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Year 2: Chapter 52: Welcome to Beta Gamma Kappa! : Part 2: (Abby’s POV)

Screenshot-4535 (2)

I barely notice how fast the last two weeks of school go by. I am just so happy. I had been so worried about my relationship with Charls that I hadn’t really thought about anything else. What a relief it was to have him back, and boy have we been making up for lost time.

I find myself blushing in my final glass blowing class, as my mind wonders over to thinking about our passionate night together. And yes, it was passionate.

Somehow it reflects in my final project and my professor praises my vase saying the shape is very sensual and full of tender feelings. Thank God Janice wasn’t here. She would have spent the rest of class joking about it.

I then turn in my glass vase along with my stain glass bowl and then head out. I have really enjoyed taking the class. Kimberly was right on. I only hope the classes I chose for Fall quarter (Art and Architecture) will be as interesting.

Screenshot-5207 (2)

As I leave the building, I look up and then heave a long sigh. Brad is standing just some ways in front of me.

“What do you want, Brad?” I say walking past him. I really don’t have time for him right now. I had to meet Janice at the student union for a study session.

Brad clears his throat. “I wanted to talk to you. I don’t like the way we…left things.”

“I think we’ve talked enough.”

“Abby please-”

I grit my teeth. “Please what? Brad, you helped sabotage the final event of the Greek Olympics just so my sorority would lose! What else is there to say?

“I want to say, I’m sorry.”

Screenshot-5210 (2)

“It was a pretty low thing to do,” he continues. “I guess I just got so caught up in myself, that I wasn’t thinking. This thing with you and Charls…it’s hard for me.”

“Well, you really need to let it go.”

“He was my friend, Abby. My best friend. I just never thought that you and him would…” he drifts off staring toward the ground.

My face softens. I am actually surprised that he hasn’t brought this up before.

Screenshot-5209 (2)

I sigh deeply. “Brad, I can’t say that I regret getting together Charls because he is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, but I am sorry about the pain that it caused you. Charls and I didn’t get together to hurt you.…we just fell in love. And not to be rude, but you lost the privilege to have an opinion about who I date when you cheated on me with Clare.”

Brad scoffs. “Why do you always have to bring that up?”

“Because it’s what happened!” I frown. “You cheated on me with her for months and when I found out, it broke my heart. I thought I would never be able to go on.” I smile. “But Charls was there for me. He and Lizzie.”

“He preyed on you,” Brad snaps. “He took advantage of the fact that you were…hurting.”

I roll my eyes. “No, he didn’t. He was a friend to me, and as for us getting together, that happened on its own. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to accept that.”

We both stare at each other in silence.

“I have to go,” I say finally. “I’m meeting up with a friend at the student union.” I then start to walk away.

“You know, I really did love you,” Brad calls after me. “I-I think I still do.”

I pause for a second and take a deep breath. “I loved you too, Brad,” I say, and then continue down the sidewalk.

Screenshot-5409 (2)

When I reach the top floor of the student union building, Janice is already seated at one of the tables studying from her sports medicine textbook. I quickly join her at the table and pull out my textbooks to study as well.

We study for the next few hours, chatting all the while. I know it is a bit distracting to Janice, but I can’t help it. I am still so excited about everything that has happened with our sorority.

Screenshot-5411 (2)

“So, I’m thinking by next year we should try to recruit five more pledges!”

Janice looks up. “Five?”

“Yes! I want us to build up the members in our chapter. Right now, it is only the six of us.”

“Seven if we count Carrie. Is she still joining?”

I shrug. “I don’t know, I haven’t seen her since the Olympics.” I then perk up. “You know, I was thinking about throwing a party for the end of finals. Our first party as a sorority.”

Screenshot-5412 (2)

Janice nods and then flips a page. “That sounds fun. Just don’t exclude anyone this time.”

“I never excluded-”

“I know, I’m just joking!”

Janice smirks and I roll my eyes. I still don’t know where Kelsy got the idea that she and the Kappa Alpha Omegas were not allowed to attend our Greek formal.

“So how are things with you and Charls?”

I beam. “Wonderful.”

“Oh, I know, it was a rhetorical question. I think the whole house knows how good things are between you two.”

“Janice!” My face turns bright red.

Janice just laughs and highlights a passage with her neon orange highlighter.

Screenshot-5406 (2)

I close my book and then rise from my chair. “I-I’m going to go get something from the vending machines,” I say and then walk over to the nearest machine.

After slipping in two dollars, I punch in the code for a Coca Cola and then retrieve it from the hole underneath. Goodness, I had thought that Charls and I had finally learned to be discreet, but clearly not if the whole house could hear us!

Screenshot-5404 (2)

“You know, I was just teasing,” Janice then says appearing by my side.

I smile. “I know, it’s just a bit awkward.”

Janice laughs. “Hey, truthfully, I can’t really talk. There is a reason why I always go to Greg’s apartment.” She then winks and walks back to the table.

I stare after her wide eyed. Now that was way more than I wanted to know about her!

Screenshot-5413 (2)

We spend thirty minutes eating our snacks and then resume back to our studying. I don’t think I have ever studied so hard. I really want to get a good score on my Geology exam. Things have gotten a bit more challenging, but I still want to reach my goal of a 3.5 gpa.

Screenshot-5399 (2)

After the fourth hour, Janice and I call it quits. We then walk over to one of the nearby tennis tables. Janice then totally owns me at a game of tennis. I swear, she can hit that ball back and forth at lightning speed! No wonder she beat everyone at the Greek Olympics. All in all, it was a nice release. All that studying had made me pretty cranky.



Screenshot-4950 (2)

That said, it does pay off. When I start my finals that Monday, I am surprised to find the answer to each question coming to me. Even with my Geology class, the answers are just flying into my head unlike all the other times when I was pondering around and eventually had to guess.

I then finish my exam and after checking over my answers, I turn it in and leave class twenty-five minutes early. I only hope that I did as well as I thought I did.

Screenshot-3826 (2)

“Stop worrying,” Charls says to me as we cuddle together that Thursday night. Classes have finally ended for the summer and I will know my final grades by tomorrow.

“I can’t,” I say, resting my head upon his shoulder. “I am determined to lift my gpa this quarter.”

“And you will. You’ve been studying like crazy. I’m sure you’re going to pass that class.”

“True.” I smile. “I’ll bet you’re happy you don’t have to deal with all this anymore.”

Charls laughs. “I can’t lie, I won’t. Although I will miss seeing you.”

Screenshot-3839 (2)

“You still taking that job at Hillman corp?” Charls had told me that he had received two job offers from two big businesses. The one at Hillman corp seemed to be the one he was leaning more towards.

Charls smiles. “I am definitely thinking about it. Like I said, I can work from anywhere. They actually have an office downtown.”

I look up. “Really?”
“Yah. So if I take it, I’ll be working from right here.”

I bite my lip. “Not trying to sway, but it would be nice to still see you every day.”

“Well, you just might be in luck.”

I grin. “I am so happy for your graduation. Whose all coming?”

Screenshot-3838 (2)

Charls seems to become a bit distant when I ask. He then shrugs. “Well, I know my brother, Ben is coming with his wife, Liza, but I don’t know about my parents or my sister, Celine.”

I frown and sit up. “Really? Your parents aren’t coming? How can they miss your big day?”

“It’s not that big,” Charls protests, but when he sees the look on my face, he sighs. “The thing is, I didn’t really invite them.”

“Really? How come?”

Charls looks away. “It’s complicated.”

I touch his cheek with my hand. “Tell me.”

Charls rubs the back of his neck. “I really don’t like to talk about it, but basically some stuff went down between me and dad that kind of wrecked things between us. I haven’t really spoken to him or my mom since.”

Screenshot-3829 (2)

I move back into Charls’s arms. “It sounds like it was really serious.”

“It-it was.” Charl then shakes his head. “But let’s not worry about that. Right now, I just want to focus on you, my love.”

I giggle and pull him closer. “And I you,” I say back, faking a British accent and we begin to kiss again.

Screenshot-3840 (2)

I don’t know how long we lay kissing like that, but the next thing I know, we are lying beside each other with my eyelids heavy. I just lay staring into Charls beautiful eyes until I finally drift off to sleep.

Screenshot-5179 (2)

When I wake up several hours later, I feel comforted to see Charls lying beside me. He opens his eyes when I stretch.

“Morning,” he says and I laugh.

“Morning.” I then hear the clanging of pots downstairs. I look over at the clock and realize it is almost twelve. Everyone is probably already up. This would be a good time for him to leave before Kimberly notices.

Screenshot-5186 (2)

Charls on the other hand, has other ideas. “You have to go,” I say as he reaches over to start kissing me again.

“Come on Abby,” he says, and my heart lurches with excitement.

“Charls, they’re all downstairs-”

“They won’t hear us.”

“They did last-”

Screenshot-5187 (2)

Charls cuts off my last word with a kiss and soon I let myself surrender to him. We then kiss tenderly as we roll upon my mattress. My strong desire to be close to him takes over, and soon we are repeating the events of last night, over and over again.

Screenshot-5177 (2)

An hour later, Charls dresses back in his clothes from the night before and then kisses me goodbye.

“Don’t forget the party tonight,” I say as he nears the door. “I want to see you there.”

Charls grins. “I wouldn’t miss it.”

Screenshot-4226 (2)

After Charls leaves, I head into the kitchen to get some coffee.

Lizzie and Selena are both in their pajamas cooking together when I enter. After pouring myself a cup of coffee, I decide to help out and clean the counters for them. Lizzie then asks me if I slept well, and it isn’t until she and Selena both start laughing that I realize what she means. Feeling my face flush, I grab my cup of coffee and rush back upstairs. It looks like once again, Charls and I had alerted the whole house!

Screenshot-4805 (2)

Feeling still embarrassed, I take a shower and then get dressed in my walk-in closet. I then head back downstairs to see how things are going.

Screenshot-5081 (2)

Selena is hanging out by the pool getting some fresh air.

“Penny for your thoughts,” I say walking over to her.

Selena looks up at me and then smiles. “Sorry I was spacing.”

Screenshot-5087 (2)

“No need to apologize. I was just checking in.”

Selena smiles. “You know this land really is beautiful. It’s a perfect place for a sorority.”

I nod. “It sure is. I knew when I first saw it, that it was the one.”

“I can’t believe we are a sorority now! Amazing how one little deal had such a big impact on us.”

I smirk. “Yah. I’m sure Taylor and Clare are still reeling from anger.”

Screenshot-5089 (2)

We both laugh.

“So what plans do you have for the summer?” Selena asks.

I shrug. “Mostly hanging out with friends and family. You?”

“My parents want us to visit London this summer. We leave in two weeks.”

My eyes widen. “That sounds amazing! You should take lots of pictures. We could use some of them for our sorority blog.”

Selena nods. “Will do.”

Screenshot-5091 (2)

We then chat for another thirty minutes before going back inside. The party will be starting in a few hours.

Screenshot-4798 (2)

With me leaving tomorrow evening, I decide to get my last load of laundry done. It takes me a couple hours, but soon my clothes are all clean and smell like fresh linen. I then fold them neatly and slip them into my suitcase.

When I finish, it is almost time for the party to start. After touching up my face in the mirror, I then head downstairs.

Screenshot-5034 (2)

When I come downstairs, the party has already started. I spot the boys of Eta Phi Nu walking inside and even spot one of Brad’s frat brother’s hanging in the corner, Dean.

Screenshot-5045 (2)

I am really starting to wonder what the hell he is doing here, when I spot him talking to Charls. They both seem deep in conversation and then start to laugh. Strange… Did this mean that they had cleared the air? Did it mean the Alpha Annyas were going to be friendlier? I won’t hold my breath.

Screenshot-5046 (2)

The doorbell then rings and I go out to check who it is. Apparently, someone had ordered pizza. As I pay the deliverer, I see Carrie coming up the drive way.

“Hey,” I say, as I tip the delivery boy. “I was hoping you would stop by.”

Carrie grins. “I’m sure you were. Sorry, I’ve been busy with finals.”

Screenshot-5047 (2)

“No problem.” I then smirk. “So fyi, we won the Greek Olympics.”

