Chapter 38: The Fundraiser: Part 1:(Abby’s POV)

(Hey Guys! Sorry I missed last week’s post! My internet was down, but now it is up and running again! Please read and enjoy!)


I feel bad for not being able to live up to my word. I had wanted to make up my date with Charls that next Friday, but then I find out that we have to move up the date for the Delta Sigma & Beta Gamma Kappa Donation/Food drive. There was apparently going to be some other event happening the day we had chosen so we had to schedule it a couple weeks early. That meant that we had a lot of work to do in such a short time. All that combined with me trying to focus in all my classes, write papers and pass my exams, did not leave a lot of time for romance. Charls seemed to understand that, thankfully, probably because he was trying to do the same, this being his last year and all.

Still, I felt bad, so I decide to treat him to an amazing dinner for Valentine’s day, which was only a week away.

That said, when Friday finally arrives, I don’t realize until after I have left to go set up for the fundraiser, that it is on the same day! I immediately start to feel awful, but then I tell myself that the fundraiser will probably be over by that time, so I will still be able to make it. I do not want to cancel on Charls.


Within an hour after setup, the fundraiser is on! Kimberly definitely came through with the campus radio station. The guys in the studio come and set up at our booth and even allow me to help them lead the show! It is so weird talking on the radio. You hear people do it all the time, but it is very different when it is your voice at the other end. I even announce some of the new music being played and express my opinion on the campus news. They are all interested in my opinion on Janice’s petition at one point, and I am happy to say that I think it is for a great cause.

“It’s just as important as our current fundraiser for the homeless and low income families,” I add. “Please don’t forget to stop by and lend your support. Every donation counts!”


It’s not as easy as I hope, but I continue on. After a couple hours’ things start to pick up, but there are not as many donations for canned foods. Still, we do get many students to drop up to ten dollar bills in our donations cup.

“Thank you! The Delta Sigmas and Beta Gamma Kappas appreciate your support!” I call to them with a smile. I feel like I’m starting to sound like an animatronic doll.


I feel us starting to lose momentum, so I suggest to one of the Delta Sigma members, Bailey, that maybe some live entertainment might help.

“Hmm, I know a girl from Kappa Alpha Omega that might be able to do something.”

“On short notice?”

“Oh yes. She’s always ready to put on a show.”


An hour later, her friend shows up and sets up her speaker beside her. She then rips off her jacket to reveal a red suit getup and starts belting out tunes. I am totally caught off guard, but I have to admit, she is pretty amazing. Eventually she draws in a crowd and they all groove to the beat, dropping coins and dollar bills as she sings on.


Bailey grins at me. “See? I told you she’d be great!”

I nod my head in amazement. “You sure know how to pick them. She’s perfect!”

We watch her for a few more minutes before going back to the fundraiser.


Lizzie shows up a little later. She gets a lot of her writing club members to come and lend their support which helps us. Even Janice has some of her protest members from last year make an appearance. The fundraiser is really becoming a hit! If we are lucky, it just might be a remembered event on campus.


As the day comes to a close, the campus radio gives its ending announcements. I get on and thank everyone who stopped by to support us.

“But most of all, thank you all for showing your school spirit on one of the most magical days of the year. Happy Valentine’s day everyone!”

They then sign off.


Janice looks thrilled. “Nice job Abby! This turned out really nice.”

I beam. “I know, right? I was a bit worried, but everything came through!”

“Let’s just hope they do the same for my physical education petition.”


I am a bit surprised when I see Brad make an appearance. He is out with some guy I have not seen before.

“Nice to see you out and sober,” I joke.

Brad rolls his eyes. “All right, I deserved that.” He then sighs. “Sorry about that night. I was really wasted.”

“No kidding.”

The guy next to him laughs. “I told him to stop after that eighth shot.”

“Ryder please. That was nothing. I could take it.”

He scoffs. “Sure you could.”

Brad rolls his eyes. “So Abby, you got any plans for tonight?”

I frown. “Why?”

“Well it is Valentine’s day.”

“Well I-”

Like a flash, I then remember that I had a dinner date with Charls! How could I have forgotten? I glance at my phone and see it is past seven. We were supposed to meet an hour ago!

“Oh my gosh! I’ve got to go!” I say to Brad and then I hurry off.


Charls has left me like three messages when I check my phone, the last one saying he left the restaurant and went home after waiting for an hour. I am so mad at myself. I call him twice, but he doesn’t answer. He is probably furious with me.

It takes me another thirty minutes to help everyone clear everything up before I am able to head off. All the while I am feeling like the worst girlfriend ever. How could I leave Charls hanging like that? Especially after our last date?

“Hey didn’t you have a date tonight?” Tatyana asks me, and I shake my head.

“Don’t even start. I was so focused on today that I totally forgot.”

Tatyana whistles. “If I were you, I would plan something amazing to make up for it. No one wants to be stood up on Valentine’s day.”

I sigh. “Goodbye Tatyana.” I then rush off to my car.


When I get back to the dorm I call Charls three more times and finally decide to leave a message. But this time, I leave it on his frat’s house phone line.

“Charls, I know you’re mad at me and I totally don’t blame you, but if you get this message, I want you to come over to the house. I want to talk and make it up to you. Please. Please. I will wait up as long as I have to. I love you.” I then click the phone off. That should get his attention, and also possibly the attention of others…

I then bribe Selena and Kimberly to get the house to myself. I don’t have to worry about Lizzie because she is out with Michael and Janice is out with Greg. And with luck, maybe they won’t come back tonight.


I wait in my room for over an hour. Just when I start to think that Charls isn’t going to show, I hear the doorbell ring. I then open the front door and lead Charls up to my room before he gets a chance to say anything.


Charl looks a bit annoyed. “Abby, I can’t believe you left that message on the home phone line. You do realize that all the guys heard it?”

“You weren’t answering your phone!”

“And that surprised you?”

“No.” I sigh. “Look Charls, I’m sorry I missed our date tonight. I didn’t realize how late the fundraiser was going to go. I completely forgot that it was on the same day. My mind has been all over the place today.”


“Then why didn’t you just call me?”

“Because, my mind was too occupied! The fundraiser was a bit rocky at first, but then picked up toward the evening. I’m so sorry about standing you up. I wasn’t intending too. I love you.”


Charls sighs. “I love you too, and it’s okay. I probably should have figured you were still there.”

I then move closer to him. “So can I make it up to you?”

Charls looks at me curiously. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, no one’s the house, but me and you. And they won’t be coming back until late if at all.” I give him a flirtatious smile.

Charles glances around my room and smirks. “Abby, are those rose petals and lit candles?”

I giggle. “Yes. I know its cheesy, but I thought it’d set the mood.”


I then wrap my arms around him. “Come on, I’m trying here.”

Charls pulls me close to him. “You sure are.”


I then press my lips against his and soon we are kissing passionately in each other’s arms. And boy does it feel good. It has been quite a while since we have been together and I am itching for us to go further and fast.


We barely make it to my bed before giving into what I know we both have been dying to do for a while. With the soft smell of lavender and vanilla (Selena’s idea) and the dimness of the room, it only adds to our feelings of intensity. I have been with Charls many times before, but this time feels so different. I feel such a deep connection to him that I have not felt before. And in that moment when I reach the peak of ecstasy, I know. I know in my heart and soul, that he is the one.


When we finally pause for a moment I smile and kiss him gently. “I love you, Charls,” I whisper into his lips.

He pulls me closer and kisses me back. “I love you too, Abigail.” I feel my entire body tingle when he says my whole name. And then within seconds, we are back underwater in a whirlwind of passion and love.



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