Lizzie’s Chaotic Summer: Chapter 17: Everlasting

(Hey my readers! Goodness, it has been very long since I have last posted. There has been so much going on in my RL that it has prevented me from being able to post. That said, here is the final chapter of Lizzie’s Chaotic Summer. I’m sorry that it has taken this long for me to post it, but I hope you enjoy it! I will be starting on Abby’s story soon, but at the moment there is a lot going on in my real life, mostly me trying to figure out my next move. I will hopefully be done with Abby’s story in the next few months, but we will see. I also really want to get started writing a new novel (while trying to query my first) and begin posting my new Sims 3 story, “The Wikaison Chronicles”. With it all, thank you for standing by me, those of you still reading, and I hope to be posting soon! 🙂 )


The next few weeks seem to go by quickly after I get home and before I know it, it is almost August. My birthday has finally arrived and I am now officially 22. Crazy how time flies!

I spend most of my morning working on my novel. I also start the outline on the novel idea I have been mulling over in my head. I’m thinking of calling it “Love On The Rocks,” or “Marooned In Paradise”, but those titles are still in works.

It is as I am working on it, that I hear a pop sound from my e-mail inbox. Clicking over to it, I see that I have received an e-mail back from Bessie Johnson from the Johnson Literary Agency. I immediately feel my heart clench. I had only sent that e-mail about five weeks ago and I was already hearing from her. Was that a good or bad sign?


Chest pounding, I click on the e-mail and pop it open full screen. It reads:

Dear Elizabeth Drake,

Thank you for your query for your novel, Discovering Selena. This contemporary novel sounds like a wonderful thought-provoking story of self-discovery and worth, tied in with the struggles of the heart. I would really like to see the full manuscript and I will respond in 6-8 weeks.


Bessie Johnson

Johnson Literary Agency


I can’t help but let out a little scream. Bessie Johnson liked my manuscript! She actually liked it, and now she wanted to me to send her the rest of it! This was the first time this had ever happened to me!

I then take a deep breath. “Don’t get your hopes up Liz,” I tell myself. “Just play it cool.” Still, I can’t keep from the excitement. I can just feel it in my bones that I’m getting closer to finally being on my way to publication.


I can’t help, but quickly shoot Abby and Janice texts about it and then post an update on my Myplace account. I had recently gotten one after persistent texts from Janice. She meant business about keeping Abby and I, along with all the other Beta Gamma Kappas in contact, and was willing to do it by any means necessary. Almost all of our fellow sorority sisters had accounts now.

As soon as I post, I get several comments on my status, from Abby, Janice, Tatyana, Carrie, Selena, and Kimberly, as well as from some of our newer recruits. They all seem to by saying the same thing,

“We told you so!”

I’d like to point out that there is still no guarantee that Bessie is going to choose me for a client, but I decide not to open that box. I really need to be more positive about it. After all, I still haven’t heard back from University of Maurana City and it is making me super anxious! That said, I need to think more positively. With the luck I have suddenly been struck with, maybe I will get lucky with an acceptance letter as well. I guess time will tell.

Screenshot-5776 (2)

I then also read through my several “Happy Birthday” comments and type a thank you before logging off the computer.

Being my birthday and everything, I had planned to spend the day with my parents and Judy. In the evening, Michael is going to take me out on a date and possibly have a nightcap back at his apartment. This will kind of be practice for me since I may be moving into his apartment soon. That is, after I find out what is going on with my graduate schools.

It’s crazy, but ever since I came back, it would seem that my mother and father were trying to work things out. They had decided to start seeing a marriage counselor and had been doing so for the past two weeks. They were still a long way from perfect, but at least it was something.

After shutting down my laptop, I touch up my face in front of my mirror. Downstairs, I hear the doorbell ring and roll my eyes. It was probably Tommy again. He and Judy had been glued at the hip for the past week. Things were progressing for them very well!

Screenshot-5777 (2)

I decide to wait a bit longer before going downstairs. My parents were not going to be home from the marriage counselor for another thirty minutes, so I figure that Judy could hang with Tommy alone for a while. That is until my stomach starts to grumble and I realize I haven’t eaten anything all morning. I definitely need some nourishment. I then leave my room and head for the kitchen.

