Year 2: Chapter 34: Tensions Arise (Abby’s POV)


The week goes by so quickly that even I am surprised. My classes are going well so far and I am getting more and more excited about my astronomy class. It’s weird when you really think about it and realize that we are such a small speck in the galaxy. I mean, what else is out there?

After classes on Friday, I hurry home and start tidying the house for our two new members. I really am excited. Tonight when we attend the Frat Party, we will be going as our own sorority!


Just as I am about check the mail, I get a call from Kimberly.

“Hey Abby! Have the girls showed up yet?”

“No, not yet. I’m about to check the mail.”

“Have you gone to see Moana yet? We really need to figure that whole thing out if we still want to be able to do the drive.”

I sigh. “I’m sorry. I’ll head over now. I have two hours to kill before the girls are supposed to be here.”

“All right, just don’t be back late.”

“Sure thing.”

I then hang up the phone and walk over to my car.


It’s a short drive over to the Delta Sigma house, about ten minutes to be exact. I enjoy the nice sunset as I pass by some open fields. Aberdale U really does have a very nice campus. Sometimes I forget when I am rushing about. It’s nice to take time to just look.


I am quite surprised to see that the Delta Sigmas have an amazing sorority house! Seriously! It even looks larger than the Alpha Beta Phis. I can’t help but wonder why they are living here and the Alpha Beta Phis aren’t.

I then make my way over to the door and knock. Hopefully the girls aren’t all out.


The front door opens and a girl with long dark brown and wearing red-tinted glasses answers.

“Hi, may I help you?” she asks, then squints at me slightly. “Wait, I know you. Abby Clawson right?”

I nod. “Yes. I was hoping I could come in and speak to Moana for a few minutes if she is in. It’s about the blood drive that we were collaborating on.”

The girl then nods. “Oh yes that. Come in.” She then leads me into the foyer.


I look around in awe at the large space. “Wow, your sorority house is amazing!”

She smiles. “Thank you. We do take pride in our house. It’s one of the oldest buildings on campus.”

“That’s neat.” I then look back at her. “So is Moana available to talk.”

She grins. “Oh yes. I’m sorry. I am Moana. I should have said that earlier. What did you want to discuss?”

I sigh. “As you know, something happened with the instruments used for the blood drive, so they had to cancel it. I was just hoping that we could turn our drive into a food and donation drive instead. People can donate canned or boxed food, clothes, shoes or anything else. The Salvation army has been having some trouble getting people to donate, so I figured that this would help them greatly.”


Moana look intrigued. “Hmm. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea.”

“We can also take money donations as well. They say that ten percent of those donations will go to Aberdale U.”

“Well that certainly sounds like a good plan,” says Moana. “I’ll discuss it with the rest of the girls and then let you know as soon as possible.”

“All right. Thank you again for doing this with the Beta Gamma Kappas.”

She nods. “The Delta Sigmas are delighted to lend their services.” Geez. I heard they were a bit formal, but this was seriously over the top.


I’m feeling pretty good about myself by the time I get home. I could still detect that Moana was a bit uneasy about us working together, but I was going to make sure that they didn’t regret it. We definitely need their vote for the Greek council and I am not going to let it slip through our fingers.


As I approach the door, I spot Selena Bell walking over from the sidewalk carrying several luggages.

“Hey!” she says cheerfully. “I hope I’m not too early!”

I smile. “Nope. You’re right on time. Come on in.”


Selena comes in and looks around in awe. “This place looks great!” she says. “I can’t believe this is the same house.”

“Neither can I. You definitely should thank Kimberly a ton. She really got the help to put all this together.”


I then walk Selena into the family room helping to bring in her luggages.

“Wow,” she says again. “I could really get used to this.”

I laugh. I’m pretty sure she is referring to the new décor from Kimberly and the television purchased by Janice’s sisters again. It came in during the week. I literally just came and everything was set up neatly. When I tried to ask Janice about it, she just told me to enjoy it and stop asking so many questions. I don’t know why she is being so secretive, but I have decided not to push it.

“I know what you mean,” I say to Selena. “The house has really come together.”


“Oh, it has! So who else is living here?”

“So far, it’s me, Lizzie, Janice, Kimberly, and now you and Tatyana.”

“Tatyana Jenkins? Oh I know her!” Selena looks excited. “She is in my drama class. I am taking it for an elective, but she is majoring in it. And let me tell you, she is an amazing actress! I really think she is going to be a star someday!”

Selena says all this so fast that I just blink at her and smile. “Well, I’m glad to hear it. You two will be bunking together.”

I decided to do this considering we are still looking for more pledges. In case we get another person to rent, at least there will be a room free.


Selena just nods. “That’s fine with me! I’m just so happy to be a part of your sorority! I was trying to pledge to Alpha Beta Phi back in September, but they said I wasn’t sorority material. The leader, Ashley, said my voice made her want to stab someone.”

I frown. “Wow, that’s cold! Not surprising from her though.”

Selena shrugs. “I know that I get on people’s nerves. My parents always tell me that I have way too much energy. I think that’s why they were so happy that I went to a college that was far from them. They’d never say it, but I know.”

I received so much information in that short speech that I don’t even know how to respond. “I, um, I’m sorry,” I say finally.

Selena shrugs. “No problem! I’m just happy to be here and a part of you guys.”


I help her lug her things up to her room and then we go back downstairs and into the dining room. I am surprised to see Kimberly siting with Tatyana. Lizzie was even chatting with her.

“When did you get here?” I ask.

Kimberly, who was reading from her bio chem textbook, looks up. “I could ask the same. I thought you were still at the Delta Sigma house.”

“No, I got back a while ago. I was just showing Selena around.” I look at Tatyana. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t here to see you in.”

