Year 2: Chapter 10: Surprises (Lizzie’s POV)


I feel so energized when I wake up Monday morning. The story reading last Thursday had gone very well and we managed to snag a few new writing club members. Carrie of course, was so thrilled that she couldn’t wait to tell me. Which meant receiving a call at five in the morning just to say so. That girl is too much. I will say that I do hope she is going into marketing. She definitely would excel in that.


After making my bed, I walk to the bathroom and then take a shower. My communications class was cancelled, so I am happy to have some more time before heading to my next class. I also am happy to not have to deal with my crazy professor who seemed to have a strange grudge against me.

I haven’t really worked much on my novel this past weekend. I have been a bit preoccupied with Michael. We are exploring new territory and I’m loving every minute of it. We’ve been spending a lot of time together and I am a bit surprised he hasn’t gotten tired of me yet. Still, every moment I spend with him is even better than the last.

After I finish my shower, I get dressed, grab a bagel from the kitchen, and then head for the library.


I am now starting another edit of my story with all the critiques I have received. I had previously given a copy of my novel to some of the writing club members last week so now I was looking over their feedback. For the most part, it was all helpful except for some of Carrie’s edits. I think she got a bit carried away. My novel is starting to sound like she wrote it instead of me! I don’t even know where she found the time to edit the whole thing. The other writing club members have only given me feedback on some of my chapters. Still, everything has been very helpful.

I remain in the library for the next couple of hours before checking my watch. My next class starts in ten minutes. I quickly log off the library computer and head off.


By the time I get out from my humanities class later that afternoon, the sky has darkened like usual. I am about to go back to the dorm, when I hear a beep from my phone. Looking down, I see a text from Janice asking to meet up at the café downtown. I smile and text her back, “Sure! Be there soon!”

I then head over to my car and start the engine.


I doesn’t take long and soon I am walking in through the doors of the café. I spot Abby and Janice sitting at a table up ahead, so I quickly walk over.

“Hey guys!” I say flashing them a smile. I then pause. Both Janice and Abby are looking back and forth between each other uncomfortably. I feel a bit confused. Was I missing something? Didn’t Janice text me to come?


“Um, everything okay you guys?” I ask, as I take a seat beside Janice.

Abby nods. “Yes, everything is fine. Why?”

“Because you two look a bit weird.”

Janice glances at Abby. “Abby, you have the floor,” she says, and then she takes a bite of her muffin, sitting on a plate in front of her.

Abby bites her lip looking nervous.

I frown. “Abby, what is going on? You’re worrying me. Did something bad happen?” I then remember that there was an Alpha Annya frat party just this past weekend. Had something happened there?


“Did everything go okay at the Alpha Annyas’ party last week?” I ask.

“Yes…well, yes and no.” “Abby sighs. “Things were a bit awkward with Charls frat brothers, but I managed. I did run into Taylor though, and that was not pleasant.”

I scoff. “I’m sure it wasn’t. After all, we did shut down her sorority’s chapter last year. But they did deserve it.” I shake my head. “I swear, sororities are the worst.”

I think back to that prank the Tri-Fruhms had done on me last year and worst of all, having it all caught on video; the whole campus seeing me swimming around in my birthday suit. I shudder. Even though it had happened almost a year ago, I don’t think I will ever be able to forget it.

“Y-yeah,” Abby says, and bites her lip again. “S-so, I have to tell you something.”

I smile. “Shoot.”

“You remember Kimberly Hawke?”

I think for a minute. “Isn’t she the one from the Tri-Fruhms that helped us take them down last year?”

Abby nods.

“Then yes I remember. What about her?”


“Well, a few weeks ago, I ran into her at the art building and we talked for a bit.” Abby swallows. “She then invited me to a rush party at the…Alpha Beta Phi Greek house.”

“Wow, that’s rich.” I laugh. “What did you say?”

“Well, I was going to say no, but she kept insisting. So I finally agreed to go.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Wait, you went? To a Greek rush party?”

Abby nods.

I stare at her in surprise. “But, why?” I am really curious to know her answer. I had thought that after everything that had happened last year with the Tri-Fruhms, joining a sorority would be the farthest thing from her mind.

Abby sighs again. “I don’t know. I guess I just wanted to be there for Kimberly.”

I give her a look. “Are you sure that’s it?”


