Chapter 9: Sorrow Partings (Lizzie’s POV)


The next couple of days go by fast. I spend most of them just attending classes and doing homework. It is not until Thursday that I get a bit of free time. Two of my classes only meet Monday through Wednesday, so after my 12 o’clock class gets out, I am done for the day. Feeling a bit hungry, I head to a nearby café for a snack. I don’t really feel like eating at the diner today and watching Abby chat with her new friends. She has barely said a word to me for the past couple days and I am really annoyed. It’s like in the past few days she has become a completely different person.


“And what will you be having today?” the cashier asks me when I approach the counter.

“I’ll just have a cranberry muffin.” Somehow thinking about all the chaos with Abby has made me lose my appetite.


I quickly finish my muffin and after placing the empty plate on the collection counter, I decide to get a start on my paper due next Friday. With my date with Kendal already being tomorrow, I don’t want to be worry about anything else, just how to make my date with him perfect, if that is even possible. I know it is supposed to be kind of casual, but I have never really been on a date before. I don’t know what to expect.


Using some sources from the internet, I am able to get most of my paper done in the next two hours. Then of course some guys come trudging in (frat boys most likely) and I find it harder to focus. Could they be any louder?


After an hour and a half, they finally leave and I am able to finish my paper. At least I won’t have that to think about tomorrow. As I sit back to relax, I see something that makes me tense up again. Abby is standing just outside the café door talking to the girl I have been seeing her with for the past few days. I sigh deeply and slip my laptop into my backpack.


I get up and walk a little closer to the window to get a better look. Yes, it is indeed Abby and that girl. Suddenly I can’t take it anymore. Abby and I haven’t spoken in days and that was not like us. We had been friends for years and the most we have ever not talked to each other was a whole day. And even that is really rare.


Taking a deep breath, I push open the café door and step outside. It has started to rain, but I ignore the wet drops and walk over to Abby.

“So when will I find out?” Abby was asking the girl.

“Soon. Today most likely. Charlotte will here in just a bit and she will tell you what you need to do. You follow through with this last task and you will be a Tri-Fruhm for sure.”

Abby smiles and fist pumps the air.

“A Tri-Fruhm?” I mutter quietly. Was Abby trying to pledge to a sorority?

The other girl then turns and notices me. She gives me a dirty look and frowns. “Can we help you with something?” she asks rudely.

Abby turns to me and her eyes widen. “Lizzie,” she says, and then turns back to the other girl. “Clare, just give me a second.”


She then leads me to a corner by the café shop door. “Lizzie! What are you doing here?” she asks anxiously.

I frown. “Well, I was getting some homework done until I saw you outside. I thought maybe we could talk.”

Abby scratches the back of her neck nervously. “Do you think maybe we could talk later? Now isn’t really the best time.”

“Clearly. Wouldn’t want you sorority friend to notice.”

Abby drops her hand. “What?”

I roll my eyes. “Never mind. I just wanted to ask what was going on with you, but I think I just got my answer.”


I push beside her and head back inside the café, but Abby follows me.

“Hold it,” she says, blocking my path, “what was that supposed to mean?”

“I think you know what it means Abby.” When she gives me a confused expression, I roll my eyes again. “Abby, since we got here, you have been a completely different person! You hardly talk to me and you walk around hanging with people like-like-”


“Like what?” Abby says frowning at me.

“You know what,” I say returning her look of anger. “Those girls. You used to hate people like that. Now, they are all you hang out with. What is going on with you?”

“Nothing is going on with me Lizzie! I am just growing up! Something apparently you have issues with. You are still stuck in high school!”


My jaw drops. “What?”

“You have always been the outcast never wanting to step out and do anything. Well maybe I’m tired of being that girl following in your shadow. I want to get out there and have fun! Meet new people and experience life! This is who I am and if you have a problem with it, then maybe you don’t really know me!”

I am totally speechless. An outcast? Is that really what she thought of me?


I stare at her for a minute in silence. “Well, Abby, I don’t know what to say. I guess you are right. You are definitely not the Abby I knew and was friends with. The Abby I knew, would never say something like that to me, but it is clear that you aren’t her anymore.” I look around and notice some people have stopped to look at us.


Not wanting to make a bigger scene than we already had, I grab my backpack from my table and swing it onto my shoulder.

“Goodbye, Abby,” I say to her, and then walk out of the café. I am still so stunned and hurt that not even the rain can mask my tears.


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