Year 2: Chapter 31: Renovations: Part 2: (Abby’s POV)


I wake up feeling pretty energized. At first I forget where I am, but then I remember that I am in the Beta Gamma Kappa sorority house! Well, soon to be. I still can’t believe how much progress we made yesterday. The house had very minimal things left to do. Speaking of which…

I check my watch and see that it is almost one in the afternoon! The painters will be back to finish their painting jobs in thirty minutes! I quickly jump out of bed and hurry into the bathroom to take a shower.


I then wolf down a bowl of leftover fruit parfait from the fridge, just before I hear the doorbell ring. Right on time.

I let the painters and renovators in and they head right upstairs to continue their work. I only hope Lizzie and Janice are already up and dressed or it might be a bit awkward.

Michael then arrives thirty minutes later. He mentions something about noticing something was wrong with the fireplace and goes to work trying to fix it. All the while I just watch with pride. As I said before, this place is really coming around.


While the painters work upstairs, I continue loading suitcases into the house and up to my room. I figure I might as well start unpacking while I had the time.

I have to say, I really like having my own room. I do feel a little bad though. Janice, Lizzie and I have already decided on rooms, and Kimberly hasn’t even arrived yet. I can’t help but wonder what she is going to think when she gets here…

I try not to think about it and just focus until I get a message from Kim,


The Campus New Year’s Eve Beach party is tonight! It will be the perfect night to get some standing with the other sororities! Party starts at nine!



I sigh. I totally forgot about the party and that today was New Year’s Eve. I can’t help but think back to last year where I spent the whole night looking for Brad. I got totally wasted and meanwhile Brad was screwing Clare in the bushes. Of course, I didn’t know that then, but still. If there was a way I could skip tonight I totally would. Unfortunately, Kimberly was right. Our sorority needed this. Especially if she wasn’t even going to be there.


Well, if I am going to present myself as a new sorority leader, I am definitely going to need to look my best. That means, a new outfit! Besides, I think it’s about time I ditch my country girl look. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it’s just that I want to show a new me.

After telling Lizzie and Janice where I am off to, I head out the door. I had wanted them both to join me, but Janice was not having it (“Forget it. Those snobs are going to have to accept me as I am. What you see is what you get,”) and Lizzie gave me a look that made me decide to just leave without another word.


I arrive at the downtown Fashion Bug store in ten minutes. It’s nice to see all the new winter season fashions. Everything has a nice bold, but not too flashy, color. The sales lady shows me some new fashions and I look at them in awe. Some of them are a little too pricey for me though.


After searching through the store, I find a nice outfit that suits me perfectly. A cotton sparkly white top with a navy blue mini skirt and black leggings. Perfecto! I also buy two cute bracelets and a necklace that are on clearance. They are 50% off, but totally styling!


I can’t help shooting a selfie pic of myself to send to Kimberly, Lizzie and Janice. I am going to look amazing tonight!

I then slip back into my regular clothes, pay for the outfit and then head back to the sorority house.


When I arrive home, I am in for a big surprise. Kimberly is waiting for me at the front door.

“Kim? What are you doing here?” I ask walking over to her. “I thought you weren’t coming until after the holidays were over?”

“Well, I got my mom to let me come back early. I told her how hectic everything was with all the preparations for the sorority house, so she finally caved and let me head out this morning.” She laughs at my surprised expression. “I would have texted you about it, but I wanted it to be a surprise.”


Kimberly then looks around. “The place looks great! I can’t believe how much has been done since I left for break.”

I nod. “I know, right? And you should see the inside.” I then open the door and lead her inside.


Kimberly pauses, noticing the ATI control pad by the door. “Ah, so they did install it.” I open my mouth to ask her about it, but she seems to already know I was going to. “It was my mom’s idea. She was under the impression that we had found this house on a shady part of town with robberies and such. I tried to tell her we were fine and that the house was on campus like all the other sororities, but she insisted.”

I shrug. “I’m not complaining. At least we’ll be well protected.”

“So, is everything all configured?”

I nod. “The guy connected everything on Saturday and then said it was good to go. The painting is also all done. I think anyway.”


Kimberly looks thrilled. “Good, good. And all the furniture came in?”

“Yes, and I think you got a bit carried away.”

