Chapter 11: Friday Night Highlights


Friday afternoon, I hurry back to my dorm from my last class and spend the rest of the day preparing for my date with Kendal. I decide to do my best to push my encounter with Abby out of my mind. This is no easy task, but I have to if I want to have a good time with Kendal tonight. Abby isn’t the only one who can have fun. If she thinks I am an outcast, fine. Let her think it. I know I’m not. If I was, would I even be going out on a date?

Several hours later, I am all ready to go. I stare anxiously at my room clock until it is almost six, and then I head over to the movie theater, which happens to be right across the street from my dorm.


It’s not long before Kendal shows up, looking handsome as ever. Before going to the movie, we stop at a café near the theater to grab dinner, deciding on burgers and fries. Then together, we walk back to the theater and head inside.


We then head to the ticket booth. As I am entering in some information into my ticket machine, I notice someone watching me nearby.


I recognize her as Kimberly Hawke. She is a TA from my English 101 class and from what I heard, one of the members of the sorority, Tri-Fruhm. The sorority Abby is trying to pledge for. I roll my eyes and take my ticket from the machine. The last thing I need to do is start thinking about Abby again.


I quickly make my way past her avoiding eye contact and follow Kendal through the ticket scanner machine. I am amazed at how high tech the machines are here.


Entering the movie screening room, I see Kendal taking a seat in the back row. I follow suit and sit beside him. The movie we were watching was a thriller called, From Within. It was a movie about a paranoid man that thinks he is being stalked, but no one will believe him. There is supposed to be some plot twist and I was curious to know what that was.


The movie turns out to be a bit more comedic than I think it was supposed to be. Or maybe it is just funny to Kendal and I. The special effects are pretty low, so the scenes come across as funny rather than scary. I can already predict the ending.

“It’s his doctor that is doing this, isn’t it?” I whisper to Kendal and he laughs.

“You know, I was thinking the same thing. They couldn’t be more obvious, having him show up in all the obvious scenes.”

I laugh, and sure enough in the next thirty minutes, it is revealed that the man’s psychologist is the stalker.

“You called it,” Kendal whispers, and we both laugh again.


“Do you like watching thrillers a lot?” I whisper to Kendal. After figuring out the movie’s villain, the movie has become somewhat dull.

“Mostly. Though I have to say, I also like to watch horror movies as well.”

“I can’t handle horror movies. My friend Abby always used to tease me about-” I break off cursing to myself. I had said that I was not going to think about Abby for the rest of the night, but it was starting to feel impossible.

“Your friend Abby what?” Kendal whispers back, but I shake my head.

“Forget it. It wasn’t important. Wait a minute, what?”


We both look at the screen and are completely stunned when it is revealed that the main character was actually imagining everything that had happened. He was in a mental facility the whole entire time and had just been imagining the whole movie in his mind. “Hence the name From Within, duh,” I think. I can’t believe I was so gullible. Still, Kendal and I both laugh and stand from our seats.

“That has got to be the weirdest movie I had ever seen,” I say to him as we head out of the theater.

“Agreed. At least I can scratch it off my “to watch” list.”


Once we are back in the lobby, I notice how late it has gotten. It is almost nine in the evening.

“Well, thanks for inviting me out,” I say to Kendal. “It has been quite a while since I have been out on a date. Well, if I am being honest, I haven’t, ever.”

“Well that’s a shame. A lot of guys are missing out.”


I blush and tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear. “Thanks. That’s sweet.”

“I mean it. Any guy would be lucky to be out with you and well, I’m glad I got the chance.” I notice his cheeks redden slightly and I resist the temptation to giggle. My heartbeat has started to increase again and my cheeks feel hot. What do I do now? I had never been on a date before, and I wasn’t sure what else to say or do.

That said, I do the only thing I can think of to do.


Without thinking, I lean forward and kiss Kendal on his lips. I think I take him by surprise, for I feel him freeze for a second before he kisses me back. His lips are gentle on mine and for a moment, I forget that I am standing in the lobby of a movie theater.  Then as quickly as I kissed him, I pull away, feeling my cheeks heating up even more.

“I-I’m sorry. I don’t know where that came from.”

Kendal grins and shakes his head. “Don’t be.”

“No really,” I feel completely flustered. “I don’t know where that-”


Before I can finish my sentence, Kendal pulls me toward him and presses his lips against mine again. I instantly become mute and feel myself melt into his arms. My thoughts of Abby and our fight, all fade from my mind and all I can think about is him. Kendal is kissing me, and for a moment, everything seems right.


Kendal then gets a call a moment later from his roommate, so he ends up having to cut our date short. I don’t mind though. This has still been a night I will never forget. Besides, my dorm is right across the street.

After using the bathroom, I slip on my jacket and head out into the night. I am so caught up in my thoughts of Kendal, that I am not paying attention and run right into someone.

“Sorry,” I start, but then freeze when I see who it is. Michael Dawson.

“So we meet again,” Michael says and grins. “Hello Lizzie.”


I feel my cheeks flush, but I try to ignore it. “Hi Michael,” I say quietly. I can’t understand why being around him makes me so nervous.

“Are you coming from one of the festival showings?” he says, nodding his head toward the theater doors. “I watch them from time to time. What are they showing today?”

“Oh, no, I didn’t. I went to see one of the new flicks. From Within.”

“I’ve been meaning to see that one. Is it any good?”

“It’s a mind trip actually. I left feeling really confused.”

Michael laughs and I smile shyly.

“So, did you come alone?” he asks.

I shake my head. “No, I had a date.”


“Really? Who’s the lucky guy?”

I feel my hands starting to tingle . “A guy I met at the writing club. His name is Kendal.”

Michael raises his eyebrows. “Kendal Duton?”

“Yes, actually. Do you know him?”

“He’s in my Bio-Chem. class. Funny, you don’t really strike me as the type of girl he would date.”

I frown. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, that you don’t really seem like his type.”

Suddenly my tingling hands start to fade away. “Well, that’s an interesting thing to say considering that you don’t even know me, but thanks.” I then turn to leave, but he pulls me back.

“Wait, I’m sorry. That didn’t come out right. I just meant that I’ve seen the girls Kendal dates and well, they are nothing like you. And I mean that in a good way.”


I narrow my eyes and study his face, but I see no signs of insincerity. “Well then, thank you. I guess.” I smile and tuck a strand of hair behind my ear. “I should get going though. It’s getting a bit late.”

“You know, I could walk you.”

“That’s sweet, but my dorm is right across the street.” I point in the direction of Aderson hall.

“Ah, well that’s convenient. You can see movies anytime you want.”

I nod. “True. Well, nice seeing you again, Michael,” I say, and then I head across the street to my dorm.

“Later Lizzie,” I hear him call after me, and I feel my hands start to tingle again.


When I get back into my room, I change into my P.Js and slip into bed. I know I should be more irritated with Michael for ruining my mood, but I realize that I’m not. I’m still too happy with my date and soon I slip into a deep slumber with sweet thoughts of Kendal running through my head.



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