Carrie looks at me and laughs. “Ah, I see you haven’t forgotten about our deal.”


“Well, in that case, I suppose you now have a new pledge.”

I squeal and give Carrie a hug. “Welcome to Betta Gamma Kappa!”

Screenshot-5048 (2)

Carrie beams. “Thank you. I hope to be a great addition to your sorority.”

“And I’m sure you will.” I then notice Ryder staring at us from the dining room window.

“I think your boyfriend is getting lonely.”

Carrie looks up and giggles. “Oh, I better get going.”

She then disappears inside.

Screenshot-5062 (2)

As I head back inside, I see Kendal and Lizzie chatting by the door. I am about to step in and say something, when I see that Lizzie looks okay. Kendal was the one that looked down. Very. Lizzie must have finally ended things with him for good. Man, I could tell by the look on his face that he really had it bad for her. I even feel a bit sorry for him, but not enough to say anything.

Screenshot-5069 (2)

When I enter back into the dining room, I spot Carrie and Ryder kissing in the corner. It’s so weird because Carrie didn’t strike me as someone who would kiss in public. Then again, neither did Lizzie. Love makes you do crazy things.

Screenshot-5078 (2)

As the night pours on, I walk about watching everyone and snapping photos. I don’t even care that the music is blasting pretty loud. I just want to remember this evening forever.

Screenshot-5559 (2)

Mrs. Krutz herself even stops by, wanting to see her sorority house up close. I am so happy when she approves of our house and formally agrees to be our housemother.

“You have really done an excellent job, Abby,” she says. “Starting a new sorority is no easy thing. I still can’t believe all the work that you did to form it. That takes great determination.”

I blush. “Thank you.”

“Well, keep it up. I want to hear from you during the summer and definitely come see me in the Fall. We will need to work on expanding.”

I smile and agree.

“Have a great summer, Abby.”

“You too, Mrs. Krutz.”

Screenshot-5644 (2)

As she walks away, I just stand there watching the party in awe about everything that has happened over the past two years. When I first came to Aberdale last year, never in a million years would I have thought that I would start my own sorority. I thought that at the most, I would become a part of someone else’s and have to listen to someone else tell me what to do. To prank others like I did to Lizzie, or worse, be only allowed to have certain friends or date certain people.

Now, I don’t. I am now a leader, leading a group of girls who are nothing like the Tri-Fruhms or the Alpha Beta Phis. And unlike them, I am not controlling everything. I prefer for our sorority to work together as a team to make our sorority one of the best on campus, and honestly, I had this gut feeling it was going to happen.

I see Lizzie making her way to the door with Michael and call her over to me.

“Picture for the collage?” I ask, and Lizzie smiles.

“Sure. It is our first sorority house party after all.”

We bother then grin and I flash the photo.

Screenshot-5647 (2) 2

Looking at that photo of the two us, I just know someday down the road I am going to look at it with fondness and remember the magnitude of that moment. I’ll remember that with everything that the two of us have been through for the past two years of college; fights, heartbreak, betrayal, distrust, and forgiveness, the only way to go was up.


(Hey my readers! Thank you so much for reading Year 2 of Lizzie and Abby: The College Diaries! I have enjoyed writing it greatly and I hope you have all been enjoying reading it as well. And fear not! As I stated in my last post, this will not be the end of Lizzie and Abby! I will be continuing their life stories into their adult years, so stay tuned! There is definitely more to come, starting with the summer of their college graduation!

Also, stay tuned, for I will be starting a new Sims 3 adventure/fantasy story! More soon and keep reading, liking and commenting! 🙂 )



Year 2: Chapter 51: Welcome To Beta Gamma Kappa!: Part 1 (Lizzie’s POV)

Screenshot-5281 (2)


The last two weeks of Spring quarter go by quickly after the Greek Olympics. Everyone seems to be in a good mood around the house, thrilled about our victory over the Alpha Beta Phis. I still can’t believe that Clare was so desperate enough to cheat, let alone Brad. Abby had filled me in how he had had one of his frat brothers mess with the batteries of our walkie talkies to stop us from communicating with each other. It’s pretty sad how desperate they all were, but we still prevailed.

I am also so thrilled to have cleared the air with Michael. Without it weighing on me, I am able to focus more on my studying for finals and practicing for my final presentation.

Screenshot-5020 (2)

I end up presenting on Monday of finals week. As nervous as I had been, I actually do an excellent job. Well, at least from my point of view. My voice doesn’t waver one bit and I stay completely on point. I even manage to use the white board to explain some of my findings after showing my PowerPoint. By the time I finish, Professor Farientine nods to me with a little smile. The class then applauds and I make my way to my seat.

Screenshot-4006 (2)

Thirty minutes later, he announces that we will resume presentations tomorrow and then excuses us for the day. On my way, out, he personally congratulates me on a job well done, saying that I am exactly what he expects of his apprentices. I nod politely and then leave. I still stand by what I said, he has become so friendly that it is so odd.

Screenshot-5265 (2)

I then head over to the library for a study session with Michael, Charls, and Abby. Sitting at one of the computers, I start going over Astronomy practice quizzes. Michael reads though his programming textbook, stopping to stare at me over the top of it. I feel myself blush slightly. I love when Michael looks at me like that. I glance over at Abby and Charls and see that they are doing the same, although truthfully, I think that they are thinking about “other” things. I happened to hear a lot of movement coming from her room the past couple nights. I don’t think Kimberly knows that Abby has been having Charls as her nightly visitor, but even so after everything they went through, I doubt she would object.

Screenshot-5271 (2)

After a couple hours have passed, Charls stands up from his chair.

“I should head off,” he says. “I’m meeting with someone from the career center.”

Abby grins. “I still can’t believe you’re graduating. It’s so exciting!”

“Yah, it is.” Charls smiles and tucks his book under his arm. “And with luck, I may have a job offer. I went to the job fair this past Saturday and the representatives for Hillman corp. seemed very interested. Would be perfect for me since they have offices everywhere.”

Abby frowns. “What about that other one you mentioned? Winstela Hills?”

Charls shakes his head. “No. I’m not accepting anything from there. They are too connected to, well…someone I know.” He suddenly looks a bit annoyed and I can’t help but wonder who that “someone” is that he so badly wanted to distance himself from.

I don’t get to ask though, for he then kisses Abby goodbye and leaves.

Screenshot-5275 (2)

I stay for thirty minutes more, before also calling it a night.

“I think I am all studied up for today,” I say to Abby, and I log off my computer. “I’ll see you back at the house.”

Abby nods to me and after Michael waves farewell, we then walk hand in hand out of the library.

Screenshot-5618 (2)

We both however, don’t head straight home. Instead, we go right to the comic bookstore. We haven’t been there together in so long, so we decided to get some time in before the quarter ends.

Screenshot-5621 (2)

We then play some video games on the TV console in the game room. Michael had been wanting me to do so for a while, but I had never really gotten around to it.

We end up having a complete blast together and I only wish we had done this earlier.

Screenshot-5623 (2)

Throughout the time, Michael and I are chatting about our plans over the summer. He tells me that he is going back to stay with his mother and maybe get a part-time job.

“I’ll probably get something with the diner in town. I know the owner from when I used to hang there in high school.”

“That sounds nice.” I then try a game combo Michael taught me to take down an enemy on the game. “I’m going to try and get my job back at the library. I really do love working there.”

“Well it is fitting for an aspiring writer.”

I grin and use another combo to defeat the final boss.

“You know, you are unusually good at this. Are you sure you haven’t played something like this before?”

I set the controller down. “Well, I have played a bit with Judy at home, but mostly, I think it’s just that I have an amazing teacher.”

“That you do.”

Screenshot-5642 (2)

We decide to play a table game of galactica before heading out. The table was just put in recently so we both hadn’t gotten a chance to play it.

We end up going at it for another hour, before we decide to head home.

Screenshot-5615 (2)

After giving Michael a kiss goodbye, I hurry off down the sidewalk toward home.

Screenshot-5258 (2)

I spend the rest of the week studying and taking finals. I am so relieved when I take my last final on Wednesday afternoon. It is in my Astronomy class which I am freaking out about.

Luckily, from all my studying, I am able to pass through the exam rather quickly. With luck, I might just get an A.

Screenshot-4274 (2)

And sure enough, I do! I am psyched Friday afternoon when I check the mail and see an envelope with my final grades. Scanning it, I see a 4.0 for this quarter! I can’t lie, I never grow tired of seeing it. I have an urge to go upstairs to show Abby, but I have a pretty good feeling that she is not alone up there.

To celebrate, I decide to head down and play some video games. Janice had bought a new action one over the weekend and I was curious to try my skills on it.

Screenshot-4279 (2)

“I see you’re checking out my game,” Janice says just then, taking a seat next to me on the couch.

I laugh. “I couldn’t resist. Michael has really gotten me into playing.”

“I can see that.” Janice smirks. “And you’re not half bad either.”


“Oh, just so you know, Abby is throwing a party tonight. For end of term.”

“That sounds fun.”

Screenshot-4281 (2)

Janice nods. “It will be our first party as an official sorority.”

I smile and sit back. “That feels so weird to hear you say.”

“Even weirder, we are real sorority girls now. I never thought I would see the day.”

“Neither did I.” I sigh. “We really have come a long way.”

“You can say that again.” Janice then stands up. “I’m going to run to the store. Selena wants to make some of her tarts for the party and she is out of flour.”

Screenshot-4227 (2)

After Janice leaves, I decide to check in on Selena in the kitchen.

As I enter, Selena is mixing away at the counter humming softly as she stirs.

“Need any help?” I ask.

She looks over and smiles. “Sure. You could crack the eggs sitting on that tray.”

I lift up the tray and carry it over to the counter. Then one by one I crack the eggs.

“I can’t believe we are a real sorority now,” Selena exclaims. “Can you imagine what it is going to be like next year? Everything is going to be so different!”

Screenshot-4225 (2)

I look up. “What do you mean?”

“Well, now we have more pull. We can go to the same events, get the same funding and pledge more members! Also, we can have a say on the Greek council!”

“The council? How?”

“Isn’t every council member part of a Greek Chapter? Now that we are established, one of us can become a part of the council too.”

I purse my lips slightly. “Hmm, that’s a thought, but I doubt it will be that easy. With all the Alpha Beta Phis and the Alpha Annyas did to try and stop us from becoming a sorority, I doubt they would let it be that easy.”

“True. But it doesn’t hurt to try!”

Selena and I then get to work mixing up batches of her tarts and other pastries and later, Janice brings in the flour to help us finish up.

Screenshot-4228 (2)

After we put them all in the oven, I help Selena clean up the kitchen. Abby comes down a little later to get some coffee and help us.

“Did you sleep well,” Selena remarks, and when Abby says yes, she and I burst out laughing.

Abby looks confused, but then blushes when she realizes what we are talking about. She then tries to hide her face behind her coffee mug as she makes her way back upstairs.

“Those two have been inseparable since they got back together,” says Selena. “I hope someday I find a guy like Charls. Or Michael.”

I smile. Michael was pretty amazing. I wouldn’t give him up for the world.

Screenshot-4265 (2)

Speaking of which, I hadn’t told him about the party. After washing the last of the baking dishes, I dial up his number and leave a message telling him about the party. I then go to my room to get ready.

Screenshot-5023 (2)

By the time, I get ready and head back downstairs, the party has already started. I realize that I didn’t exactly know the time it was starting, but I didn’t realize it was starting so soon. Then again, I did wake up late, so maybe it was later than I thought.

Screenshot-5032 (2)

Soon, the sorority girls of Delta Sigma show up walking with the boys of Eta Phi Nu. I even spot Kelsy from Kappa Alpha Omega and I greet her nicely, hoping it will clear the air from last time.

Screenshot-5036 (2)

Michael shows up an hour later, followed by someone I was not expect to see at all.

Screenshot-5049 (2)

“Kendal,” I say looking a bit taken aback. “What are you doing here?”

Kendal swallows. “I was hoping we could talk.”

I sigh and looking toward the ground. “I really don’t think that there is anything left to talk about.”

“But there is.”

