Year 2: Chapter 11: Pool Party (Abby’s POV)


I’m not too surprised that Lizzie wasn’t on board with my whole, “start a new sorority idea.” After all, I had said over the summer that I had given up the whole sorority thing. I honestly meant it when I said it. Her mother seemed to doubt me though. I could see it in her eyes and you know what? She was right. It wasn’t until I ran into Kimberly and she brought up the Alpha Beta Phi rush party, that I realized that I had not really given up. I think I have been secretly hoping to find a sorority that really made me feel like I belong. But maybe the best way to do that was to start my own.

Although the talk at the café with Lizzie didn’t go so well, Janice had really given me some ideas of what I wanted in a sorority. All I need to do now is…pretty much figure out everything else.

So that Friday, I head into the administration building to meet with someone to find out what to do next.


I feel a bit overwhelmed by the time I leave. According to the office official, there are several things I need to do before going to the Greek council. First being that I need to figure out a name, have a following and create a constitution. And that’s just the easy part.

I probably seem pathetic. So far, it would be just Kimberly and me. I definitely need to involve more people if I want to stand a chance. But how would I do that if even my own best friend didn’t want to help me?

I decide I need to clear my head, so I head over to the art building to do some painting. It actually does help. As I paint, I begin to feel my head clear.

After thirty minutes of painting, I hear my phone beep. It’s a text from Charls,

-Annual Fall Pool Party tonight. Would love it if you stopped by. Love you babe,


I smile. “Wouldn’t miss it,” I text back, but deep down, I am dreading it. I was still really uncomfortable to be around Charls frat brothers. I hadn’t actually spoken to any of them and from the cold shoulder they seemed to be giving me, I was very nervous. Still, I really lo- I mean care, about Charls, so I do not want to disappoint him. I know he is filling in for Brad as president and it was a big deal for him. And it probably wasn’t any easier dating me, his fraternity president’s and best friend’s ex.


After getting back to my dorm, I change into my swimsuit and pull some warm clothes over it. I then jump into my car and hurry over.

When I climb up the steps to the front door, I take a deep breath before pushing open the door and walking inside.


I then leave my coat and clothes in Charls room and head back to the party in my bathing suit. And may I say, I look pretty gorgeous.

I see Charls busy talking to some of his frat brothers, so I decide hang back and just scope everyone out. I am delighted when I see that Clare and Taylor are nowhere to be seen. The last thing I want is to see either of them.


As I am hanging out, I spot two of Charls’ brothers standing off nearby. I recognize one of them as Jeffery Dean. He is pretty known, due to the fact that he has dated most of the sorority girls on campus, the last one being Brittney, before she graduated. Taking a deep breath, I walk over to him.


“You’re such a drag,” Jeffery is saying to his frat brother as I near him.

The guy shrugs. “Hey, I flunked the chem test last time. If I flunk one more time, my grade will tank. There will be other parties.” They both look up as I approach Jeffery.

“Hey,” I say, giving him a cheerful smile. “Nice party.”

“Thanks.” Jeffery then frowns. “You look familiar. Have I seen you here before?”

I can’t tell whether he is being honest or sarcastic, so I decide to play like he is really asking. “Yes, I use to come here a lot last year. I’m Abby. Abby Clawson.”


“Ah, Abby,” he says nodding his head. “I remember you. Weren’t you the girl Brad was dating last year?”

I nod. “I was, but we aren’t together anymore.”

“Oh I know. You’re dating Charls now, right?”

I swallow. “Yes.”

Jeffery smirks. “I got to hand it to you, you move fast.”


I narrow my eyes. “What?”

“Oh, no judgment!” Jeffery says. “I’m kind of the same. I don’t really like being tied down.”

“Actually, it’s not like that with me and Charls,” I say, feeling a little taken aback. “Charls and I are together and it’s serious.”

Jeffery frowns. “Really? You didn’t really strike me as the ‘“settling”’ type.”

I am a bit stunned. “Really? What did you see me as?”


“I don’t know. I guess I just heard some stuff from around.”

“Heard what from around?”

Jeffery opens his mouth to answer, but then stops suddenly. I turn around in confusion, but then spot Charls standing next to me.


“Hey babe,” Charls says and gives me a quick kiss. He then looks from me to Jeffery. “Everything okay?”

Jeffery nods. “Yup, we were just talking.” He then points to the kegger in the corner. “Think I am going to get a cup,” he says, and then wanders off. I am left just staring after him. What did he mean by he had “heard around?”

Suddenly, the comment Taylor made to me at the party a few weeks ago, comes swimming back into my mind, “It was your choice…Just like it was to dump Brad for Charls…”
Is that what Jeffery had been referring too? Did people actually think that I had been involved with Charls while I was with Brad? This all was getting out of hand.


“You sure everything is okay?” Charls asks, when both Jeffery and his other frat brother have left.

I shake my head. “I don’t even know. I don’t know what people have been saying about us, but it isn’t good.”

Charls frowns. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I think people think that I cheated on Brad with you.”

“Abby, that’s ridiculous.”

“Is it?” I sigh. “I mean, we did end up together only a few weeks after Brad and I broke up. And you and I both know that didn’t come out of nowhere. Maybe I am what they say I am.”


Charls smiles and takes my hands into his. “Abby, I think you are thinking way too much into this. Who cares what people think? We know what happened and that we both didn’t do anything wrong. You and Brad were already broken up when we got together. ”


“But nothing. Are you happy with me?”

I smile at him. “Of course I am. I’ve never been happier.”

“Then stop worrying so much. Just relax and be happy. Just live. Yolo.”

I laugh. “You did not just say ‘“yolo.”’

Charls pulls me closer. “I did, and I mean it.”


I am about to say more, but then Charls twirls me into his arms and plants a kiss on my lips. Like every time we kiss, I feel my heart begin to race and warm tingles in my stomach. All my worries seem to just melt away and I relax in his arms.


After a minute he pulls away, leaving me dazed.

“You know, the hot tub is empty at the moment,” Charls says, giving me a sly smile.

I laugh and give his shoulders a squeeze. “Sounds good.”


We both then sneak through the party and out through the glass sliding doors. Sure enough, the hot tub is empty. Charls and I both slip inside and smile as the tub’s jets start filling the water with bubbles and foam.


“So there is one other thing I wanted to tell you,” I say, turning to him. “I talked to Kimberly and she gave me an idea. She thinks I should form my own sorority.”

Charls raises his eyebrows. “Whoa, really? That sounds cool and pretty complicated. You thinking about it?”

“Actually yes. I think I’m going to do it. Although I have no idea how I am going to get started, I think that it could end up being pretty great.”


Charls kisses my forehead and wraps his arm around me. “Well, I believe you’ll do great. And if you need any help I’m here.”

I smile. “That’s sweet, but are you sure you’re frat brothers are going to be okay with that?”

“Hey, they’ll come around. You are my girlfriend after all and that isn’t going to change.”

I feel myself blush. “No it isn’t.”


With the coolness of the breeze and the warmth of the hot tub, I can’t resist pressing my lips against his again. Within minutes, we are full on making out and I honestly think that if we had truly been alone, it could have led to something else…

Still, I will never forget that night, kissing Charls in that hot tub under a star filled sky. Although I may not have my best friend’s support, I do at least have my boyfriend’s, and that felt amazing. It made me feel like anything was possible. Maybe, it was even possible that Lizzie would come around, in time.



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