Chapter 50: A Night To Remember (Abby’s POV)


Things get much better for Brad and I over the next week. Somehow that night at his party did the trick. For the next week, things are different. Brad calls me every other day and actually shows up to our lunch dates. I am starting to feel like things are getting back on track. That is until Valentine’s day comes and passes and Brad makes no plans with me. Fortunately, I have an exam so I am mostly occupied that day. Still, it would have been nice to go out on the most romantic day of the year.
I am thinking about this Saturday afternoon after checking out the Art exhibit at the Student union building, (I am looking for ideas for some new pieces) when I get a call from Brad.

“I’m sorry for not taking you out Valentine’s day,” he says. “I was wondering if I could make up for it tonight. You down?”

I smile. “Definitely. And it’s okay. I was busy worrying about that exam anyways. So what did you have in mind?”

“Well that is a surprise. Meet you at the Marmalade Inn tonight at eight?”

I grin having a pretty good idea what was in store for tonight. “Sounds amazing.”


I spend the rest of the afternoon going through my closet for outfits for tonight until finally settling on something classy yet also a bit casual. After all, I might not be wearing it for long…

Around seven fifty, I head out of my dorm for the hotel. I feel giddy and nervous like I did the first time we met. This night is going to be amazing.


I arrive at the hotel exactly at eight and head inside.

“Just go on inside miss,” the woman at the front desk says to me and I head toward the ballroom door entrance.

Brad is waiting for me by the door. “Wow, you look amazing,” he says with a smile.

I feel myself blush. “Thank you. You’re not so bad yourself.”

“Well, shall we?” Brad raises his arm to me and I take it.

“We shall,” I say and he leads me inside the ballroom.


After we finish our dinner of cracked crab and chocolate mousse cake (both of which were delicious), we head onto the dance floor to dance. I am used to club dancing, but this is nothing like that. Everyone on the dance floor is waltzing and Brad and I join in. I am so nervous about making a mistake, but he takes the lead, spinning me in circles as we move across the floor. I feel like I am in a fairy tale.


“Have I already mentioned how beautiful you look tonight,” Brad whispers to me.

I giggle. “Only a few times.”

“So I have little surprise for us upstairs in room 214. You want to head up?”

I feel my cheeks heating up. “I’d love to.”


Brad and I head up to the room together. My mouth drops when I open the door and enter. The room is beautiful. It is decorated with red and white heart shaped balloons and lit dimly by red candles. On the bedside table, is a box of chocolates and heart shaped cookies along with champagne and two glasses. I feel my heart melting. He definitely went all out.


“It’s amazing Brad,” I say, as I sit beside him on the room sofa. “I love it.”

Brad grins and pulls me close. “I thought you’d think so. So have I made up for yesterday yet?”

I smile and wrap my arms around him. “Almost,” I whisper.


In minutes, we are wrapping in each other’s arms kissing on the sofa. My heart is racing inside my chest faster than ever. We have never kissed like this before. So passionate and fiercely my insides are lighting on fire.


It takes everything in me to pull myself away. We are both looking at each other, our mouths brushing against each other’s gently.

“Brad,” my voice sounds breathless. “I love you.”

“Abby-” Before he can continue, his phone begins to ring. Brad scoffs and then lifts it up.

“Hello?” he says. He then rolls his eyes. “I’m sorry babe, this will just take a second.” He then steps outside the room.


When he steps out, I quickly slip out of my skirt and top. Brad isn’t the only one with a special surprise tonight. It had been a long time since we had been together and I was not going to miss out on it. Besides, the room is beautiful and perfect and I’m pretty sure that’s what Brad’s intentions are for tonight.


“I’m sorry about that,” Brad says when he comes back into the room. “That was just a call from Charls about…” He drifts off when he sees me lying on the mattress waiting for him. “Whoa…”

That was exactly the reaction I was hoping for. I giggle and blush slightly. “I thought I would slip into something more comfortable. You like?”

Brad’s face curls into a smile. “Definitely.”


Brad then slips into the bed beside me and pulls me into his arms. “So where were we?” He says, kissing my palm and hand.

I giggle feeling my hand being to tingle. “I think we were right about here.” I kiss his lips gently. “I love you,” I whisper.

Brad smiles. “I love you too Abby,” he whispers back and we slowly sink under the covers, kissing passionately in the dim candlelight of the room.


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