Screenshot-5056 (2)

“Elizabeth, you were right about what you said. I-I wasn’t the best boyfriend to you or a good friend. I didn’t realize the pressure you felt when we were together and though I didn’t see it at first, I understand now how you must have felt. I’m so sorry.”

I shrug. “It’s okay. It is what it is. You don’t have to be sorry for feeling the way you feel.”

“But I do. I made you feel like you had to be a certain way to be with me, and that is far from the truth. Elizabeth, I like you just as you are.”

Screenshot-5053 (2)

“T-thank you.” It does feel nice to hear him finally say that. “Well, I should get back to the party. Please feel free to stick around if you like.” I start to leave, but Kendal steps in my way.

Screenshot-5054 (2)

“Elizabeth wait,” he says. “I can’t let you just go again.”

I frown. “What?”

“It was a mistake for me to end things the way I did last year with you. I let you walk away and then we lost each other.” Kendal sighs. “I don’t want to make that same mistake again. Elizabeth, I-I love you.”

Screenshot-5052 (2)

I swallow sharply. “Oh no,” I say to myself. This was not the conversation I wanted to be having with Michael only a few feet from me. I could see him watching Kendal and I from down the hall.

“Kendal, that’s really sweet, but you know I can’t. I’m with Michael.”

“Y-yes, I-I know you are, but that doesn’t change the way we feel. You and I have something Elizabeth. Something I am not willing to give up.”

“But you have to Kendal.” I exhale deeply. “You and I “had” something. Past tense. But now we don’t. I’m with Michael now and I love him with all my heart. This isn’t just a fling Kendal, it’s the real deal with us.”

Screenshot-5067 (2)

Kendal’s face falls slightly and I can’t help but feel a bit guilty. I can tell that he really cares about me, but at the same time I can’t lie to him. There was no chance for us, and I don’t want to give him false hope.

“I’m really sorry,” I say, giving his hand a squeeze. “I really do hope you find someone else that makes you happy.”

“Kendal nods slowly. “I hope so too, but no one can hold a candle to you, Elizabeth.” He then lifts my hand and kisses it gently, before turning and walking back down the stairs of the porch.

Screenshot-5079 (2)

The night gets calmer afterwards. Toward the end, I catch up with Carrie.

“I saw you with Kendal earlier,” she says. “I hope you let him down gently.”

I smile. “I did. It wasn’t easy though. First loves are hard to get over.”

“No surprise there. Though I do hope mine lasts.”

“You and Ryder?”

Carrie nods.

“I think you will. There is something special about the two of you.”

Carrie blushes. “Thanks.”

“I hope we’ll be seeing you around the house next year,” I say, giving her a sly smile and she laughs.

“Hey, a deal is a deal.”

Screenshot-5354 (2)

After snapping some pictures with Abby and others at the party, I head out into the night with Michael. Being my last day on campus, I figure it would be nice to spend some alone time with him. It was a bit noisy in the house and I didn’t know how long the party was going to last.

Michael and I climb into my Audi and together we drive over to his apartment.

Screenshot-5710 (2)

And boy was it the best idea. I am thrilled to be resting in Michael’s arms as we watch TV on his couch.

“So, you’re going to be a senior next fall,” I say with a grin.

Michael laughs. “I know, it’s crazy.”

“You figured out what branch of computer science you want to major in?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. I’m majoring in interactive media design.”

“That sounds good. I definitely think you have a nag for gaming.”

Michael beams. “Why, thank you, miss,” he says, and I chuckle.

Screenshot-5719 (2)

“And how about you? Have you sent out your query yet?”

I nod. “I sent it to five agents yesterday. I probably won’t hear from them until the end of the summer.”

“Sounds like long wait.”

“Tell me about it.”

Screenshot-5718 (2)

I turn over to Michael and lean in closer. “I could use a big distraction.”

Michael grins. “Oh yah? How so?”

“If you come and visit me over break.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Screenshot-5714 (2)

And then Michael presses his lips upon mine and we are once again lost in each other’s arms. As we kiss, I marvel at what a year this has been. I can’t believe it is already coming to an end and that next fall I will already be a junior. Strange enough, I am actually not afraid. I have been through so much over the past two years that I feel confident to take on anything.

Yes, right now as I sit here kissing the man I love and finishing another school year, the future was looking bright.


(Hey my readers! Thank you so much for reading my story! One more chapter of Lizzie and Abby and that will be the end their college years! I will then be doing a time skip into the summer of their college graduation. Stay tuned! 🙂 )



Year 2: Chapter 50: Greek Olympic Finals!: Part 3 (Abby’s POV)

Screenshot-4254 (2).jpg

I barely got any sleep that night, and it is extremely hard for me to get up the next morning, especially when I check my phone and still see no messages from Charls.

With all the heartache from my phone call to him, I found myself dreaming that night, of Charls slipping into an abyss, and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t reach him. I really have it bad.

I try to hide my hurt through breakfast with Janice and Lizzie, but when Janice gets a text from Greg, I can’t help but ask about it.

That makes her question me about Charls, and our lack of conversation. Janice tells me that I should talk to him and not let Brad’s comment get to me. But, I can’t help but think about the fact that they were best friends. Wouldn’t he know him better than anyone?

Screenshot-4697 (2)

I spend most of the day pondering over this as I finish painting my final painting for my class portfolio. I have to say, it is one of the best paintings that I have ever made. I hope that my professor will be as impressed as I am.

Screenshot-4698 (2)

After I finish, I step back to admire my work. It really is quite an amazing piece. The brush strokes and techniques I used, really sets it apart from my other paintings.

I then glance down at my cell phone and see that I have been painting for the past few hours. It is getting to three ‘O clock.

Screenshot-4323 (2)

I then go into the bathroom and touch up my face. I really know it’s no use since whatever challenge today will probably have me running around. It was after all a scavenger hunt. So instead, I go into my room and change into my workout clothes.

I then hear a knock on the door.

“Come on, Abby! Lets head out so we won’t be late!” Janice calls, and I tell her I will be right there. I then fluff my hair a bit and head downstairs.


Screenshot-4347 (2)

It’s a quick drive over to the Greek arena and soon we are all piling onto the sidewalk where everyone else was gathered.

Within ten minutes Mrs. Krutz announces the last competition and the rules. She then gives Lizzie and I walkie talkies and two strips of paper; each with a clue leading to our first item’s location.

Mrs. Krutz also points out that there should be no cheating and that we are only allowed to use the walkie talkies as our means of communication. I have to say as she says this, Clare and Ashley look very suspicious, but I pay them no mind.

Screenshot-5508 (2)

When Mrs. Krutz wishes us luck, all four of us head off in different directions. Although we all have the same items, I assume that we are supposed to find them in different orders so as not to let anyone cheat of each other. I take a look at my first clue. It reads,

You can jam where I am from evening till late, feel free to come alone or bring a date.

Wow, easy as pie. It’s obviously R.E.D club.

I quickly jog over, pacing myself as not to get tired. I can already tell it is going to be a long scavenger hunt. The club was almost ten minutes away from the Greek arena. At least I would be getting a good work out!

Screenshot-5510 (2)

I find my item lying on the ground nearby the pool. It is an icon of a music note with a pink and silver ribbon attached. Next to it is the same item, but with a red and blue ribbon. Obviously that item was for the Alpha Beta Phis. I resist the urge to toss it into the pool. Cheating was going to get us nowhere. If we were going to become a full-fledge sorority we were going to do it fair and square. I only hope we could finish in time.

I then spot the next clue taped to the back of the music note and roll it out. It read:

A place of food galore, with shelves of food lined to the doors.

Now that sounds like the food market downtown. Then again, it could also be the dining hall. Hmm…

Screenshot-5511 (2)

As I start head off, I get an incoming call from Lizzie on my walkie talkie. She has found the first item and was about to get the second. I decide to run my clue by her and she advises me to check the food market first. I thank her and then take off.

It takes me ten minutes to jog to the food market and I am thrilled when the cashier hands me a shopping cart icon with a pink and silver ribbon. Lizzie and I were definitely off to a good start!

Screenshot-5512 (2)

My next clue reads,

Come find me where you can take a nightly rest, and wake up in the morning feeling well and refreshed.

I know that it has to be the Marmalade Inn. It is the only hotel in the city that is closest to the campus.

I quickly run right over and find the next item at the front desk with one of the workers. The item is a cute little miniature pillow. I have to say, whoever picked out the items chose really cute ones.

Screenshot-5515 (2)

I spend the next forty minutes running to and fro looking for the remaining four items. The last one ends up being at the art building. I then jog over enjoying the sunset as I pass through the courtyard.

Screenshot-5520 (2)

The item happens to be in the only open classroom, sitting next to a clay head sculpture. Ironically, the item is a replica of it.

I pick up the item and am relieved to see the message attached:

You have found the last remaining item, well done. Return to the arena to see if you’ve won.

So, it would seem I only had to find seven items, meaning that Lizzie will be the one having to find the eighth.

I lift up my walkie talkie to let Lizzie know this, but for some reason all I can hear is static. I try over and over to call to her, but there is no other sound but the fuzzy noise. I will have to return to the arena and hope that she found the last item.

Screenshot-5521 (2)

Just as I am about to leave, I see Clare come running by through the window. I instantly feel nervous. I hadn’t run into her or Ashley up until now. Did that mean that they were close to being finished?

Not wanting a confrontation, I duck behind one of the large easels in the back with a large painting upon it. Clare then comes running in and retrieves her item from the table. She then scans the table a second more; I assume, to see if she could find mine. She then frowns and lifts up her walkie talkie.

“I found the next item, but it looks like Lizzie or Abby already found the other.”

“What are you serious?” I hear Ashley say on the other line. “They already found it? Clare!”

Clare sighs. “Yah, I know! I’ll think of something.” She then turns and runs out the door.

I then step out of my hiding place. What did she mean by that?

Screenshot-5514 (2)

Not wanting to wait around any longer, I take off out of the room and back down the sidewalk. I only hope that Lizzie has already found her item. From the look of it, Clare and Ashley were still on the search.

I am disappointed when I get back to the arena and I don’t see Lizzie anywhere. I try to use the walkie talkie again, but now I can’t hear a thing at all.

Everyone cheers as I return, and I hand all my items to Mrs. Krutz. She checks all my items and gives me the okay.

“If Lizzie returns before Clare and Ashley and has all the items, then you win the challenge.”

I nod to her and then join the rest of the Beta Gamma Kappas and Delta Sigmas.

Screenshot-4453 (2)

We wait for an additional thirty minutes and then I start to worry. What was taking Lizzie so long? Had she not found all the items? What was going on?

“Why don’t you try calling her?” Janice asks.

“I can’t,” I exclaim. “The walkie talkie stopped working, so we can’t talk at all. I think the batteries are dead.”

“What?” Moana walks over to me frowning. “I put fresh batteries in all the walkie talkies this morning.” She takes the walkie talkie from me and checks the back.

“Weird, these are not the batteries I put in here.”

Just then, the Alpha Beta Phis start to cheer loudly. I look over and see both Clare and Ashley hurrying over to the stage. I feel my heart sink. We lost. The Beta Gamma Kappas lost.

Screenshot-4450 (2)

Mrs. Krutz herself even looked disappointed, but she still smiles and then walks over to the stage. She takes the items from Ashley and Clare and then goes through their checklist.

“Well if my calculations are correct, the winners of the Greek Olympics, are the Alpha Beta Phis!”

The audience cheers and the Alpha Beta Phis jump up and down in excitement. Ashley then makes her way over to me.

“Looks like you guys lost. Which means, the Beta Gamma Kappas are over. A deal is a deal.” She then walks off, leaving me standing there speechless.

I feel my heart breaking again in my chest. Not only had I lost Charls, but I had also lost my sorority as well.

Screenshot-4451 (2)

I am so angry with myself. I really thought that we were going to win. I could feel it. How stupid I had been.

I then look over and see Lizzie and Michael hurrying down the sidewalk over to the arena. In normal circumstances, I would have congratulated her on working things out with him, but I am too furious to look at her. Too bad, she doesn’t seem notice.

“Abby, we need to talk,” she says, but I turn away.

“Not now, Lizzie. I think I just need some space right now.”

“Well, that’s just too bad, Abby. It’s about the event.”

