do that!”

“You sure? You have been awfully distant the past month. It seems like you aren’t even one of us anymore. You don’t take any of our calls or attend any of our events-”

“Wait, what are you talking about?”

“Charlotte has had it up to here with you,” says Taylor ignoring my question. “If you don’t step it up, you won’t be a Tri-Fruhm for longer.”


I am so stunned that I don’t know what to say. How could Taylor and the Tri-Fruhms think that I didn’t want to be one of them anymore? Especially after all the hard work I did to get in? And what did Taylor mean that I had been missing phone calls and events?

“Anyways, Charlotte is doing her best to do damage control, but I don’t know how successful she will be-” Taylor pauses when she gets a text on her phone. She glances down and stares at if for a few minutes before rolling her eyes and dropping the phone back into her bag. “Well congratulations Abby, because of you, we are now on suspension.”

My eyes widen.“W-what?”

“We are on suspension. We can’t do any Greek events until we are taken off. This is our second strike Abby. One more, and our chapter will be expelled.”

I am quiet for a minute before talking again. “Taylor, I’m so sorry.”

“Whatever,” she says, rolling her eyes. “Anyways, I have to go. Charlotte wants me to help her with damage control. You know your way out.” With that Taylor walks out the front door slamming it behind her.

I am so shocked. It feels like everything has turned upside down. But I have a good feeling where this started and I am going to get to the bottom of it.


I call Clare over ten times, but get no answer. I get so frustrated that I decided to sleep on it. It isn’t until later in the evening of the next day, that I finally catch her. She is heading over to the sorority house, the house that I know I am not welcome in at the moment.

“Clare we need to talk,” I say blocking her path.

Clare rolls her eyes. “What do you want? Haven’t you done enough? You cheating on that test and getting caught? How could you be that stupid! If you can’t be stealthy, you shouldn’t be using the sheets!”

“I am stealthy! I have been using those sheets for the past quarter and have been fine! Which doesn’t make sense why I got caught. It’s almost as if my professor knew what I was going to do it before the test began.”

Clare frowns. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“I think someone tipped him off before I sat down to start my test. Come to think of it, he was keeping an eye on me from the moment I walked in. You don’t happen to know anything about that, do you Clare?”


Clare scoffs. “Why would I?”

“Because I think you are the one who tipped him off.”

Clare snickers. “Seriously? You think I have time to do that?”

“I do. You have been such a bitch to me since that party back in October that I wouldn’t put it past you. I know that you have been purposely keeping me out of the loop of the Tri-Fruhm events. You never did give Charlotte my new number did you?”

I had changed my number shortly after the New Years Eve party and asked Clare to tell Charlotte. But it was clear at this point that she hadn’t even bothered.


“Abby I don’t know what you are talking about.” I open my mouth to say something, but she cuts me off. “Look, I have no reason to sabotage you, especially since you are so good at doing it yourself. Believe it or not, I have more important things to worry about than you. Now if you don’t mind, I have a meeting to attend. One that you are not invited too.” She moves past me and I can detect a wicked little smirk on her face. “Oh, and tell Brad I said hi,” she adds over her shoulder.

I turn frowning after her. What did she mean by that? I seemed to be hearing a lot about her and Brad lately. What was going on? I then shake the thought away. Clare was most likely trying to toy with me. It was clear to me that she was very intimidated by me. That was the only thing that could explain why she would go through all the trouble to make me look bad. But she was crazy if she thought I was going to let her try anything with my boyfriend. Brad was mine and no one including Clare was going to come between us.


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