“Okay, maybe I was a bit curious too. Anyways, we showed up and no one was there. It turns out that the Alpha Beta Phis were just playing a prank on us.” Abby shakes her head. “Apparently what we did last year has spread to all the other sororities and fraternities. They think I am tainted, basically, a snitch. So now, I can’t really pledge to anything. Kimberly even tried to pledge to the Alpha Beta Phis by herself and they wouldn’t let her because she was involved in what we did to the Tri-Fruhms last year. It really sucks.”

I frown. “Well, I’m sorry for Kimberly, but I’m still confused. You sound like you were actually hoping that you could get in. Are you pledging again?”

Abby swallows. “Well…kind of.”


I just stare at her. “Oh,” is all I am able to say.

Janice sets her muffin down and looks between the two of us quietly.

“And that’s not it,” Abby continues. “I talked to Kimberly today and she gave me an idea. She wants me to…start a new sorority.”

My eyes widen. “What?”

“She wants me to start a new sorority. You know, be in charge and stuff.”


“And I’ve been going over it in my head all today, and I think I might do it.”

The table goes silent after she says those words. I have no idea what to say. I feel like I had just been slapped in the face. After everything we had gone through together last year, even Abby herself, I cannot believe she wanted to get involved with all that sorority stuff again. It’s funny though. My mom had told me over the summer, that she felt that Abby had not completely let go of her wish to be in a sorority. I told her that she was wrong of course, and that I was sure Abby had let it go. Now here we were and not only was she not over it, she wanted to start her own!

“Well, I think it’s an interesting idea,” Janice says, breaking our silence. “With starting a new sorority, you can make a new goal and message. Something different from all the other sororities. They are all so focused on popularity and parties that it would be nice to have a sorority more focused on the people and the real goal of sororities. Sisterhood.”


Abby smiles. “That’s right! That would be my main goal. The sororities here are not as focused on the bonding of their sisters. They care more about how well known they are and using their popularity to over-power others. My sorority would be nothing like that. We would focus on providing a great environment for sisterhood bonding and focus on doing events to help Aberdale University.”

Janice grins and takes another bite of her muffin. “Sounds good. You might even get me even interested. What do you think Lizzie?”

I am honestly surprised that they even remember I am sitting there. They seem off in their own world planning away. I just can’t believe all that I am hearing. Abby was going to start her own sorority, and Janice was actually…agreeing?


I look up and see both Abby and Janice looking at me. I sigh and then clear my throat. While I was completely against this, I didn’t want to hurt Abby’s feelings. Then again, Abby had completely blindsided me.

“Honestly Abby, I don’t know what to think, but if this is what you want, then…okay.”


Abby looks a little hopeful. “So, you are okay with it? Because I was thinking that I could really use your help figuring out the rules and-”

“I’m not saying I agree with it,” I say quickly, cutting her off, “I just mean that if it is what you want to do, then I won’t stop you. I however, want nothing to do with it. I haven’t forgotten what I had to endure because of the Tri-Fruhms and I have no interest being a part of anything that has to do with a sorority.”

Abby sighs. “But Lizzie, that was just one sorority! Not all sororities are like that! That was just the Tri-Fruhms!”

“What about the Alpha Beta Phis?”

“Well, I guess them too, but-”

“And the Alpha Annyas?”

“Well not all of them, but some I guess.”

I shake my head. “I really can’t believe you want to go through this again. I mean, Abby, it almost cost us our friendship!”

“It won’t this time!” Abby looks desperate. “I will be the one running this sorority and I won’t let something like that happen to anyone.”


I just shake my head and exhale deeply. “If you say so Abby. I wish you the best, but I’m sorry. I can’t be any part of it. I just can’t.”

Abby’s face falls. “Okay, but I really hope you change your mind.”

“I’m sorry Abby, but I won’t.” I feel like screaming, but I hold my frustration in. I really can’t believe this is all happening again. Abby was going to start a sorority and I was terrified that she was going to morph back into the backstabbing friend she had been last year. What was I going to do if she did?

Janice lets out a loud belch that catches both Abby’s attention and mine.

“Sorry, but better out than in,” she says and we all laugh. Still, I can’t get myself to relax. “Everything is going to be fine,” I tell myself, but deep down, all I feel is dread.



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