“Yes, I know. We lo-”

“They cheated.”

Screenshot-4443 (2)

Now that statement catches my attention. “What?” I ask in surprise.

“I was in the comic shop looking all over the place for the last item, but I couldn’t find it anywhere,” Lizzie says quickly. She then tells me what Michael said he saw.

I clench my fists. So that was what Clare had come up with. She had figured that the only way to stop us from winning, was to sabotage us. No way she was getting away with it.

I push my way through the crowd and hop onstage.

“Hello everyone,” I call into the speaker.

Clare and the other Alpha Beta Phis look up at me and laugh.

“Get off the stage, Abby,” says Clare. “This is a Greek event and since you aren’t a Greek member, you aren’t welcome.”

Screenshot-4446 (2)

I narrow my eyes at her. “Not until I say what I have to say.” I then look out to the crowd ahead of me. “I have some news to share with you all. The Alpha Beta Phis cheated!”

When I say this, there are echoes of boos heard throughout the audience.

Clare laughs. “Wow, you’re pathetic. You can’t take losing so you have to make up some lame story? That’s just sad.” The Alpha Beta Phis all laugh along with her.

“I’m not lying actually,” I say, glaring at her. “I happen to know that Clare or Ashley stole one of the items that Lizzie was supposed to find.”

That seems to rattle Clare slightly, but she seems to play along as if she is innocent.

“You are totally making that up,” says Ashley walking up to the podium. “You have no proof.”

Screenshot-4445 (2)

“Actually, I do. You were spotted.” I smirk at Ashley. “Someone saw one of you take the item that Lizzie was supposed to find and put it in their pocket.”

“And who is that?” Ashley asks.

“Michael Dawson.”

Clare scoffs. “You mean Lizzie’s boyfriend? That doesn’t mean anything. She could have told him to lie and say that.”

“Well then, why don’t we check both your pockets.” I know it was wishful thinking. I mean, who would be dumb enough to leave evidence in their pockets. But still, it didn’t hurt to try.

Screenshot-4447 (2)

Clare narrows her eyes. “No one is falling for your pathetic lie, Abby. Just give it up.”

“Actually, I have the final word,” Mrs. Krutz says, interrupting us. “Clare and Ashley, please empty your pockets please.”

Ashley rolls her eyes and does so, but Clare doesn’t move.

“This is stupid!” she says, waving her hand to the side. It is obvious that she is stalling. “Abby is just making this up because she lost the bet and is losing her sorority!”

“Empty your pockets, Clare.”



Clare reluctantly reaches down and then lifts her hand back up empty. “See? Nothing.”

“I can see that something is there. Take it out. Now.”

Clare grits her teeth and then pulls out what I was hoping she would, a superhero action figure with a pink and silver ribbon.

Screenshot-4454 (2)

I smirk as Ashley gives her a look of hatred. Overhead the sky is starting to darken.

Mrs. Krutz frowns. “In light of this, I will have to deem Abby right. The Alpha Beta Phis have cheated, meaning they are now disqualified. The Beta Gamma Kappas win by default.”

We all let out a loud cheer as Clare and Ashley’s mouths drop. Cheaters definitely never win.

Screenshot-4462 (2)

A few minutes later Brad walks up to me. “Congratulations. I guess that means your sorority has a true Greek charter now.”

I nod. “Thank you.”

“Despite what happened between us, I was rooting for you. I can’t believe that Ashley and Clare would be so desperate.”

Someone scoffs from behind us. Turning my head, I see its Charls.

“You should talk.” He says. “Is that why you had Skip switch the batteries out of Abby and Lizzie’s walkie talkies?”

I frown. “What?”

“I saw him. He told Skip to switch the batteries. That way you and Lizzie wouldn’t be able to talk to each other.”

Screenshot-4476 (2)

I glare at Brad. “You did what?”

“I knew it!” Moana shakes her head from the crowd. “I knew I had put brand new batteries in all of them! Wow, that’s low, Brad.”

Brad frowns in Charls’s direction. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Brad, I heard what you were saying to Skip earlier over there by the booths. How you wanted to make Abby loose so that you could be the one to help her get her sorority back?”

Screenshot-4478 (2)

I look at Brad with disgust. “You were working with them? How could you?”

“Abby, that’s not how it happened.” I can tell that Brad is totally lying. Everything Charls said is totally true.

“I can’t believe you!” I continue. “You would actually sabotage the sorority I have been working so hard to form, for what? Some pathetic attempt to win me back?”

“Abby,” Brad says looking a bit taken aback. “I-I love you! Do you really think I would do that?”

“You did!” I snap. “If you really loved me, you would have respected my decision! Not try and destroy all the work I’ve done to form this sorority, just to manipulate me!” I shake my head. “I am really starting to wonder what I ever saw in you.”

Screenshot-4479 (2)

Brad steps back looking hurt, but I honestly don’t care. I am so angry I could hurl him across this stage.

“I see you’re going to take his word over mine, so I won’t bother arguing with you,” he snaps back.

I step back. “Yes, I will take his word over you. Charls has never lied to me like you have. He’s always been there for me and been faithful to me.” I pause for a moment. “We may not be together anymore, but I love him, not you. And if you were any decent person, you would have accepted that.”

Screenshot-4482 (2)

Brad rolls his eyes. “Whatever.” He then turns to Charls. “Some friend you are. You know, you haven’t really acted like one in a long time. Or much of an Alpha Annya.”

Charls looks at him hard for a moment and then he sighs. “You’re right. I haven’t. I haven’t really been much of anything lately. But that’s going to change.”

Screenshot-4483 (2)

He then steps forward and surprises me by pulling me into his arms.

Before I can ask what he is doing, Charls leans down and kisses me hard on the mouth. I feel a shockwave of heat from my head to my toes. How I’ve missed kissing Charls so much. I kiss him back and then wrap my arms around his shoulders.

Screenshot-4484 (2)

“I heard your message yesterday,” he says, pulling away from me. “I’m sorry I didn’t answer back sooner.”

I smile feeling tears coming to my eyes. “That’s okay. As long as you know that I meant it. Every word.”

“I do.”

I feel so happy that my heart could burst.

Screenshot-4485 (2)

Brad scoffs. “You’re seriously going to get back with her after what happened with us?”

“Yes, I am,” Charls says, not even looking at him. His gaze is still on mine and I feel my heart still racing in my chest.

Brad looks furious. He then mutters something angrily under his breath and then walks off the stage.

I pay him no mind. I am too happy to be back in Charls’s arms to even care what Brad thinks.

Screenshot-4480 (2)

Looks like I am not the only one over the moon. As Charls and I make our way back through the crowd, I see Janice and Greg pressed against each other in a lip lock toward the back. I truly am happy for her. Maybe her fights with Greg have finally come to an end.

However, I can worry about that later. Right now, there was only one person I had on my mind and what I wanted to do.

Screenshot-3834 (2)

And just a while later my dream for the past few weeks comes to life, as Charls and I lie upon my mattress kissing tenderly in each other’s arms. I gasp as he lowers himself toward me and wrap my legs around him. I honestly want to stay like this forever.

“I love you,” I whisper into the softness of his lips, and he says it back as he presses himself onto me. Only the thin fabric of my nightgown and his boxers separate his skin from mine. In minutes, our veils are both gone and the friction of his body upon mine, sends me into overdrive. Like always, the world around me seems to vanish and I surrender to the heated sensations running through me. And as he kisses me once more, I realize that I never want to be without him ever again.



Year 2: Chapter 46: Broken Off (Lizzie & Abby’s POV)

Lizzie’s POV

Screenshot-5601 (2)

I still haven’t heard back from Kendal or Michael. I completely understand why Michael won’t speak to me, but why is Kendal not answering? With all the weirdness that had been going on with Michael and me, I would have thought he would jump at the chance to talk things over. Now he was avoiding me, just like last year. I can’t help but resent him slightly for this. All I had wanted to do was figure things out and he won’t even give me that.

With Michael, I keep finding myself going to all the places that we always frequented, even when I’m not trying. I first find myself at the comic store flipping through books while scanning the store for him. Of course, he isn’t there.

Screenshot-5587 (2)

I also head to the downtown theater when I hear they are showing a new festival film. I am hoping that Michael couldn’t resist catching a showing of the movie on premiere night, but I am unlucky. Michael is nowhere to be found, as I sit in the theater alone. I try to still enjoy myself, but I can’t. There was just something special about Michael and I seeing movies there together. Without him, it felt off.

Screenshot-4003 (2)

Staying focused in class, is also no picnic. With everything happening with Michael and Kendal and also the Beta Gamma Kappas, I feel like I have no room to think. Maybe doing the sorority was a bad idea. With Abby’s idea of us competing in the Greek Olympics, everyone at the sorority house was furious with her. They all felt betrayed as if Abby had let them all down. I didn’t feel that way, but there was nothing I could do to convince them.

After class on Friday in Mid-May, I finally give my professor my answer, agreeing to do the internship.

“I’m sorry it took so long to answer,” I tell him. “There has been a lot going on.”

“Yes, I heard about the situation with the fire.”

Geez, even teachers knew about it?

“Yes, it was most unfortunate that someone would play such a prank on us.”

Screenshot-3998 (2)

“Well, I hope things work out for you,” he says, while packing up his things. “I really do think your sorority has a lot of potential. Especially with a girl like you among the members.”

I smile. “Thank you, professor,” I say, and then make my exit.

Screenshot-4995 (2)

I arrive home fifteen minutes later feeling exhausted. It feels like it has been a long week. I am totally ready for school to be over and for me to be on summer break. For the first time, I am really looking forward to it.

As I walk in through the door I pause to listen. The house is totally still, which is unusual. There is normally always some noise in the house.

“Anyone home?” I call.

“In here,” says a voice from the dining room.

Screenshot-3957 (2)

Tatyana is reading at the table. She gets up when she seems me come in. “I was just doing a bit of studying-oh it’s you.”

I frown. “Who did you think it was? Abby?”

Tatyana looks uncomfortable. “Maybe.”

I sigh. “You still giving her the cold shoulder?”

Tatyana shrugs. “I don’t mean to, but she did kind of put us all in a tight spot. I mean she didn’t even talk to us first before making that bet.”

Screenshot-3959 (2)

I nod. “I know, but I think she was just thinking on her feet. I think Ashley put her on the spot and she just panicked and came up with something quick. Granted it may have not been the best idea, but she was just trying to help.”

Tatyana looks down. “I suppose.”

I look at her curiously. “Are you sure this is just about the bet?”

Screenshot-3960 (2)

Tatyana lifts up her hands. “I guess not. I’ve been a little unsure about this whole sorority thing since the Greek party. People have been saying a lot of things.”

“Hey, people are going to say a lot of things about us. So what? They aren’t us. They don’t know anything about us. We know we didn’t start that fire and soon everyone will too. But right now, isn’t the time for us to be dividing. We need to stick together and work through this.”

Tatyana picks up her backpack and lifts her shoulders. “I just don’t know anymore. I’ll see you around Liz.” She then turns and makes her way out of the room and out through the front door.

Screenshot-5286 (2)

After she leaves for what I suspect is class, I decide to take a trip to the library. With finals, only in three weeks, I want to get a head start on my studying. I had already finished my Public Relations project, so that was one thing less to worry about.

Screenshot-5345 (2)

I spend the next couple of hours reviewing my notes and doing Astronomy sample quizzes. I am thrilled that the information is sticking in my head with everything. I was struggling a bit with the past two chapters, so this study session is proving to be very beneficial.

After I finish, I decide to continue editing my story. I am on the last few chapters and should be done by June. The story is turning out great, although I am having a lot of difficulty editing the relationship dynamic between Sarah, George and Paul. It just feels so close to home.

Not being able to take it anymore, I decide to take a break. Right now, any type of romance fills me with agony.


Screenshot-5291 (2)

I walk over to the library sofa and take a seat while reading through my cell phone. My eyes keep scanning my messages to see if Michael has responded. Still no luck.

“Hey, Lizzie.”

I look up and see Abby standing in front of me. She smiles, but I can see in her eyes that she is in crisis. Her eyes are a bit red as she looks down at me.

“Hey you,” I say, and pat the seat next to me. “It’s been a while.”