Tatyana shakes her head. “No problem. Kimberly and Elizabeth have been very friendly. I am really starting to like it here already.”


We all chat for a few more minutes before the doorbell rings.

“Must be the boys,” Kimberly says, closing her textbook. “We should head off so we aren’t too late to the party.”


Sure enough, when I answer the door Charls and Michael are waiting for us. I call to everyone over my shoulder and then we all load up into my car and Charls’s.


As nervous as I am, I end up having a pretty good time at the party. We all manage to pile in through the door without Brad, Taylor or Clare noticing that we have come in. And with all the people there, it is easy for us to blend into the crowd. I am surprised to look over and see that even Lizzie is enjoying herself, grooving to the beat blaring from the speakers. I encourage everyone to mingle and soon we all disappear into the crowd of dancing partyers.


Somewhere through the night, I lose track of Charls and have to start searching for him. I of course get unlucky and reach for the wrong person.

“Charls,” I start, but then feel myself clam up. I am looking directly into Brad’s face.

He looks surprised. “Abby, I didn’t know you were coming tonight.”

“Oh, um,” I feel at a loss for words. “Well, Kim said something about it and I thought I would check it out. Also, Charls invited me.”

Technically that is not true, but I know Charls would have invited me if we hadn’t been going to crash.


I think that Brad is about to kick me out, but he doesn’t. Instead he says,

“Oh. Well it’s nice to see you. It’s been a while.”

I am so confused by his nice response. We have been on bad terms ever since the video of him and Clare last year and the whole cheating thing. Not to mention him twisting the story around to make himself the  victim. So what was up with all the niceness all of a sudden?

“W-well I guess it is nice to see you too,” I say back, not completely sure if I mean it. “How was your internship?”


Brad nods. “Good. It was nice to do something different, but it wasn’t too exciting considering it was with my father’s company. He own’s one of the largest banks in Wystera Hills.”

I frown. “Wystera Hills? Isn’t that where your parents live?”

Brad nods. “Yup.”

Funny, but that is also where Charls’s family lives as well. It makes it more obvious how long Charls and Brad have probably known each other.


“Well that’s cool that you got the opportunity,” I say.

Brad grins. “Well it wasn’t as if I wouldn’t have gotten it.”

I laugh. “Still. It’s pretty nice.”

Brad glances at the stereo and then raises a hand toward me.

“Care to dance?”

Just as he says this, Selena passes by giving me a thumbs up. Oh goodness. I definitely need to explain the kind of guy Brad really was.


Still, I don’t want to cause a scene or bring attention to us, so I agree. Brad looks thrilled, which is so weird for me.

We then start dancing, with Lizzie and Michael standing right by us. Lizzie mouths “what are you doing?” but I just wave her off. This was strange enough.

As we dance, Brad keeps getting closer and closer to me. I can’t help but give him a funny look. Were we just going to pretend like nothing happened between us?


I glance over toward the living room and see Charls taking a swig from the beer kegger. He downs the rest of his cup and then slowly turns in our direction. Some people have left the dancefloor leaving some space between him and us. He then locks eyes on Brad and me and I see a frown cross his forehead. Uh oh, that is not good.


He walks up to us saying, “Excuse me,” and then takes me by the hand and pulls me into his room. Brad looks a bit startled, and follows us inside.


“What the hell are you doing?” Brad asks.

Charls was still frowning. “That’s what I was going to ask. What where you doing to Abby?”

“We were just dancing.”

“Sure you were.”

I sigh. “It’s okay Charls, we really were just dancing.”

Brad rolls his eyes. “Yeah man, chill.”

Charls then turns to me. “You okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” I start, but Brad interrupts.

“Of course she’s fine! What is your deal?”

Charls takes my hand into his. “Come on. Let’s go.”


Brad moves in front of us. “I think Abby can decide for herself.”

“Brad,” I start, but then Charls doesn’t let me finish.

“Move Brad,” he says slowly. I feel my hands heating up. This was not going well.

When Brad doesn’t budge, Charls reaches around him to get the door handle. Before he can open it, Brad tackles him down to the ground.

“Brad stop it!” I yell, but I can tell he isn’t listening. He tries blow after blow at Charls’s face, but he blocks each one. At one point, Charls finally gets Brad’s head in a headlock. I let out a shriek and finally the bedroom door opens.


Michael hurries in, just as Charls tosses Brad onto the floor. Brad then gets up slowly glaring at him.

Michael looks back and forth between the two of them. “What’s going on?” he asks, but neither of them respond. Charls and Brad both just stare at each other like they want to kill each other.

I, however, am kind of embarrassed about this whole thing. As much as I appreciate Charls coming to my defense, this all wasn’t really necessary.

I sigh. “It’s okay Michael,” I say, and move toward the door.

“Abby,” Charls calls after me, but I hold up my hand.

“Charls, I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” I say, and then head out of the room.


I tell Lizzie and Janice that I am heading out and they call everyone to join us. I feel bad having to cut the party short, but I really needed to get out of there.

It’s a quiet drive home and all the while I am just staring out the window. My phone keeps beeping, but I don’t even glance down.


When we arrive home, I decide to check my cell. Charls has left five messages, the last one being the longest. He apologizes for the night saying he didn’t mean to start a fight with Brad. He then says he understands if I am upset and that I should just know that he loves me, which makes it so hard for me to be angry with him.


I debate texting him back, but decide to wait until tomorrow morning. Let him sweat it out a little. I then say goodnight to everyone and head straight up to bed. I only hope that no one else saw the fight or what it was about. The last thing the Beta Gamma Kappas needed was a scandal. Seriously, we had already been through enough.



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