Lizzie & Abby Update!

Hey! Sorry that it has been so long since I have posted! There has been a lot going on in my personal life that has prevented me from writing, but I have slowly made a comeback. I have also decided that while I have loved writing about Lizzie and Abby in their college years, I am ready to move them up into their adult lives. So after I finish the end of their sophomore year of college, I am going to time skip them to the day their college graduation! I will then tell stories from their single points of view for the entire year following their graduation, followed by another time skip farther into the future. I have plans to make their story similar to a legacy story and perhaps add in the points of views of their future children. However, this will be much later as the story goes on and will also be up to you, my readers! So please keep reading, liking and sharing the story if you enjoy it, so there will be more stories of Lizzie and Abby in the future!


Lizzie & Abby The College Diaries Year 2 Cover Photo

Lizzie & Abby: Year 2: Semester 2, will be coming in just a month! So stay tuned!!!




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