Screenshot-5295 (2)

Abby takes a seat beside me. “It sure has been.”

I can tell she really wants to talk to me, but doesn’t know where to begin. She has that quiet look on her face.

“Tell me what’s going on,” I say.

Screenshot-5308 (2)

Abby sighs deeply. “What isn’t going on Liz! My life feels like a total wreck!”

I sit up straighter. “Is this about you and Charls?”

“I don’t even think there is a me and Charls. At least not anymore.”

I frown. “Why? What happened?”

“I-I kissed someone else.”

My eyes widen. “You what? Who?”


“Brad! How could you kiss Brad! Isn’t he the one that cheated on you with Clare last year?”

“Don’t remind me.”

Screenshot-5313 (2)

I shake my head. “I can’t believe you kissed Brad.”

“Neither can I! I wish it never happened. Now Charls isn’t speaking to me and Brad won’t stop calling me. Not to mention this whole thing with that bet with Ashley.” Abby lifts up her hands. “Everything is a wreck.”

“I think the girls are just a little frustrated. With all the rumors going around, it didn’t help when you made the bet. I think they are just losing faith.”

“Well that’s just great. So we’re losing pledges?”

Screenshot-5315 (2)

“Not yet, but we will if we don’t assure them that everything is going to be okay. We all seem to be losing faith in each other which is making us fall apart. If we want to keep going, we need to band together. And Abby, you need to grow a backbone. Stand up and show them all that you can lead.”

Abby looks up at me. “Well, that was some tough love.”

Screenshot-5299 (2)

I laugh. “A little, but it’s the truth. The girls need to see that you are their leader and can make the right decisions. If you honestly believe that this bet and starting this sorority was a good idea, you need to show them it was.”

“But, I don’t know that I believe it.”

I grin. “You’re just lacking a little faith. You’ll get it back. As for the Brad situation, I don’t know what to say. I’m kind of in the same boat. I didn’t kiss Kendal, but we might as well have. Michael thinks I’m still into him, so he broke up with me and won’t return any of my calls.”

Screenshot-5309 (2)

Abby nods. “Yah, I did see you two at Janice’s protest. I could tell he really wanted to talk to you, but then he just left.”

“Funny, I sensed that too. But he is hurting. I know it. I can’t blame him for not wanting to talk to me.”

“It would help if you knew who you wanted.”

“Oh, I know who I want,” I say, with a smile. “But what about you? Do you want Charls or Brad?”

“Of course, I want Charls! I don’t even know why I kissed Brad!”

Screenshot-5312 (2)

I stretch. “Maybe because you still have feelings for him.

Abby sighs. “Charls said that.”

“And maybe for a reason. Do you?”

Abby shrugs. “Maybe a little.”

“Then Maybe you need to sort out your feelings too.”

“I guess.” Abby looks at the floor. “I just miss Charls so much. I feel lost without him.”

I nod feeling my chest tighten. “I know the feeling.”

Screenshot-5317 (2)

We both then sit in silence for a few minutes. A woman’s voice comes over the intercom and announces that this library will be closing early today for cleaning. Abby and I both rise from the couch.

“We should head back to the house,” she says. “It’s getting late.”

I agree. “I think I’m going to sleep early today.”
Screenshot-5320 (2)

Just as I am about to leave, Abby leans in and gives me a hug. I can tell from it that she is very vulnerable right now. I hug her back, just as tightly.

“Thanks for listening.”

I smile. “That’s what I’m here for. I love you. Abs.”

“I love you too, Liz.”

We both then pull apart and then head for the library entrance together.


Abby’s POV 

Screenshot-4515 (2)

Before talking to Lizzie, I had been a total mess. I could barely get out of bed and I even ended up missing almost three days of class. The whole thing with Charls had really taken a toll on me.

But after speaking with Lizzie in the library, it’s like I had a completely new outlook. Sure, things were still awful, but I felt like I could deal with it now. I start spending a lot of time painting and continue on with the special one I had been working on. Doing so was really helping with my pain and broken heart.

Screenshot-4520 (2)

Going to class was still hard, but I found it a little easier to concentrate. After all, finals are in three weeks and I want to end the quarter on a good note.

Screenshot-4535 (2)

My glass blowing class was really progressing and I was really liking the different artifacts we were making. Currently, I am making some vases for my mother.

Still, I know that I need to figure out the situation with Brad and Charls, but not as much as the thing with the Beta Gamma Kappas. Lizzie made me realize that I wasn’t ready to let go of our sorority, so that meant that we needed to find a way to band together and win the Greek Olympics.


Screenshot-4531 (2)

So on Saturday afternoon after I get out of my glass blowing class, I call up Lizzie.

“Get everyone to meet up at the beach,” I say to her. “I think it is about time we all talked.”

“How am I supposed to get everyone over there?” Lizzie asks.

“I don’t know, make up some excuse. It’s super important. Tell them it’s something about the house and us being in trouble.”

“All right, I’ll do my best. See you there.”


Screenshot-5480 (2)

After I get off the phone, I drive right over and wait at one of the picnic tables. Just to ease the tension, I had bought some picnic food from the downtown food mart just around the area.

Thirty minutes later, they all show up. I even spot Carrie walking with Lizzie. They must have been hanging out when I called.

I greet them all and call them over to the table. Janice sees the raw hot dogs in my grocery bag and snags them up. She then grills them on one of the beach grills and brings them back to the table.

Screenshot-5483 (2)

“Everyone dig in!” She says, and she grabs a bun to put her hot dog in.

Selena grabs a hot dog and places it in one of her buns. “So, what’s all this about? Lizzie said it had something to do with the house? Are we losing the rental?”

I shake my head. “No. Actually, I kind of just needed to get you all here to talk.”

Screenshot-5491 (2)

“Figures,” says Tatyana.

I sigh. “I’m sorry to lie to you guys, but it’s important. I want to formally apologize to all of you.”

Selena takes a bite of her hot dog and then coughs slightly. “What?” she squeezes out.

“I want to apologize for agreeing to that bet with Ashley without talking to you all first.” I pause for a moment. “What you have to know is that, I wasn’t trying to be uncaring, I just honestly came up with it on the spot. I was so desperate to get our charter back that I just said what I knew Ashley would fall for. That competition means the world to her and the Alpha Beta Phis. I can tell.”

Screenshot-5490 (2)

“I understand,” Selena says, with a smile. “But what are we going to do now?”

I smile. “The only thing we can do. We have to beat the Alpha Beta Phis at the Greek Olympics.”

Tatyana chokes. “How are we supposed to do that? They are vicious! I heard the three Alpha Beta Phi girls in my drama class talking and they are serious! They have been training for the past month!”

“Well then, we really need to get started.”

Screenshot-5494 (2)

Selena frowns. “But how are we going to be able to get up to their level in just a few weeks?”

I grin as I take a bite of my hot dog. “Well we do have an amazing physical trainer to train us.”

Janice laughs. “I assume you’re talking about me?”

“Please, Janice, you could put all of those Alpha Beta Phis girls to shame. You just need to show us some of your tricks. We all aren’t really out of shape, we just need some pointers.”

Screenshot-5492 (2)

Janice shrugs. “Well I don’t mind. It would be fun to train you maggots.”

Kimberly looks at me quietly and then sighs. “I guess I could talk to some people to get an idea of what the events for this year are. That way, we have an idea of what to train for.”

I clasp my hands together. “That’s a good idea! Very good idea!”

Carrie laughs. “Well, I can lend my moral support. Since I’m not a Beta Gamma Kappa yet.”

We all whip our heads around to look at her right after she says this.


Screenshot-5493 (2)

“Yet?” Lizzie looks intrigued. “Carrie, have you decided to pledge Beta Gamma Kappa?”

Carrie laughs. “No promises, but I will consider it. Especially, if you guys win.”

I give her a look. “What?”

“Consider it an incentive. Win the Greek Olympics, and you will get a sorority charter and a new pledge.”

Screenshot-5489 (2)

I laugh. “All right. So, is it a plan? Everyone on board?”

Everyone at the table looks at one another and then to me.


We are definitely on track!

Screenshot-5384 (2)

I am so excited as I climb into bed later that night. Finally, after weeks of despair, things were finally turning around. The Beta Gamma Kappas were on their way up and no one was going to stop us. Well, at least I hoped. Things may not be good anywhere else, but at least I had people to count on. My sisters.



Year 2: Chapter 45: Deal with the Devil (Abby’s POV)

Screenshot-4958 (2)

I find it extremely hard to concentrate in class the next week, let alone doing anything else. The kiss between Brad and me is circling around in my brain and filling me with guilt. Why did I kiss him back? Why? I loved Charls! I really, really loved him! So why did I let Brad kiss me?

I spend the whole of that next week thinking it over and can’t even bring myself to answer Charls’s texts. It’s as if I feel like he will be able to tell what I did just by me answering him. At the same time, I know I am bringing more attention to it, considering the fact that he is probably worried about why I am not answering him or agreeing to hang out.

Screenshot-4969 (2)

I am so happy when the day of Janice’s protest finally comes and I can think of other things. I know that I am going to have to deal with the Charls thing sooner or later though. Even Brad was getting annoyed with me not responding to him.

Still, I was more concerned about him telling Charls what happened; something that thankfully had not happened yet. But it was only a matter of time.


On my way, out to join Janice’s protest, I bump into Kimberly heading out in a hurry.

“Where are you off to?” I ask.

“Greek Council meeting. I have some news about the fire at our Greek formal.”

My eyes widen. “Really?”

“Yes. According to one of the Delta Sigmas, someone at the party intentionally dropped a lighted cigarette into the garbage.”


“It was apparently someone from Kappa Alpha Omega, and I’ll bet it was on the Alpha Beta Phis order.”

I scoff. “It always leads back to them.”

“Tell me about it. Well, I’m going to report what I found out, but I don’t know how much it will help. If the Alpha Beta Phis are involved, they are definitely going to hush it up.”

“Well keep me posted and text me if you need anything.”

“Will do.”

At that moment, my phone rings.

Screenshot-4970 (2)

It ends up being Janice.

“Hey, you coming? The protest has already started!” I can hear people chanting loudly in the background.

“I’ll be there soon,” I say then hang up. It was going to be an interesting few hours.

Screenshot-4671 (2)

And interesting it is. When I arrive to the protest, I see Janice at her podium rallying the crowd. Everyone is chanting and lifting their signs into the air.

Screenshot-4675 (2)

Janice spots me and waves o me from her stand. She then takes a deep breath and begins giving a speech to the crowd. I move among them and soon see Lizzie standing toward the front. I smile and call to her, but she seems very preoccupied with the speech. We actually haven’t spoken in quite a while. I really needed to find some time to talk to her. With everything going on, I could really use her advice.

Screenshot-4679 (2)

As the rally goes on, I happen to notice Michael walking through quad. He stops momentarily at the protest spot and glances around. He then turns in Lizzie’s direction and for a few seconds, the two of them just stare at each other. I even think for a moment that he is going to go over and talk to her, but then as quickly as he had arrived, he turns away and makes his way through the protest and off toward the student union building. Lizzie looks after him with her eyes slightly red, and then she turns back to Janice.

I had heard from Selena that things were bad between Lizzie and Michael, but I didn’t realize it was this bad. I have been so caught up in my own problems that I didn’t even realize that she was going through something. Some friend I’ve been.

Screenshot-4673 (2)

As the protest draws to a close, Janice gets up to the stand to chant once again. Lucky for us, a lot of students have signed our petition and joined in on the rally. Some do pass by giving us annoyed stares, but Janice pays them no mind. She just goes right on chanting and holding her fist high.

“Physical Education and Art majors are essential,” she says. “We need more funding so we can help spread creativity and build courage and strength to our following generations!”

Everyone cheers and raises their posters high and I applaud right along with them.

Screenshot-4681 (2)

As everyone is applauding, my phone beings to ring. Glancing down, I see it is Kimberly.

“Abby, I need you,” she says, after I answer.

“Why? What’s up?”

“It’s the council. They are still debating a decision and it’s not looking good.”

Screenshot-4685 (2)

“I’ll be right there,” I say, and then hang up.