She giggles. “I know, but I just wanted to get what we need. I figured the furniture here would be scarce or outdated. More should be coming during the week if everything didn’t arrive today.” She then checks her watch. “Geez, I didn’t realize it was getting so late. The party starts in just a little over an hour.” She then looks toward her car. “I should bring my stuff in. Have you guys chosen rooms yet?”


I swallow. “Actually, we did. I chose the room across from Lizzie on the second floor and Janice picked the one on the third floor.”

Kimberly raises an eyebrow. “Well that’s nice. The three of you saved all the largest rooms for yourselves?”

“It’s not like that,” I sigh. “Lizzie needed her own space for writing since she is still working on that novel of hers, and I thought I would take the room because, well, I figured if Charls came to visit-”

“We’re going to have to make a rule about that,” Kimberly cuts in. “We can’t be letting the girls have their boyfriends be staying over, and that includes us.”

I bite my lip. “I know, and Lizzie did put that in the rule book.”


Kimberly sighs. “All right, I’ll go up and check the other rooms.”

She then goes back into her car to get some of her suitcases and then wheels them into the house. I feel a bit bad. In all the excitement, Lizzie, Janice and I totally picked the rooms without even thinking. Hopefully Kimberly wasn’t too annoyed.


I then go into the kitchen and dish out some more fruit parfait into a bowl. It looks like everyone has the same idea, because twenty minutes later Lizzie and Janice walk into the dining room with the same thing.

“I feel like we are in an Oliver Twist movie,” Janice says, as she spoons some of her fruit into her mouth. “Please sir, can I have some more?”

Lizzie laughs. “You’re totally right. We really need to go grocery shopping.”

“And soon.” I glance over and see Kimberly entering the room with a bowl as well. “The pledges will be moving in this week and we can’t have them eating this.”

“N-not that it tastes bad or anything,” she quickly adds.

I narrow my eyes slightly. “Thanks.”


“So remind me why we are going to this beach party again?” Lizzie asks. “The Alpha Annyas and the Alpha Beta Phis hate our guts.”

Kimberly sighs. “True, but they aren’t the only ones that are going to be there. The Delta Sigmas and the Kappa Alpha Omegas are going as well. Also, that other fraternity, Eta Phi Nu.”

I frown. “Eta Phi Nu? I Haven’t heard much about them.” In fact, I haven’t heard about them at all.

Kimberly shakes her head. “Probably not. They are a new chapter on campus and barely get any recognition. I think it would help us if we could form some good standing with them. Could also help them too.”


There is some noise heard from the kitchen and then Michael and Charls emerge from the door with bowls of my fruit parfait.

I jump slightly. “Charls? When did you get here?”

He grins. “A couple of hours ago. I was looking for you, but Lizzie said you went out. So I just stayed to help Michael out with the fireplace. It’s all fixed now.”

“Aren’t we lucky to have two handy men with us,” Kim says with a laugh.

“You know, you could pay us for our hard labor,” Michael jokes, but Kimberly just laughs again.

“Nice try.”


We then all chat for a while longer before I check my cell again and realize it is past nine.

I rise from my chair. “We should head out. The beach party has already started.”

Charls nods. “Agreed. Brad’s probably wondering where the heck I am.”

I cough on the last bite of my fruit parfait. “B-brad? What do you mean, Brad?”

“I mean Brad Roberts. President of Alpha Annya? You’re, you know…”

“Oh.” I feel my stomach tightening within me. “So he’s back?”

“Yup. He came back over winter break. His internship ended. Why?”

I quickly shake my head. “No reason. I should go get ready.” I then take my dish to the sink and then hurry up to my room.


It takes me another fifteen minutes to get ready for the party with Lizzie and Janice calling up for me to hustle. I can’t help it! My stomach is totally in knots! It’s been almost seven months since I last saw Brad and now I was going to be seeing him again.

I mean, it’s not as if I still like him or anything, but at the same time…I don’t know. I just feel totally weird about it.

Not being able to wait it out any longer, I hurry downstairs and meet everyone on the sidewalk. We then pile into Lizzie and Charls car and then head off to the party.


As we drive along, my stomach is churning over and over. What should I expect? Would Brad remember me? Of course he would. But how would he react? And why did I care? Brad had basically smeared my name to make himself look better about cheating on me.

I sigh and then sit back against the leather seat of Lizzie’s car. “Who cares about Brad,” I tell myself. “He is a total snake who is not worth my time.”

That makes me feel a little better and I finally start to relax. Yes, everything was going to be fine.



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