Year 2: Chapter 6: Old Faces (Abby’s POV)


I decide not to say anything to Lizzie and Janice about Friday night, well, at least for a while. After all, it’s not like Kimberly and I actually went to the party anyway. I still can’t believe the Alpha Beta Phis would pull a stunt like that. I had really hoped all this high school clique-ish drama would have been over.

It is now Monday and I haven’t heard anything about what happened from Kimberly. She hasn’t responded to any of my texts so I am left feeling puzzled.


After my psych class gets out, I head off to my math class. My professor lets us go fifteen minutes early today, so I take a bit of a detour around campus. It’s a quiet day, which is unusual for this time of the day. Maybe it was because of the protest of something going on in the quad? I heard someone in class saying something about one being held today, but I was not that interested in going.

Finding an empty bench, I take a seat and rest for a few minutes.


I space for a bit before checking my phone and realizing that I only have ten minutes to get to class. As I am heading toward the building, I see someone that catches my attention. I haven’t seen her in a whole summer, but I would never forget her face.


Just as I try to slip past her, she turns around and spots me.

“Hello Abby,” she says, and smirks. “Long time no see.”

“Not long enough,” I say, and she laughs.

“Oh, come on now Abby. Can’t we move past all this? I mean, I know I kicked your butt last year, but you did deserve it for stealing my boyfriend.”

I frown. “I think you are a bit confused. I totally wiped the floor with you, literally. And I didn’t steal him from you. You know that I had no idea you two had dated when he and I got together.” I then scoff. “But that still didn’t stop you from sleeping with him behind my back and making a sex tape of it. I’m betting he still hasn’t forgiven you from doing that. It was pretty pathetic.”


Clare grits her teeth. “I’m n-not the one that made that video!” she snaps, but I just roll my eyes.

“Just keep telling yourself that. It doesn’t make it any less pathetic.”

“You should talk! You and Kimberly looked extremely pathetic showing up to Alpha Beta Phi house all by yourselves.”


She catches me off guard with that comment. “Wait, what?”

Clare smirks at me again. “The Alpha Beta Phi party on Friday. I’m betting it was probably the highlight of Kimberly’s night.”

“Hold on,” I say, with a frown, “you were the one that sent her that e-mail?”

“Guilty.” Clare laughs. “She was so gullible. She actually thought that we would want her after she helped to get the Tri-Fruhms expelled. She’s an idiot.”

I blink at in surprise. “You’re in Alpha Beta Phi?”

Clare raises her eyebrows. “Isn’t it obvious?”

I can’t help but stare at her stunned. Why had I not thought about this before? With Charlotte gone (she graduated in June) who else would hold a grudge and mess with Kimberly like that?


Clare glances at her phone and sighs. “Well, I got places to be Abby, so I’ll be seeing you. Nice try with the whole pledging to Alpha Beta Phi, but we aren’t interested.”

She then starts to leave, but turns back to add, “Also, you should know that all the other sororities know about what you, Kimberly and all the rest of your little friends did. So I can assure you, pledging to a new sorority is going to be no easy task. In fact, I would suggest forgetting about it all together. No one wants a snitch in their chapter.” She then laughs. “Paybacks a bitch,” she says, and then she walks off.

I am left just staring after her. I am so surprised that it is as if my mouth has forgotten to move. I just stand like an idiot and let her walk away. “Say something back!” I am screaming to myself, but nothing comes out.

I still cannot believe what I had just heard. Could this be why I hadn’t heard from Kimberly? Did she know?


My mind is pondering all this through art class and I am glad when it is finally over. After changing my clothes back at the dorm, I decide to go for a drive to clear my head. All the while, I keep glancing at my phone. I had texted Kimberly about what Clare had told me, but still I had received no answer. What was going on?


I pull into the Grotto parking lot a few minutes later and then head inside. Playing pool was always a nice way to clear my head. I walk over to an empty table and rack up the balls.

As I play, my mind keeps thinking back to Clare. How was it that she got into the Alpha Beta Phis so fast? I know she had connections, but still. And what did she mean by saying it would be hard for me to pledge to other sororities? Shutting down the Tri-Fruhms was because of all the craziness that they were doing. They were actually hurting and ruining people’s lives! Didn’t the other sororities know that? How could they think I was a snitch?


I am so focused on my game that I don’t even notice Charls come in. He spots me and heads over, but I do not see him until he nears the table.

“Hey babe,” he says, “what’s up?”


I move over and line up to take another shot. “Nothing much,” I say and shoot at one of the balls. “Just blowing off some steam.”

