Year 2: Chapter 40: Beta Gamma Kappas Day Out! (Abby’s POV)


I wait almost a month before approaching the Greek council about getting a probationary Charter for Beta Gamma Kappa. Ashley is totally against it, but all the other members say that it is worth discussing. Apparently, the fundraiser event was very impressive to the school board, so they were thinking of doing one every year. Because of this, it was giving the Greek council good standing with the university. Also, according to Moana, the Greek council had made a law that the majority rules when making decisions. Since there were five members on the council, three people needed to agree for something to get passed. With Moana, Robbie and Kelsey from Kappa Alpha Omega, there was no way that Ashley could dismiss it. I even hear that Brad vouched for me. Weird.

Now a week later, during finals week, I was finding out the answer. Moana had given me a call in the morning to tell me that the Greek council wanted to see me in the afternoon to tell me their decision. I was extremely nervous, but decided to be positive.


Still, it’s so hard for me to focus throughout the day while waiting for the meeting, which is even more difficult since I am taking all my finals today. I do manage to get through it, but I will say, I have never had a harder time trying to remember all the things I studied for the past two weeks.


I am happy when my last class is over and I can get to the student union building. It is a quick ten-minute jog and I get there exactly at two on the dot.

Moana opens the door of the office and I enter.


I exit ten minutes later with the biggest smile on my face! They ruled in my favor! Four out of five! Ashley was the only one who objected. Even Brad had voted on my behalf. I feel like there may be a motive, but I will worry about that later.

I spot Janice waiting outside and I share the news with her. She is thrilled.

“I can’t believe we are on our way!” She says.

“I wouldn’t get too excited,” someone says.

Turning around I see Ashley standing by the door.


“Getting a charter is only temporary. It doesn’t mean that you are a full-fledged sorority yet.”

I roll my eyes. “I know that Ashley. But it does mean that we are on our way.”


“So you think, but it is a lot more complicated than that Abby. Now that you have a probationary charter, the Greek council will be keeping a very, very close eye on you.” She narrows her eyes. “One little mistake and you will be stripped of your charter so fast your head will spin.”

“That is not going to happen Ashley,” I say feeling irritated. “The Beta Gamma Kappas are not a party sorority like you guys. So we have nothing to worry about. We are going to do well on our probationary status and then become a full-fledged sorority.”


Ashley glares at me. “We will see about that,” she sneers.

I return her look of disgust. “Oh yes, we will.”


“Good news!” I tell Kimberly when we finally get home.

“I know! We got the charter! Moana texted me congratulations!”

I sigh. “I can’t believe it has finally happened.”

“And in time for Spring break. I have one less thing to worry about.” She then perks up. “We should go out and celebrate! All of us!”

I grin. “That’s a good idea! Is everyone here?”

“Selena and Tatyana are upstairs, but I think Lizzie is out with Michael.”

“All right, I’ll give her a call. You tell the others.” I then step out into the hallway.


“Lizzie!” I call into the phone. She didn’t pick up, so I decide to leave her a message. “We got the probationary charter! The Beta Gamma Kappas are on their way up!” Kimberly must have heard me, for she cheers from the dining room.

I laugh. “Well, we want to celebrate, so I think we are going to head to the bowling alley downtown. Meet us there as soon as you can! Love ya!” I then click off the phone.


“All right Beta Gamma Kappas! Let’s go!” I call, and then we all pile squealing out of the house and into my car. Janice takes a look at us and just laughs.


Thirty minutes later, we are lined up with two of the bowling lanes. Lucky for us the sky has started to darken so the bowling alley has turned on the cosmic bowling lights; letting us bowl in style.

Lining myself up, I toss my ball down the lane. I get a strike and high five Janice.

“Oh, I am on fire tonight!”


“For now,” Janice says with a smile and she lines herself up to bowl her ball.

Tatyana laughs. “Sister against sister, huh? I love me some competition!”

“Leaving me the winner!” I shout.


“Not if I beat the both of you,” says a voice, and when I turn to my side, I see Lizzie taking her place at one of the lanes.

I laugh. “So nice of you to tear yourself from Michael to join us,” I say teasing her.

