Chapter 24: Finals Week (Lizzie & Abby’s POV)

Lizzie’s POV


It’s not long before Finals are nearly upon me. With the tests starting in only a few days, I find myself spending most of my time going to classes and studying. Because of this, I decide to hold off on talking to Kendal. I have been trying to get a hold of him so we can really talk for the past month, but I have had no luck. He either won’t answer or just tell me his is busy. It has gone on long enough and I know the only thing left to do, is to confront him. Still, with all the stress of finals, I can’t bring myself to do it right now. I figure it will be better to do it when the week is over.


A couple days before finals began; Michael and I met at the library for a final study session. I was secretly hoping that Kendal would be there with the writing club, but I hadn’t seen them there in over a month. Something told me I wasn’t a part of them anymore. Although I was disappointed, I was happy at least be able to study with Michael. He always seemed to be around just when I needed someone to talk to. Surprisingly, he was a good listener.


Since Michael is a genius at math and I am very skilled with my grammar, we decide to help tutor each other. Michael helps quiz me on my math and I look over his research paper for English. In a few hours, I think I have all my formulas memorized and Michael’s paper is submission ready.


“I think you are going to ace that paper,” I say, sliding my books back into my backpack.

“Cool, but if I don’t, just know it is all on you.”

“Ha, ha.” I zip my backpack up and then sit back in my chair. “I just hope I pass my math final. Numbers and I have never gotten along.”


Michael smiles. “Don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine.”

“If I don’t pass, you owe me dinner.”

Michael raises an eyebrow. “Can I take you up on that?”

I laugh and nod. “I suppose.”

“All right, well if you pass, you owe me dinner.”


“Deal.”  We both get up and shake it on. I then say goodbye to Michael and head out. It’s already eight o’clock in the evening and I should be getting back to my dorm anyway.


Although I promise myself I will go straight to sleep after dinner, I can’t help but stay up to do some last minute studying. Michael’s lessons did help, but I want to make sure I have remembered my math formulas so I don’t freeze up on the test. If I can score high on each of my finals, I may just be able to finish with a 4.0 GPA. It had gone down slightly during my last year of high school, but I was going to get it up again.

After a while, I stop and look around the dinery. I am used to seeing Abby sitting with Clare and her friends, but I haven’t seen her in the past few weeks. Although it seemed crazy and I hated to admit it, a part of me deep down, and I mean way deep down…kind of missed her.

Abby’s POV


Procrastinating is something that I have never completely overcome. With all the craziness of the past few weeks, my finals are the farthest thing from my mind. Before I realize it, time has passed and finals are in just a couple days! Lucky for me, Charlotte gives me a tip that she and all the Tri-Fruhm use, study notes. Well, they are actually made up of old test exams. After going through them for a few hours, I honestly feel like I am going to ace every final. If I could only have had these notes sooner.

I then get a text from Brad.

“Pool Party at the house tonight. You up for it?”

I smile and text him back “yes.”

I still can’t get over why Brad and the guys keep throwing pool parties in the winter, but I slip my swimsuit on under my clothes and head over.


“Hey Abby,” Charls says, when I arrive at the door.

“Hey Charls.” I walk over to him. “Where’s Brad?”

“He left a while ago.”

“What? But he just texted me thirty minutes ago.”

Charls shrugs. “I don’t know. He just left.”

I glance at my phone to see I missed a text:

“Had to step out real quick. Be back soon!”

I sigh. This had been happening a lot lately. It was as if Brad was becoming more and more distant. I was starting to worry that he was losing interest in me. Or maybe it was because I hadn’t allowed him to try anything with me again after that one night…

“Well you can hang till he gets back,” Charls says, disturbing my thoughts. “He should be back soon.”

I shrug. “Sure.”


I end up spending the rest of the night with Charls. We hang in the pool for a while, and then head back inside for some beer pong. Charls and I are equally matched. Each time he shoots, he gets one in and me the same.


We both decided on a tie since it seems like neither of us is willing to give up. I am already starting to feel a bit woozy.


We both then grove to the music blasting from the stereo. Charls laughs, for I keep swaying slightly. My mind keeps going back to Brad. I have been here for hours and he still hasn’t shown up yet. What was keeping him?


“You sure Brad said he was just going for bit?” I ask Charls.

Charls stops dancing and checks his watch. “Yah he did. I don’t know what’s keeping him.”

I glance at the time as well. It’s already almost ten.

“I’ll be back,” I say, and then head into the bathroom to change back into my clothes. Brad clearly wasn’t coming back anytime soon and I didn’t want to look like a loser waiting here for him.


“Thanks for hanging with me,” I say, when I walk back into the den. “I should head out though. Tell Brad I stopped by.”

“You sure?”

“Yah. It’s late and I’m about to pass out.”

“You want me to walk you back?”

I smile at him curiously. “You would walk me back?”


“Thanks, but its okay. I’m not too far away, so I should be okay.”

“You sure?”

“Positive. Night.”

With a final goodbye, I head out into the night. I can feel myself swaying slightly on my feet, but I get back to my dorm in one piece. It isn’t until I get to my room that I get a text message from Brad:

“Hey, looks like I missed you. Sorry my errand took longer than I thought. Raincheck?”

That seemed to be happening a lot with us. I text back “Sure,” and then slip into bed. I am actually really annoyed with him, but I decide to let it go until morning.


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