Screenshot-5779 (2)

I am surprised when I enter into the dining room and I see Michael standing there. He is twiddling his thumbs and humming quietly and I can’t help but laugh.

Screenshot-5787 (2)

“Hey babe,” I say, wrapping my arms around him. “What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t coming till evening?”

“I know, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.”

I smile and give him a peck on his lips. “That’s sweet. Thank you.”

Screenshot-5793 (2)

“There is also something else.”

I frown. “What is it?”

Michael then pulls back and looks me straight in my eyes. “Lizzie, you know how much I love you, right?”

I give him a funny smile. “Of course! I love you too.”

“You remember the start of your sophomore year at Aberdale U when we met up in the student union building?”

I nod. “I remember.”

“Do you remember what I said when you asked me if I still wanted to be with you?”

I giggle, thinking back to that day. “Yes. You said you wanted to be with me since the first day we met, when I nearly plowed you down on that sidewalk.”

Michael smiles. “I meant it Lizzie, just like I do now when I say, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Screenshot-5798 (2)

Him saying that, causes the wheels in my brain to spin.

“Michael, what are you-”

I drift off when he lets go of me and starts bending down on his left knee. I instantly feel my heart beginning to beat faster. Is he doing what I think he is?

Screenshot-5805 (2)

“Lizzie, I know I caught you off guard the first time I asked and with everything going on with you then, you weren’t ready. But my feelings are still the same.”

I am still frozen to my spot just watching him in silence. He then surprises me a step further by producing a velvet black box from his pocket and holding it out to me. My breath catches in my throat. This is happening, it is really happening.

“I love you more than anything Lizzie,” he continues, “and I want to spend the rest of my life showing you just how much.”

Screenshot-5808 (2)

Michael then pulls out of the box the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever seen; with gorgeous line markings around the rim and at the top, a shining diamond with matching minis ones, on either side of it.

“Elizabeth Junette Drake,” Michael pauses, looking more anxious than ever, “will you marry me?”

I exhale deeply trying to take it all in. Yes, it is the second time that Michael has asked me, but it feels so much more real with him kneeling before me, basically with his heart on his sleeve. Unlike the first time, when all I was thinking about was dread and feeling completely panicked, I am surprised by how much different I feel now.

Screenshot-5812 (2)

My heart is swelling with excitement and love for Michael and I slowly break into a smile.

“Yes, Michael,” I say, feeling tears filling my eyes. “I will.”

I can’t help but laugh at the look of relief in his eyes as he pushes the diamond ring onto my finger. I think he had really been thinking I was going to turn him down again!

Screenshot-5815 (2)

I then hold out my hand to admire the ring. It really does look like it is made for my hand. The golden circular ring with the diamonds in the center, were shining beautifully on my now tanned golden skin. Michael really knows me well.

Screenshot-5820 (2)

“It’s beautiful, Michael,” I say pulling him into a hug. “I’m never taking it off.”

Michael holds me even tighter. “Is that a promise?”

I grin. “Definitely.”

Screenshot-5791 (2)

I then lean my head back toward him and kiss him once again.

When my parents get back thirty minutes later, they are both thrilled to hear my news. Even Judy is ecstatic, going on and on about wedding dresses and the most beautiful design label. It’s as if she and Abby have morphed into one.

Screenshot-5824 (2)

I am happy when Michael and I are back at his place and sitting on his living room couch. Or should I say, our, for I will now be moving in, in a week.

I glance at my ring again and can’t believe how the past month and a half has been. Me, graduating from college, moving back home, finding out about my parents, Judy and I fighting, to me going to Marina Beach and getting stranded on an island. Now I sit here weeks later, a newly engaged woman, which still sounds so weird to say.

All in all, things were really looking up. All I need now, is to find out whether or not I have been accepted to my last three remaining graduate schools, but that’s a worry for another day.

Screenshot-5826 (2)

Right now, I just want to focus on the good in my life, and that is being here with my fiancé and the love of my life.

As Michael leans over and kisses me once again, my body relaxes in ease as it did our night together on the island. Everything feels as if it is falling into place and I can’t wait to see what the future has to hold for me.



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