Lizzie rolls her eyes. “That smack talk won’t help you beat me,” she says, and then picks up a ball from the rack.


Lizzie then lines up to toss her ball down the lane. Selena moves over to her and laughs.

“You guys are so competitive!” she says. “It’s just like me and my brother Ryder with tennis. When we both get on the court, it’s like a whirlwind of flying balls.”

I frown. That name sounds familiar. “Ryder? Does your brother go here?”

Selena nods. “Yes, he’s a junior, majoring in computer science. I swear one day he is going to create some lifesaving software.”


“I didn’t know you had a brother,” Tatyana says with a smile. “Is he cute?”

Selena gives her a funny look. “Why would you ask me that? He’s my brother!”

“You can say your brother is decent looking without it being like ‘“that,’” Tatyana says laughing.

Selena shrugs. “Well, I guess so.”

“I think I saw him hanging out with Brad the other day,” I pipe in.

Selena nods. “I’m not surprised. He is in Eta Phi Nu.”


That surprises me and I nearly toss the ball into Lizzie’s bowling lane. “Your brother is in Eta Phi Nu? Why didn’t you say anything when we were trying to contact them?”

Selena shrugs. “Well no one asked. Besides, I heard you were contacting Greg, so I figured you wouldn’t care.”


Even with my sudden toss of the bowling ball, I still hit down several pins.

“Score!” I say kicking my leg up. “You guys are all going down.”


I step aside and Selena is able to toss her ball down the lane. She knocks over five pins.

“Darn it!” She sighs. “If Ryder was here, he would be laughing at how rusty I’ve gotten.”


Tatyana steps up to her lane and throws her ball down the lane. “I really want to meet this Ryder. You should invite him over to the house sometime. Maybe it can be all the Eta Phi Nus, just so it won’t be awkward.”

Kimberly nods. “Yah, we could make it a party.”


“A party?” I toss my ball down again and get a strike. “Yes!” I then turn to Kimberly. “That’s actually a very good idea! We should throw a party in honor of us getting our charter. Only, it will have to be a civilized one. With the Greek council on our backs, we can’t afford to make any mistakes.”


“It could be a formal,” Tatyana suggests. “We could all dress up in classy outfits and invite the Delta Sigmas and the Eta Phi Nus.”

Kimberly grins. “That sounds like a great idea! It’s been so long since I’ve dressed up for anything.”


Selena nods. “That sounds like a lot of fun!”

Lizzie then tosses her ball down and bowls another strike, the third in a row.

“Turkey bowl!” She says pumping her fist into the air. “First ever.”

“You know, I don’t remember you being this good,” I say a little annoyed. I then quickly try to toss my ball down the lane, but it doesn’t go too well.


I end up slipping upon the floor and fall right onto the bowling lane. My ball rolls right into the gutter, not hitting any pins at all.

Me, the graceful swan, right?


Tatyana bursts into laughter and Selena snickers from nearby.

“Very funny,” I say giving them a look, but I can’t help but smile. It is nice to see us all as sisters hanging out and having a good time.


“Well, I guess we have a plan then,” I say stepping back to let Tatyana bowl. “It will be a Greek formal. We can host it the week after we get back from break on Saturday. I’ll contact Moana about it and Selena, you can tell your brother that the Eta Phi Nus are invited.”

They all nod.

“Sounds like a good plan,” says Kimberly. “And guests are welcome.” She then pulls out her phone. “There is so much planning to be done. Food, music, decorations-”

“We can figure all that out tomorrow,” I interrupt. “Let’s just have fun tonight. By the way, is anyone hungry? I’m kind of in the mood for fries and a milkshake again.”


Lizzie raises her hand. “That sounds good, I’m famished.”

After deciding to go to the downtown diner, we all pile into Lizzie’s and my car and drive over. All the while I can’t wipe the smile off my face. I am here, driving in my car with my future sorority sisters. No malice, no manipulation, just laughing sisters.


I sigh and turn the radio dial. Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night,” comes blaring from the speakers and we all burst into a sing along. And I have to say, I have never been happier.



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