Seeing Janice moving away from the podium, I hurry over to her. “I’ve got to jet. Kim is at the Greek council meeting and things are going south.”

Janice nods. “Okay. You go on and I’ll meet you there.”

Screenshot-4733 (2)

When I arrive at the student union building, the meeting is coming to a close. Ashley is telling Kimberly that they have agreed to look into what she has come forth with, but they are not ready to give back the probationary charter. That irritates me.

“But we didn’t cause the fire! Someone else deliberately caused it!”

Ashley turns to my direction and frowns. “It still happened at your sorority house. And there is the thing about you excluding other Greek Chapters.”

Screenshot-4731 (2)

I roll my eyes. “We didn’t exclude other chapters! Yes, we did specially invite the Delta Sigmas and the Eta Phi Nus, but everyone else was free to come!”

Ashley smirks. “You expect me to believe that?”

“Well it’s true! No one was stopping everyone from coming. We even had guests that weren’t Greek members.”

“Even if that is the case, the Kappa Alpha Omegas, still feel you excluded them. Especially with the fundraiser.”

I sigh. “Seriously? The fundraiser was for the homeless and low income families!”

“Which you took all the credit for. You didn’t credit a member of their sorority that preformed for you there.”

I grit my teeth. “I’m sorry, I was not aware that they felt that way. I will formally apologize to them if it will smooth things over.”

Ashley shakes her head. “It’s a bit late for that.”

Screenshot-4732 (2)

I sigh once again. Why did Ashley of all people have to be Greek president? I can tell that she was using it to pull the Kappa Alpha Omegas strings. I have seen Kelsy and she was not petty enough to be doing all this over a party and the fundraiser. There has to be something I can do. I can’t let the Alpha Beta Phis stop us from getting our charter.

That’s when I look over and notice a poster hanging on the wall nearby. It read:


Greek Olympics!

Begins Friday, 2nd week of June

Who will take the cup?


I had heard something about the Greek Olympics. The Tri-Fruhms were supposed to compete last year, but with everything that was going on, they had long been banned. All the Greek fraternities and sororities were to compete against each other over several different events and the last two surviving Greek chapters would compete in the finals. The winner would take the Greek Olympic cup. Last year the winner had been the Alpha Beta Phis, due to the Tri-Fruhms being banned.

Screenshot-4734 (2)

An idea then forms in my head. “You guys are competing in the Greek Olympics, right?”

Ashley frowns. “Of course! All the Greek chapters do. Besides, we are the winners of last year and the cup is staying with us.”

“Well how about a wager?” I square my shoulders back. “Let the Beta Gamma Kappas compete in the Greek Olympics. If we win the cup, we get our probationary charter back. If we lose, we don’t.”

Ashley raises her eyebrows. “You want to compete against us?” She laughs. “You guys stand no chance.”

“They you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.”

Screenshot-4735 (2)

Ashley is quiet for a moment, and then she smirks.

“All right, I’ll take that bet, but I’ll do you one better. If you guys lose, then your chapter is expelled from campus.”

Kimberly makes a shocked sound from behind me, but I ignore her.

“That’s not the deal I presented.”

“But it is the only one I will agree to.” Ashley gives me a look. “Take it or leave it.”

Screenshot-4728 (2)

I take a deep breath. “Okay, but if that’s the case, I have another condition. If we win, we become a full-fledge sorority and get our charter.”

Ashley frowns. “That’s not the deal.”

“Neither was the one you presented,” I point out. “But I think it’s fair. We have more to lose than you do. We are losing our chance to become a sorority.”

Screenshot-4724 (2)

Ashley stares at me for a long time in silence before lifting out her hand to shake mine. “I’ll talk to the others, but otherwise, it’s a deal.

Screenshot-4932 (2)

Just as I am expecting her to, Kimberly is ranting and raving the whole way to my car. She even continues doing so as I drive to the house.

“I can’t believe you would do this!” she was saying again.

“Kim, I didn’t have a choice!” I protest. “Ashley was going to stop us from getting our charter back!”

“So what? It would only be temporary! We could try again another time! Maybe after she graduated! Did you even know she is a senior? She is leaving at the end of the year! That means someone else will be in charge next year and it might not be an Alpha Beta Phi! It could be someone from Delta Sigma or Eta Phi Nu! Someone that would work with us! Did you even think of that?”

I clamp my mouth shut. Kimberly had a point. I hadn’t even thought of it. It was so into my conversation with Ashley that all of my logic seemed to fly out the window.

When I don’t respond, Kim nods her head. “That’s what I thought.” She then grows quiet and we drive the rest of the way in silence.

Screenshot-4990 (2)

We enter into the house and Kimberly barely looks at me. She walks straight through the dining room toward the kitchen. Lizzie is sitting on her laptop typing away and beside her Tatyana and Selena are chatting as they eat leftover French toast.

Lizzie looks up as we come in. “How did everything go?” She asks.

Kimberly scoffs. “Why don’t you tell them, Abby,” she calls from the kitchen.

Lizzie frowns. “Tell us what?”

“How she made a deal with Ashley about our sorority. If we don’t win the Greek Olympics, our chapter will be expelled. Nice huh?”

Screenshot-4988 (2)

Lizzie looks shocked. “What?”

“I know right!” Kimberly slams the refrigerator shut. “All our hard work for nothing.” She then curses, surprising me completely. “I can’t believe you, Abby.”

Lizzie sighs. “Wow.”

“I mean, how are we supposed to beat the Alpha Beta Phis at the Olympics?” Kimberly continues. “They are ruthless! I would know! The Tri-Fruhms were their biggest rivals. Granted we always won, but still! They were pretty hard to beat!”

Screenshot-4986 (2)

“Yah, I’ve heard their team is pretty amazing,” says Tatyana. “I have some girls from their sorority in my acting class and they are already training.”

“Plus, they won last year,” Selena adds. “And I’m pretty sure they don’t want to give away their title. Especially to nobodies like us.”

I frown. “We are not nobodies! We are the Beta Gamma Kappas! The new upcoming sorority!”

“Not anymore,” Tatyana mutters.

I look at her. “What?”

She sighs. “Abby, since the Greek formal, we have gotten a lot of bad coverage because of the fire. Everyone on campus is talking about it. The school board isn’t really on our side anymore.”

“But that wasn’t even our fault!” I object.

“I know, but that doesn’t matter. People still think it is. We just don’t have the same following as we used to.”

Screenshot-4989 (2)

I cross my arms. “So what are you all saying?”

Tatyana stands up. “Basically, that this is pretty much the end of the Beta Gamma Kappas.”

My jaw drops. “What?”

“Well it is!” Kimberly snaps. “You pretty much ended us the minute you made that deal!” She then curses again. “I’m going up to my room. No one bother me.” She then disappears up the stairs.

I glance over at Lizzie. She looks at me quietly and then closes her laptop.

Screenshot-4993 (2)

“Well I think I am going to finish up in the library.”

I open my mouth to say something, but she quickly makes her way out of the room. I stand still by the table as everyone leaves in silence. I’m really starting to realize my mistake. I honestly thought I was doing what was best for us, but maybe I was wrong.

I hear my cellphone start to ring. Without even thinking, I put it up to my ear and answer.

“Abby, hey,” comes Charls’s voice at the other end.

I feel my body tense up. “Ch-charls,” I stammer.

“Hey, I haven’t heard from you in a long time. Are you doing okay?”

“Y-yes. I’m fine.”

“You don’t sound like it. Why don’t you swing over? I want to see you.”

“I do too, but-”


I swallow sharply not being able to say no to him. “I’ll be there in ten.”

Screenshot-5537 (2)

I get there in ten minutes and the sky is starting to darken. Charls is out on the front lawn waiting for me. Probably because he didn’t want any problems with Brad or his other frat brothers. He had been telling me that they had been giving him a hard time lately, even more than usual. I can’t help but feel a bit responsible. With what happened between Brad and me, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t helping the situation.

Screenshot-5541 (2)

Charls smiles and walks over to me. “Hey, how are you holding up?”

I frown. “What do you mean?”

“I heard about the deal you made with Ashley.”

I roll my eyes. “Well that spread fast. I assume you heard it from Brad?”

“He told us all about it. He thinks it was a pretty stupid idea.”

“It kind of was.” I look toward the ground. “All the girls back at the house are pretty pissed off with me.”

Charls give me a sad smile. “I’m sorry. For what it’s worth, I think it was pretty bold of you.”

Screenshot-5555 (2)

I smile. “Thanks.” I then give his arm a playful squeeze. “So how are things?”

He sighs. “A bit rocky, but it’s to be expected. I will say that Brad has been acting a bit more obnoxious than usual.”

I frown feeling my chest begin to tighten. “How so?”

Charls shrugs. “I don’t know. He’s just been saying some things.”


“I don’t know. The other day, he heard me leaving a message on your cell and he told me not to bother because he knew you wouldn’t be calling back anytime soon. Then a week ago, Dean asked me if I had heard from you and when Brad overheard us, he said he wasn’t surprised and then started laughing about it. Just weird stuff like that.” Charls waves his hand. “But don’t worry about it. He’s just being…Brad.” He then leans in closer. “I’ve missed seeing you.”

I feel like I can’t breathe. Brad was pretty much making it obvious that something had happened between us! Oh why did I let him kiss me! Why?

Suddenly I can’t take it. I can’t take everything that has been going on the past few weeks. And I definitely can’t keep lying to Charls. I just can’t.

“Ch-charls, there is something I have to tell you…”

Screenshot-5541 (2)

Charls looks at me curiously. “What is it?”

I feel my hands tingling and my throat growing dry. “Something happened.”

Charls looks confused. “What do you mean?”

This is much harder than I even anticipated. Maybe I shouldn’t say anything. Maybe I should just stay quiet.


I bite my lip hard. “Something happened with me and…Brad.”

Screenshot-5540 (2)

Charls expression changes. His eyes grow hard and he moves back from me slowly. I can feel my heart starting to drop. I hadn’t even told him what happened and he was already pulling away from me.

“Abby,” he says firmly, “what are you talking about?”

I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. I just can’t say it. I can’t.

“I..I um…” I drift off and stare at the ground. “I can’t.”

Screenshot-5542 (2)

“Yes, you can.” Charls is looking at me sternly. “You can’t just say that and say you can’t tell me.”

“But I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Abby, just tell me what happened.”

It is becoming increasingly hard to talk. My heart is starting to pound in my chest and my hands are shaking. That’s when I realize I’m scared. I’m totally scared of losing him.

“Charls please,” I manage to say. “Just forget I said anything.”

Screenshot-5548 (2)

I try to move away, but Charls stops me. “Abby, just tell me!”

I sigh, feeling tears coming to my eyes. “Okay.” My voice sounds almost like a whisper. “A couple weeks ago, Brad and I hung out at the grotto and played some pool and then afterwards he followed me back to the art building to get my painting.”

Charls nods. “And?”

“And while we were there, we started talking and then…he-he kissed me.”

Screenshot-5550 (2)

Charls curses. “I should have known he would make a move on you. He’s been cracking jokes about it all semester long. It was about time he would try something.”

“But that’s just it,” I continue. “He kissed me and I…I kissed him back.” I can’t bear to look at his face when I say those words.

Screenshot-5551 (2)

Charls is quiet for almost a whole minute before he responds and that minute feels like an eternity. “You kissed Brad?”

“Y-yes.” It takes everything in me to say it. “He kissed me first, but I-I didn’t stop him.”

“Wow.” Charls looks away from me.

“I really don’t know what happened. He totally caught me off guard and my body just… reacted. I don’t even really understand it myself.” I feel a tear escaping from my eye and I wipe it away quickly. “I pushed him off me right after and told him that nothing could happen because I’m with you. I swear to you!”

Screenshot-5547 (2)

Charls doesn’t say a word. Fear beings to set in again and I move closer to him.

“Charls,” I start, but he lifts up his hands and steps away from me.

“Abby, don’t.”

I feel tears coming to my eyes again. “Charls, please don’t do this.”

Charls frowns. “I’m not doing anything! Abby, you kissed another guy! How did you expect me to react?”

I nod. “I know, you’re totally right. If the roles were reversed I would be furious.” I sigh. “But you have to know that I didn’t want this. I really don’t know what happened! The whole thing is so confusing and I’ve been freaking out about it for the past couple weeks.”

