Chapter 33: Season of Love (Abby’s POV)


“Hurry up Abby! Brad will be here soon!” I hear my mom call from downstairs. It’s Wednesday afternoon, and Brad will be here in twenty minutes. I have just come out of the shower and am now trying to get dressed. I add a final touch of color to my eyes and lips and then slip on my clothes. Perfect.


The doorbell rings from downstairs.

“I’ll get it!” My mom cries, and I hear the door open. I sneak down the staircase and stand close by to eavesdrop.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Brad,” my mom says, shaking Brad’s hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too Mrs. Clawson. And may I say, your house looks very nice.”


“Wow, a gentleman.” My mom giggles. Yes, she giggles. “Abby sure lucked out with you.”

Brad laughs. “I actually think it’s the other way around.”

Oh brother. I had better intervene before my mom says something crazy.


My mom catches my eye as I gesture for her to come inside. “

Well, I think I see Abby,” she says to him as I walk through the front door. “So I’ll give you two some time alone. It was nice to meet you Brad.”

After she goes into the house, I smile at Brad. “How was the drive?”

“Long. But it was worth it to see you.”

I laugh. I love his cheesy pick up lines.


Before he can say another word, I pull him to me and press my lips against his. It probably looks strange to anyone passing by; me making out with my boyfriend on our doorstep, but honestly I don’t care. I am just so happy he is here and I can’t wait to spend the rest of the week with him.


A minute later, the mother of one of Tommy’s friends shows up, so we spring apart. She greets me and Brad and then gives us a funny look as Tommy comes out to meet her.

“Where are you going?” I ask him.

“To visit Jake. We’re going skateboarding at the park.”

“Okay, have fun.”

After he greets Brad, Tommy follows Jake’s mom off the porch and into her car. In a couple more minutes, they are gone.

“So,” Brad says turning back to me and I grin flirtatiously.

“So, I made reservations at this awesome restaurant downtown. You are going to love it.”

Brad raises an eyebrow. “You’re taking me out?”

“Yes I am,” I say, and I kiss him again.


We spend the rest of the day browsing through town, with regretfully, my mother. She can’t seem to give us a minute alone. She is all into Brad, asking questions about his family, college stories, and more. It’s extremely embarrassing. I am happy when we finally get back home and it is time for our date. My mom does try to join us on that to, but I convince her not to. We will have plenty of time for her to have dinner with him and I.

After getting dressed, Brad and I take my mom’s car down to the restaurant Casamita.


I am so thrilled to be out with him. We take tons of pictures, that I think even he is getting annoyed. We then head into the restaurant and have an amazing dinner. Our table is in a secluded spot, so we get the privacy we want.


I am just about to suggest that we go for a walk around the park, when Brad’s phone starts to ring.

“Just a second,” he says to me, and then he steps aside to answer it. I wait and fifteen minutes later he comes back.

“So you ready to head back?” he asks.

He catches me off guard since I was about to ask about the walk around the park.

“Um, sure,” I say, and we get back into my mom’s car and drive home.


I am a little disappointed when we get home. It seemed like Brad had cut our date short. Oh well. At least we would have more time to hang out this weekend. Or so I think.


When I get to the door, Brad takes my hand and pulls me aside.

“What is it?” I ask.

“Abby, I am so sorry to do this to you.”

“D-do what?” My heart feels like its caught in my chest. Brad’s face looks guilty. Was he about to dump me?

“I have to go.”

“Go? You’re leaving?”

“I’m sorry. That phone call earlier? That was my mom. There’s a family emergency and I have to head over right away.”

“Is everything okay?”

“I don’t know. That’s why I got to leave.”


My disappointment grows, but I try to hide it. “Okay, well you should get going then.”

Brad smiles and pulls me close to him. “I had a great time with you today. I’m glad you told me to come. I’ll make this up to you. I promise.”

I am still a little annoyed, but that does make me feel a little better. “Drive safely, and text me when you get there, okay?”

“I will.”


Brad then kisses me again and for a moment, I forget how upset I am and that he is leaving me. Then as quickly as he had come, Brad heads over to his car, gets in, and then drives away. I feel like a part of myself has left with him. “Only a week,” I tell myself. “Then you will be back in school and in his arms again.”


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