Chapter 2: Abby Clawson


I wake up early in the morning feeling super refreshed. It’s a brand new day, and the start of the rest of my life. Well, the start of my college life. I am so excited! I have been waiting for this day for the whole summer. Being on my own, going to awesome parties, and flirting with cute college boys. Oh yes! I know my best friend Lizzie would say I should know where my priorities are, but really, why can’t I do both?

My name is Abigail Clawson, Abby for short. I have lived in this small town of Aberdale for most of my life, which is another reason why I can’t wait to get to Aberdale University. It’s a little closer to the city, and it will definitely be exciting to get out of this town for a while.


I quickly take a shower and get dressed, stopping by the mirror to touch up my face. Afterall, this will be my first day on campus and I want to look my best.


I go back into my room and pause looking around. I can’t believe I am leaving the room that has been so dear to me for the past 18 years. In a way, it’s kind of sad, keyword being “kind of.” I am still so psyched to see my new room on campus. I will be sharing it with Lizzie!


I head out of my room and then down the stairs. On my way through the family room, I notice that mom’s potted herb plant hasn’t been watered again. Sighing, I take the water can and quickly sprinkle some water onto it. Who knows when it will be watered again? Mom has been so busy lately that she hasn’t had time. I understand though, being a single mom can’t be easy. Dad left us years before with his slutty office temp, so we have been on our own  for quite a while. Lord knows that I have not always made it easy for her. I will only admit that now, but not to her face. Still, I will say she has raised me well, and is doing an amazing job with my little brother Tommy. I can’t believe he is already starting sixth grade! They grow so fast!


After putting away the water can, I walk to the door and then head out. I can’t believe this is going to be my last time here for the next few months. It‘s Crazy!


I step outside and take a deep breath. It’s time to being a new day. By this late afternoon, Lizzie and I will be at Aberdale University. It’s still so hard to believe. Still, I should hurry and get over to her place before she starts texting me that I’m late. She is so paranoid about that king of thing. Me, I like to live in the moment and relax.


I should mention that we live really close to each other, like right across the street from each other close. It has made it convenient for past 12 years for sleepovers and anytime we wanted to see each other.


I hurry across the street, cutting through Mrs. Drake’s patch of flower shrubs. I know Lizzie hates it when I do that, but I can’t help it! It’s become a habit over the years.


After climbing the doorsteps, I ring the doorbell and wait for Lizzie to answer.


Lizzie opens the door a minute later and pulls me into a hug. “Hey! You’re on time for once!” she says laughing.

“For once? I’m not always late!” I protest, but Lizzie just shakes her head.

“So you excited for today?”

“Well, duh!” I nudge her elbow. “So are you going to let me in, or what?’

“Oh yah!” Lizzie smiles and moves aside for me to enter.


I enter inside after her and head into the family room. Lizzie and I then sit on the couch and discuss all the details about our drive. I can tell Lizzie is a little anxious and I suppose I am a bit too. Even so, I can’t break the excited feeling in my chest. We are finally going to be college students!



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