Screenshot-5553 (2)

Charls looks at me quietly for a few seconds before sighing. “Abby, what do you want me to?”

“Can’t we just forget about this?”

“No! We can’t!” Charls frowns. “Abby, it’s obvious why this happened. Since Brad came back this quarter, you’ve been acting…different. I think the truth is, that you’re still in love with him.”

I step back. “What? Of course not! Charls, this was just an awful mistake!”

Charls shakes his head. “No, it wasn’t. Abby, you still have feelings for him.”

Screenshot-5546 (2)

I feel tears coming to my eyes. “That’s not true!”

“It is Abby. I know it is.” I can see the pain in his eyes as he says this and it breaks my heart even more. I caused this. I did this to us.

“I saw it in your eyes that night back at the New Year’s Eve beach party. Your feelings for him are still there, even if you don’t see it.”

“But I love you, Charls,” I say softly.

Charls leans closer to me and for a moment I think he is about to kiss me, but then he stops.

“I can’t Abby,” he whispers. “I’m sorry.”

Screenshot-5557 (2)

He then walks back into the frat house and closes the door behind him. I can’t believe he didn’t yell at me or curse or call me every name in the book. Instead he just walked away. Away from me. Out of my life.

Screenshot-4508 (2)

The whole drive home I can’t stop myself from sobbing. Even as I enter into the sorority house, I hear Janice calling me from the family room, but I just hurry up the stairs to my room and hide myself under the covers of my bed. There I completely lose self-control and sob into my pillow. I did this. I had ruined us.



Year 2: Chapter 44: Love Haze (Abby & Lizzie’s POV)

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Abby’s POV

Screenshot-4315 (2)

So the Greek board found out about the fire at our Greek party. It’s not that I didn’t think they would, it’s just I didn’t expect them to take such drastic measures. Within three weeks, Ashley is able to convince the rest of the Greek council to remove the Beta Gamma Kappas probationary charter. Moana and Robbie tried to vote against it, but they were out ruled by everyone else. I heard that Kelsy voted with Ashley because she felt that we were providing exclusion by not inviting them to the formal along with the Alpha Annyas and Alpha Beta Phis, not to mention that we didn’t mention them when getting recognition for the donation/fundraiser we did. I just can’t believe Ashley was able to use that to make us look unfit!

I am so depressed about it that I am barely able to get out of bed for the next week. If it weren’t for the sweet messages from Charls, I would never want to get up again. He keeps saying things will get better, but how can they now? We have already lost our charter due to the board making us look irresponsible by causing a fire. It wasn’t even our fault!

Kim tells me not to worry for she will look more into it. She apparently thinks it was foul play.

“Considering none of us smoke and no one was seen smoking at the party, it makes me think it was an outside job,” she had said. “Someone must have slipped in and planted it to cause the fire.”

Of course, if that is true, that will mean a lot of trouble for whoever it is. That is more than just a prank. It’s practically arson! Whoever it was, could be charged legally. I only hope that Kimberly can get to the bottom of it.

Screenshot-4534 (2)

I feel very anxious as I wait for Kimberly to investigate. At least my glass blowing class keeps me preoccupied. The class is getting more challenging with us making more complicated glass objects. So far I am really liking making glass vases and figurines. My professor also seems impressed with my designs which makes getting a good grade look very bright in my future.

Screenshot-4554 (2)

After class that Saturday, I wonder downtown and end up at the campus grotto. Just outside standing with Ryder, is Brad.

“Hey Abby,” he says when he sees me. “I haven’t seen you around in a while.”

I stiffen. “I’ve been busy.”

“Do you think maybe we could talk?”

Screenshot-4557 (2)

I roll my eyes. I can’t believe after he voted against me he has the never to try and be all nice to me.

“I’m not really in the mood, Brad.”

Brad sighs. “Abby, I know you’re still mad about the board’s decision.”


“I didn’t want to vote along with them.”

“Then why did you?”

“It’s complicated.”

Screenshot-4560 (2)

We are both quiet for a minute.

“Look, could we just talk?”

I so badly want to say no and tell him to get lost, but with everything going on, I cave.

“Fine. I’m going in to play pool. You can join me if you want.”

Screenshot-4565 (2)

I then turn and walk into The Grotto. Behind me I hear Brad tell Ryder that he would catch up with him later. That’s when I realize that I didn’t really even include him in our conversation. I must be really out of it.

Screenshot-4588 (2)

Brad joins me a few seconds later over at the pool table and I let him break.

“So, start talking,” I say to him and slowly chalk up my pool stick.

Brad lines up to take a shot. “Well, as you know I am the president of Alpha Annya.”

Screenshot-4584 (2)

I arch my eyebrow. “I’m aware of that, Brad. What does that have to do with anything?”

“Everything, Abby.” Brad takes a shot and knocks his ball down one of the holes. “As president and member of the Greek Council, I have responsibilities.” He then lines up to take another shot.

“Also, the Alpha Annyas and the Alpha Beta Phis are the two biggest Greek chapters on campus.”

Screenshot-4590 (2)

I shuffle my pool stick back and forth between my hands. “So?”

“So, we try to stay in line with each other.”

I frown. “In other words, you’re in cahoots?”

Screenshot-4589 (2)

Brad gives me a look. “I wouldn’t put it in those terms. More like we are allies. We support each other’s chapters and agree on the rules and petitions we discuss on the council.” Brad takes another shot and gets the ball right in again. He has definitely gotten better at this.

“When I voted against Ashley last time, it kind of went against our agreement. I was able to talk things over, but I don’t think I will be able to another time.”

Screenshot-4611 (2)

Brad misses the next ball finally giving me the chance to take a shot. “So, you voted against my sorority to keep your truce with Ashley?”

Brad shrugs. “Basically.”

I take a shot, but end up messing it up. I am really off my game. “I don’t know how that is supposed to make me feel better.”

Brad rubs the back of his neck. “I know it doesn’t, but it’s just how things are. After the whole expulsion thing with the Tri-Fruhms, everyone has been a little weary of each other. No chapter has ever been expelled before the Tri-Fruhms and it was everyone’s hatred of them that led to them being expelled. So, some of the sororities and frats, well mostly just the Alpha Beta Phis and us, made a truce to prevent it from happening again.”

Screenshot-4617 (2)

He misses the next ball so I am able to take another shot. “I see.” I hit the ball and manage this time to get it in.

“But I promise you Abby, if it weren’t for that, I would have voted alongside with Moana and Robbie. I want your sorority to become a full-fledge one on campus. I really think it will be great.”

I look at him over my shoulder. “You really believe that?”

Brad nods. “Absolutely.”

I smirk. For the first time in the past few weeks, I actually feel a pinch of happiness.

We continue the pool game until all the balls have all gone in. I end up catching up to Brad and even beat him by the end of the game.

Screenshot-4620 (2)

Afterwards, I remember that I left my art painting in one of the classrooms in the art building and decide to quickly drive over to pick it up. My art professor normally leaves the room open until later to give the students a chance to paint during the weekends. Still, it was almost eight, so I knew the janitor would be locking the door soon.

Screenshot-5234 (2)

I hurry inside and find my painting on an easel in the back. My professor was nice enough to put it somewhere safe and cover it. I unveil it and spend a minute and just looking at it.

“This building is pretty nice,” a voice says by my side. I look over and see Brad is standing not too far away.

Screenshot-5237 (2)

“Brad!” I say in surprise. “What are you doing here? I thought you were still at the Grotto?”

Brad smiles. “I thought I would accompany you. You used to talk about the art building being in construction last year. I thought I would check it out.” He glances at the window. “The stain glass windows are pretty amazing. I wish we could do something like that at the frat house.”

Screenshot-5240 (2)

I laugh and walk over to him. “Yes, I’m sure that would go well. Knowing some of those guys, it would probably be broken within a week.”

“Ha, ha,” Brad smirks. “Would you do it if I asked you to?”

I give him a funny smile. “Are you asking me?”

“Just curious.”

I smile. “Well, I don’t know how to do it exactly, but if I did…maybe. Your frat house’s windows could use some color.”

Screenshot-5243 (2)

“And you do have amazing taste.”

I feel my cheeks tingle slightly. “Thank you.”

Brad smiles and tilts his head slightly. His blue eyes seem to soften and he gives me an intense look of affection. So much that I feel my cheeks turning pink.

“You know, I’ve forgotten just how beautiful you are,” he says.

Screenshot-5242 (2)

I bite my lip. “Brad,” I say trying to look away, but he reaches up a hand and turns my face back to him.

“I’m serious. I don’t think I said it enough, but you really are beautiful. Especially your eyes. I would always seem to get a bit lost in them whenever we were together.”

I can feel my heart beginning to beat faster in my chest. I remember Brad saying things like this when we were still together, but never in the way he was now.

“Brad,” I start to say again, but then I stop.

Screenshot-5244 (2)

At that moment, Brad leans toward me and kisses me. Just like that. With no warning. I am a bit thrown, but then something happens. I feel a heated sensation in my stomach move up into my chest and then before I can stop myself, I pull Brad to me and kiss him back.

Screenshot-5247 (2)

I soon forget everything. I then start to remember Brad and how much we meant to each other. The way I used to feel when he held me in his arms and when he kissed me. It felt like so long ago, almost like an ancient memory, so for a few seconds, I feel lost in his kiss.

Screenshot-5249 (2)

But just as quickly as he started kissing me, I push him away.

“Oh my gosh!” I say, feeling guilt set in. I get hit with the realization of what I have just done. I just kissed another guy, one who wasn’t my boyfriend!

Brad however, is smiling. “I’ve wanted to do that for some time,” he says. He then starts to lean toward me again, but I stop him.

“No Brad, I can’t!”

Screenshot-5239 (2)

“Why?” Brad frowns. “Because of Charls? Forget that loser.”

“Brad! He’s my boyfriend!”

“Yes, but that can change-”

“No it can’t! I love him!” I am feeling worse and worse as all the excitement from the kiss starts wearing off greatly.

“Oh my gosh,” I say again. “This was a huge mistake! I have to go.”

I then hurry out of the Art building, not even bothering to fetch my painting. I just want to get as far away from Brad as possible.

Screenshot-5385 (2)

When I get back to the sorority house, I don’t even bother saying goodnight to anyone. I don’t want them to see the shame and guilt on my face. I go straight up to my room and crawl into my bed. “Sleep is what you need,” I tell myself. Maybe I will wake up and this would all have been a bad dream.


Lizzie’s POV

Screenshot-4431 (2)

The next few weeks of April are torture for me. Complete torture. I feel so lost without Michael; like I’m in limbo. I can’t tell if he actually broke up with me or not, and not knowing is definitely driving me insane. I want to call and talk to him, but after our talk several weeks ago, I know he is not going to answer me. So I decide to pour all my heartache into my homework and my novel. I also take some weeks away from the writing club to clear my thoughts. Not being around Kendal, I felt, would be helpful in figuring out my thoughts. Not that I really needed to worry. Kendal has been avoiding the writing club for weeks now and I know it is because of me. I don’t know exactly why, but I figure it is either because of Michael or because of the rumors spreading around campus about Beta Gamma Kappa.

After we had our probationary charter taken, we have become the talk of campus. The crazy thing is, it really isn’t our fault. I feel like there is some foul play at work, but we have no way to prove it. Kimberly is looking into it and I only hope she can find something. Not that my mind is really that occupied on that. I find myself glancing at my phone constantly to see if Michael has called or texted me. I really am a wreck.

Spending so much in my room typing starts to get to me, so I move downstairs to the computer room. Yes, that is what we turned the last empty room into. Curtesy of Kimberly and Janice, we have two desks with two nice computers. That way anyone who doesn’t have a laptop or wants some peace and quiet, can come down and type up papers or whatever. I have really taken advantage of it, finding being in the room the only time I am able to not think of Michael. Well, at least for a while.

Screenshot-4996 (2)

Saturday, early May, I finish putting together my PowerPoint for my public relations project and then finally log off. I think that is enough work for the day. I then go into the family room and rest upon the sofa. It is funny to see how much the room has changed since we first moved in. It really is starting to feel like home to me. One that will be hard to leave when summer comes.