“Cool, can I join you?”

I shrug. “Sure.”

Charls grabs a pool stick from the wall and walks back over. “So, what’s going on?”


I sigh. “Clare. I ran into her today and found out that she was the one to send Kimberly a fake notice about the Alpha Beta Phi’s rush party on Friday.”

Charls frowns. “What? They threw their rush party a week ago.”

“Now you tell me.” I rack the balls back up and prepare again to shoot.

Charls gives me a confused look. “I didn’t know that you were pledging again this year. After last year it seemed like you weren’t interested anymore.”

“I’m not,” I say, and then sigh. “Well, I guess I was a little, but it was really Kimberly that wanted to. She asked me to come along. Not that it mattered, since there was no party when we got there. The house was empty.”


Charls scoffs. “That’s probably because they were at club R.E.D Friday night. The Alpha Annyas were with them.”

I roll my eyes. “Figures,” I say, and shoot, hitting a ball into the hole. “Anyways, Clare said that apparently I am a snitch, so no sorority would want to accept me. Or Kimberly since she helped me. I really don’t care that much, but I know Kimberly will. She wanted so badly to be in Alpha Beta Phi.”

Charls sighs. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize to me. It’s Kimberly that really wanted to be one. ”

Charls smiles. “I know you Abby. As much as you say you don’t care, I know that you do. I saw you when you were in the Tri-Fruhms. You were happy being a part of them. Well, until you found out how they really were.”


I pause for a minute when he says this. As much as I hate to admit it, he was right. I really did like being a Tri-Fruhm at first. I even ditched Lizzie to be a part of them, something till this day, I still regret doing. It wasn’t until the whole drugging Lizzie incident, that I started not to like it as much. And Clare doing everything she could to  turn the Tri-Fruhms against me. That wasn’t fun either.

I turn to Charls. “Yah, I guess I did like it at first, but I just can’t be a part of all the cattiness. I just can’t deal with it. Still, it does kind of suck to hear that every sorority pretty much hates me.”


“Well then it’s their loss,” says Charls, “Because I happen to think you are pretty amazing.”

I blush slightly and line up for another shot. “Right back at you.”


We play pool for the next hour before calling it quits. Right before we head outside, Charls pulls me to the side.

“There is something I want to ask you,” he says.

“Ask away.”

Charls then suddenly looks nervous. “So, the Alpha Annyas are throwing a party this Friday, and I was wondering if you wanted to…stop by.”

I raise my eyebrow. “Are you serious?”


“You want me to come to a frat party whose president is Brad Roberts, who also happens to be my ex and your best friend?”

Charl sighs. “Geez, when you say it like that-”

“It sounds crazy?” I cut in. I’m a bit surprised he would even suggest it. He had been so uncomfortable about Brad knowing about us for the longest time. Now here he was suggesting I just show up to a party where he was sure to see us together? What was he thinking?


Charls laughs. “Yes it does, but you don’t have to worry. Brad won’t be there. He’s gone abroad for the quarter. I think he’s in London.”


“Yes. Apparently there was some business internship that he couldn’t pass up.”  Charls takes my hands into his. “So you don’t have to worry about any awkward run-ins.”

I give his hands a squeeze. “But what about your frat brothers? Aren’t they loyal to Brad?”

Charls smiles. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll talk to them. It will be fine. Just say you’ll come.”


“I don’t know,” I start to say, but I am ambushed by Charls soft lips pressing suddenly against mine. For a moment, everything around me disappears and I completely forget about what we were talking about. My mind turns to mush and I press myself against him, wanting us to be even closer.


When he finally pulls away, I am left looking at him dazed. “T-that is not fair,” I say feeling breathless.

Charls gives me a smug grin. “Desperate measures.”

I giggle and then stare at him hard for a moment. “All right fine. I’ll be there.”

“Awesome.” Charls gives me another long kiss. “Not that I was even worried.”

“Uh huh,” I laugh.


“Well, I should head off. I’m meeting up with Dean in a bit at the gym. Catch up with you later?”

I nod and then he turns and walks away. I just stand staring at the spot that he left in silence. As much as I was happy to go, Clare’s comment from earlier was also worrying me. If everyone thought that I was a snitch, did that also include the fraternities? And while Charls was sure that his brothers would be fine with me there, I wasn’t. If they were loyal to Brad, what would they think of me being there with Charls? This was a lot more complicated than Charls was willing to admit, and I can’t help but think that things were not going to go well.



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