Chapter 19: The Aftermath (Abby’s POV)


Unfortunately, for me, Lizzie seems to recover her memory rather quickly. While eating lunch in the dining room, I hear her calling me, and from her tone, I know she knows something. Not wanting to run into her, I quickly bolt for the back door and leave. I don’t know how much she remembers and even if it isn’t a lot, I don’t think I can lie to her face.

I spend the rest of the day hanging at the Student Union before meeting up with Clare, Kimberly and Brad, at R.E.D. As much as I try to have fun, I’m just not feeling it. All I can think about is Lizzie and how she is probably freaking out about everything.

“You should really get onto the dance floor,” Clare says coming up to me. “Brad is looking lonely.”


I look up and see Brad dancing on the dancing floor by himself. I shrug. “I guess I am just not feeling it right now.”


“You’re not still thinking about Lizzie are you?” Clare shakes her head. “You need to forget about it. It’s not that big of a deal.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Not that big of a deal? Clare, there is a video of her in that pool being sent around. I got an anonymous message of it today.”

“I know.” Clare smirks.


My jaw drops. “Wait, are you the one who sent it?”

“Maybe.” Clare laughs. “Come on, it was hilarious. Someone was bound to send it around anyway.”

“I can’t believe you.”

“Oh, get over it. What’s done is done. Now stop being a downer and get over to Brad. Or I will.” Clare then turns and walks off.


I scowl at her and then sigh. She did have a point. What’s done is done. I couldn’t take back what happened to Lizzie. All I can do is move on and hope she did too. After touching up my lipstick, I walk over to Brad.

“Hey,” I say giving him a kiss.

“Hey yourself,” he says smiling. “By the way, I got a weird video this morning from the party last night. Skinny dipping? I really missed out!”


I fake a laugh and shrug. “I guess it did get kind of crazy.”

“You’re telling me.”

Brad and I spend the rest of the night dancing before I decide to head out. I know my “downer” mood, is killing the fun for everyone.

“I’ll call you later,” I tell Brad, and with a kiss, I turn and leave.


Luckily, when I get back, Lizzie isn’t downstairs.

“Lizzie is looking for you,” Janice says, as she passes me in the hallway.

“I know,” I want to say back, but I decide not to. I know I will have to face Lizzie eventually, but I prefer to do it later.


I decide to grab a quick dinner while I still had the space to do so. I grab a chef salad from the fridge and quickly wolf it down. Every time someone comes in or out of the dinery, I jump slightly, thinking it is Lizzie. I am relieved when I finally finish and am able to go back to my dorm room. Sleep was what I definitely needed, if I could get myself to do so.


(Shorter chapter today, but a longer one will be coming next week! 🙂 )


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