Screenshot-4998 (2)

“Hey, Lizzie,” Janice says, walking into the room. “I feel like I haven’t spoken to you in almost a month. You’ve been so busy with school and your novel, and I’ve been totally focused on the whole protest thing.”

Janice was planning another protest to get more funding for the physical education programs. To do so, she has combined with the music and art programs to get more signatures and raise her chances of getting more funding.

Screenshot-5002 (2)

“I know,” I say nodding. “How is the protest planning?”

“Good. I’ve been passing out flyers all week. I think it just might be a good turnout.”

“Using the Beta Gamma Kappa name?”

Janice grins. “You know it!”

I smile weakly and then glance at the floor.

Screenshot-5004 (2)

Janice must have noticed my lack of enthusiasm. “Lizzie, what’s up?”

I glance over. “Huh?”

“You’ve been really down lately and I swear I heard you crying in your room last night.”

I feel a twinge of embarrassment. I had a bit of a setback yesterday and allowed myself to fall apart briefly. It has been over three weeks since I have heard from Michael and it is really, really starting to get to me.

I didn’t realize anyone could hear me though. I had tried to muffle my sobs with my pillow, but I guess it hadn’t helped.

“I-I’m sorry,” I stammer.

Janice shakes her head. “You don’t have to be sorry, I just want to know what’s going on. This is about Michael, isn’t it? What happened with you two?”

Screenshot-5006 (2)

As much as I don’t want to talk about it, I realize, it’s about time I at least told someone. I then take a deep breath and confess everything to Janice. Everything about Kendal at the lake, at the party, and at the library.

“So now I don’t know what to do.” I bite my lip to keep from sobbing again. “I’m just so lost.”

Janice smiles. “I’m not surprised. I had a feeling that Kendal still had feelings for you. I also, figured you might still have some feelings for him. After all, you two did leave things in a weird place. I bet he thought you would think it over and come back to him.”

I close my eyes. “Maybe. I really did move on though.”

Screenshot-5003 (2)

“I know, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still have lingering feelings for Kendal. He was your first love after all, right?”

I think it over for a minute and then agree.

“Okay. So there.”

I shake my head. “But that doesn’t solve anything. I can’t be with Michael if I still have these weird feelings for Kendal.”

“Then I think you need to figure out who you really want. You need to figure out if your feelings for Kendal are true feelings or if it’s just you remembering what your relationship with him used to be like.”

Screenshot-5005 (2)

I sigh. “It would be so much easier if someone could just tell me what to do.”

Janice laughs. “Yah, but unfortunately, it’s something you have to figure out on your own. Don’t worry though. I think deep down you know who you really want. You’re just confused right now, but you’ll figure it out.”



Screenshot-4979 (2)

Afterwards, I go into the kitchen to get some dinner. I’m kind of in the mood for breakfast though, so I whip up a batch of French toast.

Just as I finish, Tatyana and Selena come downstairs and each grab a plate.

“I love having breakfast for dinner!” Selena says, taking a bite of her toast. “And it’s amazing too! I, however, would have topped it with strawberries and shaken a bit of powdered sugar right over.”

Tatyana whistles. “That does sound pretty good.”

Selena then turns to me. “So, how are you holding up with the whole Michael break up thing?”

I look up alarmed. “What?”

“I know the two of you are on the skids. Michael doesn’t come around here and you’ve been crying almost every night.”

So, everyone in the house knew? My gosh! How embarrassing! I guess when you move into a house with a bunch of girls, you give up privacy.

Screenshot-4980 (2)

I cough slightly to clear my throat. “Yes, well, Michael and I are going through some things right now.”

“Because of you and that Kendal guy, right?” Tatyana says, while taking a bite of her toast. When she notices my look of shock, she shrugs. “I saw the two of you getting close at the party, so I just assumed.”

Oh, that is just great.

“Well, it’s a bit complicated,” I say nervously, and shove a bite of toast into my mouth as well. This really wasn’t something that I wanted to discuss with them. It was just too personal.

Screenshot-4984 (2)

“Personally, I think Michael is a keeper,” says Tatyana.

Selena nods. “Me too, but there is something special about your first love. That was Kendal, right?”

“Uh,” I am feeling really uncomfortable by all this. “Yes.”

Tatyana swallows her bite of toast. “I think the best way to figure out which guy you really want, is to picture your life without the two of them in it. Not to be morbid, but if something happened to them, which one would you not be able to live without?”

Screenshot-4982 (2)

This question totally throws me. It is a very good question, but it was not one I was expecting. I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to either of them. But which guy would I not be able to live without? What a question…

“I think if you can figure that out, you’ll know which guy you want,” Tatyana continues. “Then you need to tell the other guy it’s over. For good.”

Selena nods. “That’s actually a good idea.”

I smile at them. “It really is. Thanks. Both of you.”
I then rise from my chair and take my dish to the sink.

Screenshot-4262 (2)

I then go up to my room and change into my pajamas. All the while, I can’t stop thinking about that Tatyana said. If something happened to Michael or Kendal, who would I not be able to live without? She was right. It was morbid, but it was a good question. One that only takes me a minute to answer.

For what feels like the hundredth time, I dial up his number again.

“Hey Kendal, it’s me. We really need to talk.”



Year 2: Chapter 43: Matters of the Heart (Lizzie’s POV)

Screenshot-4223 (2)

It’s been almost a month since I’ve heard from Michael. I have been leaving messages asking him to call me, but he isn’t returning any of them. Honestly, I can’t blame him. I wouldn’t answer me either if the roles were reversed, but I am really starting to miss him. I just wish I could explain to him what happened.

Then there’s the other thing. Kendal isn’t answering me either. I’ve been trying to get a hold of him to talk about that night, but he won’t to talk to me. Not to mention, he has been avoiding the writing club meetings. It is frustrating me a bit, because I don’t think I will be able to figure any of this out without talking to him. It’s making me a bit depressed.

Screenshot-3997 (2)

Combined with my classes, projects and dealing with the fallout of the fire at the Greek Formal, it’s making me feel extremely overwhelmed. I have yet to inform Professor Farientine of my answer for the internship and I feel awful about it. The way things are going, he has probably found someone else for the position. It’s become increasingly difficult to focus in class and I can tell that its taking a toll on me.

Screenshot-5013 (2)

I decide that Thursday to have a big study session for the upcoming test in Astronomy. I also have to start working on my audio-visual presentation for Public relations. I can’t afford to let my grades and gpa slip because of all this. I just can’t.

Screenshot-4170 (2)

Buckling down, I open up my laptop and begin doing my online worksheets. My Astronomy professor has been using an online website for us to take practice quizzes, so I spend the next three hours drilling myself and taking quizzes from all the chapters that will be on the exam. By the time I finish, I feel pretty confident. I then pull up my PowerPoint program and start working on my public relations presentation for class. My topic is on the media and promotion of marketing newly published authors. I figure that would be a good topic since that is what I will be experiencing in the future, with my writing career.

Screenshot-4143 (2)

I spend the next hour and a half working on it before checking the clock. It is getting to seven. I hear a beep from my phone and glance over at it. Abby has sent me a text reading,

-Have to talk to you about something. Come home when you can.


Good timing. I was on my way out anyway. I pack up my things into my backpack and head out of the library.

Screenshot-4115 (2)

I am surprised when I spot Kendal just outside.

“Elizabeth,” he says looking surprised.

I instantly feel my stomach tingling. “Hey Kendal,” I say quietly. He looks toward the ground awkwardly and I can’t help but frown.

“So I haven’t been seeing you at the writing club meetings,” I say trying to break the tension. “What’s been going on?”

Kendal shrugs. “Oh, I’ve just been busy with my courses. I haven’t really had the chance to do anything else.”

“I’ve left you some messages. Did you receive them?”

Screenshot-4113 (2)

Kendal sighs. “Yes, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to call you. I’ve just been busy.”

I don’t know what it is but his behavior is starting to feel familiar.

“Kendal, we really need to talk.”

Kendal runs a hand through his hair. “I-I know, it’s just not a good time.”

Screenshot-4112 (2)

I frown. “Then when will be?”

Kendal sighs again. “I just…I don’t know.”

I can’t believe he is acting like this. It’s as if he wants to get away from me. Far away. Just a month ago at the Greek formal he was giving me those weird looks and hugging me like “that”, but now here he was acting like it had never happened. What was wrong with him?

“Kendal,” I start again, but then he suddenly looks up over my shoulder. That confuses me so I turn around as well.

Screenshot-4128 (2)

Michael is standing right behind me. Not directly, but just a few feet away. He gives me a tense look and then shuffles his backpack onto his other shoulder.

“Don’t mind me,” he says. He then turns and walks right past us.

My heart seems to drop in my chest when he says that.

“Fine Kendal, we’ll finish this up later,” I say to Kendal and then I take off after Michael.

Screenshot-4134 (2)

“Michael, please stop,” I call to him as I near his back. “We need to talk.”

Michael sighs. “Lizzie, I don’t have time for this. I have a project I need to finish and turn in by Monday.”

I grit my teeth. I get why he is mad at me, but I am sick of being ignored and cast aside.

Screenshot-4205 (2)

“Michael, I’m not going to take that. You have been ignoring me for almost a month. You’ve been avoiding me and you won’t take my calls. We need to talk. Now.”

He frowns. “And what is it that you want to talk to me about?”

“You know what.”

“I’m not interested in hearing about your relationship with Kendal.”

“I don’t have a relationship with Kendal!” I sigh in frustration. “Kendal and I used to have a relationship, but we don’t anymore. We broke up.”

Screenshot-4199 (2)

Michael shakes his head. “I wish I could believe that.”

“Tell me why you can’t!”

“Because I know you, Lizzie! I know you! And I can tell you aren’t being honest with me!”

Screenshot-4212 (2)

I look at him in silence for a few moments and then exhale deeply.

“Okay. I’ll be honest with you. Over a month ago, I was taking a walk by the campus lake and I ran into Kendal. We talked for a bit and before I left, he hugged me. It caught me off guard and he apologized, but I don’t know. It just…opened up some feelings that I thought were gone. It freaked me out, so I tried to avoid him, but then he just showed up at the Greek formal.”

I lift my arms. “Then I don’t know. He started talking to me and then he hugged me again and for a moment…I guess I just remembered what it was like to…be with him.”

Screenshot-4215 (2)

I look up at Michael who is listening quietly.

“So,” he says, “Where does that leave us, Lizzie?”

I bite my lip. “Michael, my feelings for you haven’t changed. I still love you.”

Michael runs a hand through his hair. “Lizzie, you didn’t answer my question. Where does that leave us?”

Screenshot-4216 (2)

I look up at him slowly. “I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“Liz, I can’t be with you if you don’t know where your heart is.”

“But I do Michael! I love you!”

“But you still have feelings for Kendal.”

I swallow hard. “Michael-”

“I can’t be with you, if you still have feelings for him.” Michael sighs heavily. “I don’t know. Maybe we rushed into this.”

Screenshot-4218 (2)

I bite down on the inside of my lip trying to keep tears from coming to my eyes. I can’t believe something like this was happening to me again.

“You really believe that?” I ask.

“I don’t want to, Liz, but I kind of do. It seems like you’re still struggling with how you feel. I guess it makes sense to me now why it took you a while to say…” he gets quiet, “you loved me.”

That totally catches me off guard. Exactly how long had he been thinking this?

“I should go,” he then says. “I, um, got that project to work on.”

He gives me a long look, one filled with a combination of pain, hurt and sadness, and then he walks off.

Screenshot-4220 (2)

I just stay frozen to my spot watching after him. I feel like my heart is breaking into a million pieces and it takes all the will power in me not to start sobbing and run after him. Because Michael was right. I couldn’t be with him being as confused as I was. He deserved better than that.

That said, he was wrong about me not saying “I love you” back to him. I really did love him and it wasn’t just Kendal that had stopped me from saying it to him. It was me. Something inside me had kept me from saying it to him and the same thing was wrong with me now.

Something that I needed to figure out.

Still, as I watched Michael’s body disappear over the campus hill, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was making the biggest mistake by not going after him.